Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NARS Eye Shadow Duo In Taiga

According to Wikipedia (And we all know that Wikipedia is the foremost authority on everything and often incorrect, but go with me here.) Taiga is an ecosystem covering most of the in lands Canada, Alaska, Sweden, Finland, inland Norway, the Scottish Highlands and Russia (especially Siberia), as well as parts of the extreme northern continental United States, northern Kazakhstan, northern Mongolia, and northern Japan (Hokkaidō), the taiga is the world's largest terrestrial ecosystem or biome. Although this biome is correctly named Taiga, the term Boreal forest is usually used to refer to the more southerly part of the biome, while the term Taiga is more often used to describe only the more barren northern areas of the Arctic tree line.

So what does this have to do with makeup?

Nars eyeshadow duos are named after places in the world. And The one released in the Holiday 2009 collection is named Taiga. Ah ha. However, when I think of an Arctic Tree line I think of blues and silvers and whites and cool colors. So how did Mr. Nars come up with this duo of soft champagne gold and warm smokey gold infused pewter? Well I think he saw the above picture by Andreas Barth taken in the springtime in the Taiga.

Now as far as the quality of NARS shadows. Let me first make this disclaimer. I don't own a lot of NARS products. Most things from that brand don't speak to me. I am not fond of the blushes, while high quality and well pigmented, the colors just don't do it for me, plus the names, Orgasm, Deep Throat? Crass. Cream Shadows. Ugh. They crease faster than linen pants worn by a fat woman on a crowded subway. Cream Blushes? I hit pan on Cactus Flower in my more tanned skin days. It's a color I have never seen replicated in powder form...just not right for my pale face now. Those velvet lip pencils did give me some sort of desire but I never acted upon them. Just never found the time or place to actually buy one yet...YET. Eye Shadow Duos? Those are pretty nice. Let's see. I had Tokyo and I liked it all right, but it was a bit chalky at times. I had India Song. It was pretty, but just not the right colors for me. But now there is Taiga. This duo has been speaking to me since December. I'm not sure if it is the gold infused pewter or the champagne or the smokey combination of the two, but something deep inside my soul said, "BUY IT!". I never want to deprive my soul of anything so I did what I was told.

I purchased Taiga and it sat in the Sephora bag for a week. Untouched, unlooked at, unopened. Was my purchase a mistake? No. My SOUL told me to get it. My soul can't be wrong can it? I fish the duo out of the bag and the simple black matte packaging mocks me. It says:
"HA! You are messy. My pristine NARS case will be smudged in seconds and NOTHING will clean it off. I'll never look as good as the day you bought me. No. Your Chanel and Guerlain and Bobbi Brown all look brand new, but me. I'll look like I was rolling around in a dusty bin at a discount beauty store somewhere deep off the Cross Bronx Expressway. The smell of Sancocho wafts up from the basement while a tired old JLo song crackles over the speakers and there I will sit. I, Taiga, will cackle at you because I know you will venture into the store and buy me... because we are soul mates. Paranoid, you pay the clerk who is speaking in Spanish to her friend on her cell phone. Her exquisite drawn on eyebrows display a permanent surprised and defiant look on her glass like forehead. Because you don't speak Spanish AND because you're incredibly self centered, you will think she is talking about you, saying something nasty or mean, but in reality she is giving her friend the recipe for the Sancocho that is simmering on the hot plate in the basement."
Isn't amazing how much an eyeshadow can say? Well NARS is special that way. What can I say?

So soft is the champagne side of this duo. My pale skin makes this shadow disappear so I need to be careful to not over apply it. On darker skin, like Joeybunny, this champagne looks amazing and glowy. So smokey is the pewter side of this duo. It sparkles, it shimmers and flashes taupe, grey, green and gold. It's wildly pigmented and a little goes a long long way. a dramatic smokey eye can be had using this duo and a smart olive liner (perhaps Kyoto).

Do you need this? Well if you ask Joeybunny, yes. If you ask me? YES! NARS Duos retail for $32 and can be found at, Sephora and NOT in scary discount beauty supply stores off the Cross Bronx Expressway.


  1. I thought wikipedia was far more accurate than any print encyclopedia?!

  2. Now that duo made a very pretty eye! Awesome!

  3. Stunning! And your eyeliner is perfection!

  4. la la la! I can't hear you! (and that means I didn't read "It sparkles, it shimmers and flashes taupe, grey, green and gold.")

  5. I agree that it's a beautiful shadow. Didn't look that way, but as with NARS, surprise, surprise!

  6. Love it - your eyes looks all kinds of smoldering seductive...

    And thanks to Joey for telling me to use my Fyrinnae Epoxy with some of my NARS duos. I'm experiencing love again with Hula Hula and Kuala Lumpur.

  7. Hahaha, the NARS monologue was right on! I swear my NARS palettes talk about me when I'm not there. Also, about ways to get dirtier while I'm not touching them. (How did you get eyeshadow on you! You were closed! All the eyeshadows are closed!)

  8. I've hated Nars eyeshadows with a passion (and with sadness too, since Nars Sheer Glow is my HG and I love their blushes too) until recently, when I got Habanara and Underworld duos, and now it's love, and I want more. (Hopefully they will be equal quality-wise, because the singles I once tried were crap)

  9. I secretly wished I had purchased this duo over Brousse... :x.

  10. ah this post is the perfect example of why i read your blog. hilarious and intriguing. And btw, i really want that duo now. looks much prettier on than in the pan

  11. A few things:

    First off, Taiga's taunt to you sounds suspiciously like me when I lived back in the Bronx in high school.

    Secondly, slut I told you to use this months ago! Do recall that I voted this duo one of my top products of 2009 on this blog!! HMPH.


    Fourthly, I love you mucho.

    Fif, Lexi I'm glad I can be of service to you! =D

  12. Not all NARS shadows are named after places! All About Eve may be the only one that isn't, though. :)

  13. LOL that eyeshadow is quite witty ;]

    And I knew you would like this because it looked kinda taupe-y in the pan!

  14. to clean your Nars packaging (and any other black matte packaging, like Smashbox) rub a dab of any old body lotion on it with your fingers. Massage it for like 10 seconds. Then grab a Kleenex and wipe it off. Presto! It's new again! heard it from me first!

  15. Eurydice is another duo not named after a place! I think there are a few others. Tiaga is really pretty!

  16. First of all, super well written review! It's so joyful to read. Keep up the great work! ;)

    Secondly, you just made me lemming this e/s duo! I don't own any NARS cosmetics yet, but I always hear so much raves about it.

    Taiga looks a bit warmer in the pan than swatched on your skin. I love dark taupe browns that are totally on the cool side (otherwise it always turns out orange on me).

    I'm very fair (NC 15 / C2), so do you think this would be a good choice?


  17. Hi Jess. this is definitely more grey on the skin than in the pan. But it also depends on the eye base you use. sometimes colored eye bases can change the color of the shadow. :-)


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