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La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

Again I have been struggling over writing this post about sunscreen for some time now. I'm not sure what it is that prevents me from writing about sunscreen. It's probably because all the articles I read about various sunscreens are like science journals. People writing reviews through out words like "Photo Stable" and "Avobenzone" and cite percentages and compare & contrast between various brands. All I know is that IF you want to read that you have come to the wrong place. I'll provide links to wonderful resources for sunscreen research, but honestly I'm just going to talk about what worked for me.

First of all, if you are not using sunscreen as part of your daily skin care routine you should. It's not an optional thing. Sunscreen prevents sun damage. Sun Damage causes wrinkles, freckles, and sometimes cancer. I am very fair. I just have to look at a drawing of the sun and I get a sunburn, so I wear sunscreen daily. I apply sunscreen not only to my face but to my neck and chest and the backs of my hands on a daily basis. Of course when I'm out and about for a day in short sleeve weather I apply it liberally all over.

I recently finished my Holy Grail Sofina Lucent Sunscreen and decided to try something new. You ca read my review of Sofina HERE. Since I have to go through foreign websites to purchase my Sofina I thought it might be easier to find a sunscreen that I can buy in the US. When The Skin Store sent me a 20% off code I jumped at the chance to find a suitable sunscreen there. I found La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid and knew this was the one for me.

Just telling you to buy a particular sunscreen on my say so is not good, so I posted some links below to some helpful sites. You can check them out, or not. I'll save space and you won't have to read 1 kazillion lines of text about the differences between physical and chemical sunscreen.
A few links about sunscreens: Notepad on Sunscreens
The Melanoma Foundation Prevention Facts Sunscreens Explained Sunscreen Overview Chemical versus Physical Sunscreen article

One site to avoid; The Environmental Working Group (EWG) Cosmetics Database is an alarmist group that actually suggests that sunscreen can actually be harmful to you. They do not site specific studies to back up their claims and I personally find it irresponsible to publish some of the information they do. The Skin Cancer Foundation has gone so far as to post a rebuttal about EWGs claims about Oxybenzone (which, by the way, La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid DOES contain Oxybenzone)

La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid is a lightweight sunscreen with a matte, translucent finish. It has a very high SPF and does not leave a greasy film on my skin. There is no scent to the product, which I like, and it is supposed to be water-resistant (NOT waterproof). I have been using this sunscreen for over a a month now and I have not noticed any breakouts from it. I have seen this sunscreen compared to Clarins Super UV Plus, but that stuff broke me out and didn't mattify as well as the La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid. This sunscreen is very liquidy and I need a good ½ a teaspoon for my face and neck and chest. I have to shake the bottle well before I use it and there is a little ball inside to help mix it.

I apply the sunscreen AFTER my moisturizer and wait a few minutes before I apply my primer and my makeup. Some days I can even use the La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid as a primer for my makeup but I believe in the summer I will need a separate primer. My foundation goes on smoothly even without my regular primer underneath, but I must wait for the sunscreen to dry before I apply my foundation or else I find that it starts to pill up under my foundation. Ideally, you should reapply sunscreen every 4 to 6 hours and after intense exercise (sweating or swimming) alas, I cannot do a full face a makeup more than once a day so I don’t really rely on it to protect me from direct and intense sun exposure unless I do reapply. If I were going to the beach or lake or just sitting out in the sun (which I don’t do anyway) I would blot then reapply the sunscreen and then powder.

Where to purchase and how much?
Many on line retailers (,, etc. ) sell this sunscreen as well as some CVS stores.
I purchased the 1.7 oz bottle from The Skin Store for $27.50 and received a 20% discount so it only cost me $22

If wearing sunscreen or a makeup with sunscreen I is HIGHLY recommended using an oil cleanser to remove the product. I think this may have been the problem I was having with the Clarins Sunscreen. I hadn’t started to use an oil cleanser on a regular basis until after I purchased the Sofina Lucent Sunscreen, and I still use it today. The oil cleanser will help remove the Zinc Oxide found in the sunscreen and other "water resistant" ingredients. Make sure it’s an oil cleanser not just an oil. Rubbing olive oil on your face is not the same as a oil cleanser like DHC or Shu Uemura.

According to La Roche Posay the Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid is/has:

* Recommended for all skin types, especially normal to combination
* Matte finish
* Fast absorbing
* High UVA protection (PFA 26) and SPF 60 for outdoor use
* Photostable, longer-lasting protection
* Water-resistant
* Helps protect the skin from UV-induced skin damage
* Fragrance-free, PABA-free
* Non-comedogenic
* Tested on sensitive skin

La Roche Posay also claims:
"This ultra light, fast absorbing sunscreen fluid provides SPF 60 and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with the breakthrough Cell-Ox Shield, to protect your skin, even at the cellular level. It's excellent for use outdoors and at the beach.
The advanced UV filtering system of Anthelios 60 is a unique association of photostablized sunscreens for broad-spectrum and longer-lasting protection, with advanced efficiency against UVA rays. Anthelios 60 also uses a powerful anti-oxidant complex called Senna Alata, a tropical leaf extract known to defend skin cells."
Meh. I'm not so sure about the antioxidant properties but I just need the sunscreen to protect my face from sun damage, which it seems to do, so I'm happy.

