Tuesday, March 9, 2010

OPI - Mad As A Hatter Nail Polish

I have to admit that glitter nail polish is NOT appropriate for my conservative office but when I saw the glitter bomb that is OPI Mad as a Hatter I HAD TO get it. No seriously. The nail polish was fighting with Absolutely Alice (A bright blue glitter) to take it home with me. The two polishes were causing such a ruckus in the store it was embarrassing. People were starting to stare and whisper. I relented and Took Mad as a Hatter home with me. Actually I was waiting for Darthypie to get his hair butchered at Cartoon Cuts in the mall and while I was waiting OPI Mad as a Hatter started calling to me from inside my purse. As Children cocked their heads to the side like confused puppies I took out the blabbery nail polish and started to paint it right over my dark purple manicure. I figured that by using the polish it would STFU. Seriously. The polish has no idea of manners. Very rude!

So when I got home to took the polish off. (Check out my post tomorrow about removing glitter polishes) and repainted my nails with OPI Mad as a Hatter on bare nails. That is what you see in the picture above. OPI Mad as a Hatter is a total glitter nail polish with Silver, Gold, Purple, Hot Pink and Green glitter in a clear base. It only took 2 coats to get the opaque look to my nails so you know this is jammed packed with glitter. The wide brush that OPI uses also makes for quick and easy application. alas, with many glitter polishes the finish is rough. It took two thick coats of Seche top coat to make my nails somewhat smooth. Plus I had to file down the tips a bit so I could get rid of the sharp glitter hanging over the edges of my nails.

This is NOT a low maintenance nail polish. After 2 days my nail polish chipped. I used a base coat and 2 top coats and this sucker still chipped. Nothing will make you look like an emo, angst ridden teenage girl than chipped glitter nail polish. Seriously. The second this stuff chips on you remove it or fix it.

Do you NEED this polish. Well it certainly is sparkly and it would look awesome over a silver polish or purple polish or green for that matter but I don't think it's a MUST HAVE. It's fun for a party or a night out, but nothing I can see myself wearing every day...but that's OK. It's good to have a few of those "night out" polishes even if your night our consists of running up to the grocery store because you forgot sour cream and apples.


  1. Absolutely Alice is sad that you left it at the store, and is waiting for you to come back and get it.

    Seriously though, it's an awesome polish. I like it better than Mad as a Hatter; it's very unique.

  2. Yeah removing this polish is a total pain in the ass. Next time I use this I'll leave it to the professionals at the nail salon. I love this color and I have Absolutely Alice - I think I'll have that be my next pedi color.

  3. I want both of them, but haven't picked them up yet because I'm a cheapskate but now that I saw the mini pack with both of them (plus 2 of the red/orange) for $9, they'll be mine for sure!!!

  4. I love office inappropriate polished. I wear them a lot :D This one is gorgeous on you.

  5. I *often* forget sour cream AND apples on my shopping trips, so I guess that means I need this! But seriously, your pics totally sold me. It will be mine.

  6. This is so gorgeous, but damn, glitter polishes are so hard to take care of (and to remove!)

  7. Marley: Fine I'll get Absolutely Alice...but only because you told me to do it!

    Lexi920: I hope you saw my tutorial about removing glitter n/p. It makes wearing glitter polish hassle free now!

    Claudia: The mini packs are awesome for this! In the future 8ty8beauty.com sells OPI for like $3 a bottle

    Pixie: If my nails looked as awesome as yours I would wear the inappropriate colors too! But regardless it's a fun one to wear!

    Recessionista: You need this polish! And don't forget the sourcream!

    SilhouetteScreams: Check out my tutorial for removing those polishes. It makes it so simple!


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