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Guet Review by GoBraves47 - Chantecaille Les Dauphins Palette

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Hello Readers. I am proud to bring you a review from GoBraves47 from Makeup Alley. She has impeccable taste in cosmetics (Guerlain, Chantecaille, Chanel, etc) I am super envious of her stash and hope that she invites me over to play one day. So without further blabbling from me, I bring you Gobraves47.
When I first saw that dolphins were going to be on Chantecaille’s Spring 2010 palette, I was a little let down. It just didn’t seem as pretty as the embossed roses of Sylvie’s palette or the pretty fish swimming in the Protected Paradise palettes. However, all my disappointment was thrown aside when I saw the gorgeous eye shadow colors in the spring palette. I could tell that this palette would get some use.

It arrived from Bergdorf Goodman in a sweet beige satin palette cozy. The shiny palette opens to reveal 4 pans, a blush and 3 eye shadows, with two colors sharing each pan. The colors seem like they would be universally flattering, but I’m pale and quite cool-toned, so your results may vary.

Once the overspray is swept away, the shadows have a lovely almost-matte finish and the same quality that I’m used to from Chantecaille.

The first pan contains two subtle beige-y highlight colors. They’re very similar to each other and can be blended together to make either a brow or inner eye highlight that would work for everyone.

The second eye shadow pan has two gorgeous shades of a taupe-y milk chocolate brown--perfect lid and crease colors. These are lighter shades of brown—not ultra-pigmented dark brown.

The next pan is my personal favorite; I’m a sucker for silvers and grays. One half is a light/medium gray and the other is a deeper gray. The dark side is very pigmented and smooth. They work together perfectly and can be toned down for everyday or amped up with some black liner for a gorgeous gray smoky eye.

The remaining pan is a rose/pink (with a hint of peach) blush. When applied, the colors blend and it brushes on as a pale slightly warmish pink. It is fairly light in color and may not show much on tan/dark skin tones.

Overall, I’d say the two best features of the palette are the brown and gray pans. Those colors are beautiful and versatile. Although adequate, the highlight color and blush may be slightly disappointing in comparison. The palette is also refillable, so the colors can be popped out and switched with other Chantecaille pans to make a customized palette for travel.

In addition, 5% of the purchase goes to save the Dolphins in Greece. Ok, not much, but that should make it a tad easier to drop $77 for the palette. If you can handle the price and are a neutral lover, then this would be a great addition to your makeup bag.
Hey all. Elvira here again. Want to see swatches of this palette? Check out KarlaSugar's blog HERE


  1. That's really pretty. Now I can see why your saving up.:)

  2. i can understanding wanting to buy it for the sake of saving the dolphins! I buy the cancer council australia sunscreens also because the earning goes to research and helps the schools here to teach children about being sun smart.

    this palette looks too beautiful to be used. it will be a lovely collector's item. i think the pigmention doesn't look fantastic but it's not the main point, is it? :)

  3. This is such a stunning palette. I've read a few reviews and each one makes me want it more.

  4. <3 GoBraves.
    Man, I wish those dolphins weren't overspray. It makes it harder for me to shell out the money for it- I wouldn't want to ruin that pretty of a finish!


  5. Those dolphins are so adorable, though I wish more of the proceeds were going to the charity - 5% is a little pathetic considering the palette is $77 :(


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