Does this sunscreen replace the Holy Grail that was my Beloved Sofina Lucent? Hummm. I don't know. It sure is easier to procure, which is a plus...but perhaps there is room for two holy grail sunscreens in my life...perhaps.

ctive Ingredients: Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 15%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 5%, Oxybenzone 6%. Inactive Ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Alcohol Denat., Silica, Dicaprylyl Ether, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate, PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Dimethicone, Cyclohexasiloxane, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Nylon-12, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Phenoxyethanol, Lauryl PEG/PPG-18/18 Methicone, Sodium Chloride, Caprylyl Glycol, Methylparaben, Poly C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Disodium EDTA, Cassia Alata Leaf Extract, Maltodextrin, Dodecene, Poloxamer 407


  1. awww does it feel oily?
    lancome has new sunblock,i used their old one,its doesnt feel like sunblock,just like mily moisturizer which i LOVE!pluse they are spf 50!hehe
    im curious but this one tho!too bad ist not available here

  2. I've been using Anthelios since before it was available in the US. I used to get it through my dermatologist. She said it was the best stuff in the world. I'm curious about this - I think it was a different formula because it was a bit thick. But I loved it. Thank you for this review - I will definitely pick some up!

  3. I Love anything by LaRoche Posay.

    Anthelios is wonderful!!

    You might also want to try products from Avene, which contains the Spa mineral water. Their sunscreens do not pill up and you don't have to wait for them to dry.

  4. oily might be good for me. lol

    hey, i love you stated all the links for me to read more about ss as it's something i am very interested in but know very little about. and i really appreciate it that you stated the one site to avoid. LOVE YOU!

  5. I haven't seen this in the store yet but hopefully it will be in Canada soon! I have tried the Clarins and Vichy versions of this product and it really is the best formula I have found for the face so I am looking forward to trying La Roche's version! Thanks for the heads up!

    Best, Lisamarie

  6. Loooove that it's SPF 60, though I doubt that they'll sell it in Australia. For some reason nobody sells anything more than SPF 30 in Australia, which is odd because we're a country that could use a higher SPF the most =S

  7. Vanilla: Not too oily. :-) The Lancome one sounds interesting. I'll have to check that out! Thanks for your comment!

    Styrch: Ah ha. you are correct. the Euro (non US) Formula is different. It contains some chemicals that the FDA has not allowed here, but the US version contains some preservatives that the EU doesn't allow there. :-(

    Jamilla Camel: Ah yes. I will check out Avene. I have heard good things about them. Thanks for the tip!

    Jojoba: Yes. you will need a good sunscreen for where you live. Glad you found the links helpful!

    Lisamarie: Glad I could help. The non US version of the Anthelios is supposed to be even better! Good Luck!

    SilhouetteScreams: Yes. I love a high SPF. I can't get my mind around nothing higher than 30 SPF in Australia since it's like the skin cancer capital of the world. Bleh! Maybe you can find some on line!

  8. Thanks for posting your experience with this sunscreen! I'm using Sofina Lucent right now as well, after I'm done I'll give this one a try. I'm holding off on declaring the Sofina my Holy Grail sunscreen because its PPD is not very high. I'd like something higher for the summer especially.

  9. La Roche Sunscreens are the only ones FDA approved. I learned a new trick I love and that is to put my moisturizer, anthelios, foundation in my clean hand. Then I spray some Thermal Spring Water ( a very affordable La Roche staple product) mix together and make a sort of paste. I smooth the mixture all over my face and blend into my neck. I can't explain how much better my skin looks and feels. My makeup looks so natural and even-compared to putting on multiple layers...on top of it-this method is much faster to apply. I am convinced I use less product-and the fact it's faster, more effective-it is win-win. I saw a demonstration at a high end medical spa and was excited to try it, so glad I did!

  10. They don't sell SPF higher than 30 in Australia because they have stricter regulations on sunscreen there. Anything over 30 really doesn't do you any good, because your SPF wears off after 2 hours, so I think it is to encourage people to reapply. Actually I heard sunscreen regulations in the US are supposed to be changing, so we may be seeing lower SPFs here, but who knows!

    Thanks for the review, I really want to try this sunscreen even more now, this brand seems pretty fabulous.

  11. Great post! Thanks for all the useful links and I agree about the EWG thing. This sunscreen sounds really nice texture-wise and high SPF but I prefer to use mineral sunscreens. Do you have a physical SPF favorite to suggest?

  12. No one commented on the dangerous ingredient Oxybenzone in the La Roche sunscreen? How odd! I love La Roche Posay products and my skincare routine consists of mostly their products, but my mother-in-law has something against sunscreens because of the toxic chemicals in them. However, her choice to NOT use any sunscreen on herself or her children is beyond ridiculous and outrageous. I am against parabens, astertame, sulphates, etc. and oxybenzone is no different. I am looking for the perfectly safe organic sunscreen for my 5 year old son and myself, one WITHOUT oxybenzone.

    1. That is certainly your choice to avoid oxybenzone; However the American Board of Dermatologists says that oxybenzone is safe and so does the FDA and many many other responsible skin cancer and skin safety organizations. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) Cosmetics Database is an alarmist group that actually suggests that sunscreen can actually be harmful to you. They do not site specific studies to back up their claims and I personally find it irresponsible to publish some of the information they do. The Skin Cancer Foundation has gone so far as to post a rebuttal about EWGs claims about Oxybenzone. Certainly there are other sunscreens out there without the chemical, but no other chemical has been proven to reduce the harmful UVA and UVB rays associated with contracting skin cancer. Obviously your mother-in-law is foolish to avoid sunscreen all together because the exposure to the sun is far more damaging than any exposure to sunscreens she may encounter.


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