Monday, February 15, 2010

Lise Watier Eye Shine Eyeliners

In keeping with the Olympic Spirit I bring you Eyeliner.


Not just some random run of the mill eyeliner.
No. I bring you CANADIAN eyeliner.


See. The Winter Olympics are taking place in Vancouver Canada and my eyeliner is from a prominent Canadian brand so ya see? Olympic Eyeliner!

OK. In all honesty, my friend over at the
Mighty J Blog sent these Lise Watier Eye Shine Pencil Eyeliners as a gift. I had admired her Lise Watier eye shadow quad on a few occasions and she was kind enough to send me 2 liners from this cosmetics company. Lise Waiter is ANOTHER Canadian cosmetics company that I could easily rant about (see my post about Annabelle HERE), but thankfully they do have some way for us Americans to purchase the products. If you happen to be in Asheville, NC you can pick up a few items at a Biltmore boutique or you can go to a website called I have never shopped with this website so I cannot say how good or bad that are. Buy at your own risk. Regardless, the reason I talk about purchasing these pencils at the beginning of this post is because I was so incredibly impressed with the quality and color.

I was sent 2 colors: Marine and Smokey Brown. Marine is a classic Navy Blue and Smokey Brown is more of a Goldish Brownish Olive...It reminds me slightly of Dress Khaki liquidlast liner from MAC and somewhat like Clinique Egyptian gel liner...only not sucky, like Clinique. Oh. Did I type that out loud?

These soft and creamy liners have a metallic sheen to them that is evident upon first application. The pencils are waterproof and budgeproof, but they take a moment to set so one could smudge them slightly before they set to make a nice smokey look.

The pencils are incredibly pigmented and I found a little goes a long way. They are as soft as Urban Decay 24/7 liners, but not as smudgy. They are softy like Sephora Flashy Liners but with WAY more staying power.

What's better than non smudge and great pigmentation? Well if you wanted to, you could use these pencils as an eyeshadow base. Yes. That's right a base! Some shadows pop even more when applied over a dark base. The Marine color really is gorgeous when applied all over the lower lid and smudged softly into the crease, then apply a pretty shadow on top and you are good to go for a dramatic eye!

Do you NEED these? Well I would say that I'm not one to run out and buy pencil liners. I prefer cake liners, but I will say that I plan to use these liners until they are tiny little nubs. I have no need to find a "better" navy or brown liner because these work perfect for me. No transfer to my lids once applied, they last all day long and the metallic sheen really makes them extra special. There liners are $16 CAD and USD.

Is it considered patriotic to buy makeup? Whatever, Go USA!


  1. Have you tried any of the Lise Watier eyeshadow quads? Really good eyeshadows. These pencils look lovely; gorgeous colours and nice finish.

  2. These pencils look gorgeous! I'm wanting to give them a try now. :) Great post!

  3. Those look gorgeous! Those are beautiful shades and I definitely would of picked them. x

  4. The LW eyeshines are really good! I like using them as a base for my eyeshadows. Actually, I have to rave about this line because everything I own from LW is good & its not just 'cause I'm Canadian, eh!

  5. that blue eyeliner is beautiful but i don't use pencils so it is a NO NO for me. you are lucky to try them though!

    ps: i also prefer cake liners over pencil liners.

  6. The Marine colour is beautiful *__*

    I find it kind of interesting that the packaging even resembles the UD liners. I know that there isn't much room for creativity with pencil liner packaging, but the caps are almost exactly the same, bar the shiny finish

  7. Wow Marine is almost pretty enough to defect. ALMOST. I keed.

    *plays the star spangled banner* GO USA! Especially men's hockey! GO!

    Don't listen to me, I've just watched all of the Olympics I've DVR-ed for the past three days. I'm a little out of it.

  8. I'm from Canada and I haven't even tried these. I think I need to go take a look at them though, I'm loving these 2 colours and have been wanting a navy liner for a while.

  9. Cindy (Prime Beauty)February 16, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    I've always wanted to try this brand. Lucky you! I'm only 100 miles from Canada I should just go up and ransack some drugstore.

  10. Hi Grace London: No I have not tried the quads but I now have a good reason to do so...considering how nice the liners are!

    Mellie: Thanks! You should try at least one. :-)

    VampiressDoll: Thank you! I'm very fond of the Marine (Navy Blue)

    Monica: Yay Canada! Eh? LOL. I'm glad to hear the rest of the line is good too!

    Catherine: Thanks!

    Jojoba: Thanks. Yes. on days when I'm in a hurry I grab the pencil but like you, cake liners are preferred!

    SilhouetteScreams: Yes. I noticed this as well. The pencils are made in Germany I forget where UD makes their pencils, but it seems like good eye pencils come from Germany. LOL

    /lachesis: I know right? Awesome MU and nationalized health care is tempting. but yeah. GO USA MEN'S & WOMEN'S HOCKEY!

    So Very Fabulous: Shame on you! You have these beauties right at your fingertips! Think of all the poor girls in America that can't get these! Do it for them! LOL

    Cindy: 100 miles is a long way to go for MU. but hey some stuff is worth it right?

  11. Ohhh I am only catching up with the Beauty Blogging world now. Your reviews are always great, this one is even better since I am in it! LOL If you need more Lise Watier in your life, you know who to call! ;-)


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