Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Poll

Spring starts this Saturday. Spring reminds me of Spring Cleaning. Spring Cleaning reminds me of cleaning out closets. Cleaning out closets reminds me of clothing. Clothing reminds me of the fact that I have nothing to wear. Nothing to wear reminds me of the TV Show What Not To Wear. What Not To wear reminds me that I so want to be nominated for this show. (My train of thought always comes back to shopping. Sad isn't it?) If you get on the show, you basically get $5,000 to go on a shopping spree in New York City. Of course you have to listen to the two hosts talk about fashion and what is the right "silhouette" for your body type and you get to hear Stacy, one of the hosts, say "Om-peer Waist" when she means "Empire Waist". It's quite amusing. However, with $5,000 you really can't get a whole wardrobe. You might be able to get a few key pieces to work off of but the hosts throw out all your clothing and you are supposed to start from scratch. Oh goodness they would have a field day with me. My shoes are straight up 1990's. Big clunky black clown shoes. My jeans are flared not "skinny" My shirts are baggy and the primary color in my wardrobe is gray. I would be humiliated on that show during the "360 degree mirror" critique. Oh but I have a plan. I would smile and nod and take their criticism. I wouldn't fight their advice. and when released on my own to go shopping I would have Joeybunny secretly meet me at Bergdorf Goodman. I would slide the credit card with $5,ooo on it over to her and have her buy me some Edward Bess, Paul & Joe and Le Metier de Beaute cosmetics and then have her pick up some Serge Lutens and Creed perfumes. With the remaining $2,500 I would get some random clothes from Macy's (on sale and all gray & black) and call it a day. Of course I would have to endure a terrible haircut from the haircut guy. That's OK though. Hair grows back. And I would have to endure Carmindy giving me her classic "smokey eye" and putting Maybelline Great Lash mascara on me (The classic and terrible pink and green menace) and I would hide my makeup stash from her because she would try to throw it all away or steal it. Yep. That's what I would do. But It will never happen. By the time I could get someone to nominate me, and actually get picked for the show they will have cancelled it. Plus I bet the would be pretty pissed that I spent $2,500 on cosmetics and perfume.
On To The Poll!

1. Lip Of The Day? - MAC Sweet & Single from the 2007 MAC Barbie Collection. Oh this is my favorite cool toned pink-plum-frosty lipstick. My cats got my original tube, which was almost finished and defiled it in a way that I cannot speak of on the interwebz. Thankfully I was able to swap for a new tube with a friend.

2. If you had $2,500 to spend on Cosmetics and Perfume, what brands would you buy? - Well aside from the Edward Bess, Paul & Joe and Le Metier de Beaute, I would also pick up some items from Chantecaille, Geuerlain, Sisley, Shu Uemura, Cle de Peau and La Mer.

3. Beauty item(s) you recently repurchased? - Soap & Glory Clean Mary face cleanser. I like this a lot. Reviewed it here, but obviously I have warmed up to it since my review. Kenzoki Barefeet Fantasy Massage Balm. Reviewed it here. I received the first as a press sample and purchased a second one when I ran out. This stuff saved my feet this winter!

4. Most Shallow reason for breaking up with a significant other? - I once broke up with a guy because he didn't know the difference between North, Central and South America. He argued with me that Canada was North America, The US was Central America and Anything from Mexico on down to Argentina was South America. Geography FAIL! I happened to be moving the next month and I just didn't give him my new number.

5. What is coming in the mail? - I just received my Laura Mercier Guilded Garden Mosaic (Shimmer/highlighter). I'm expecting my Chantecaille Les Dauphins Palette and also Kose Rose Of Heaven perfume!!


  1. Girl, you crack me up.

    If I got on What Not To Wear, I'd grab that card and hightail it to Aedes De Venustas for Amouage perfume and then the free standing Make Up Forever Boutique in the West Village. I'd bypass Macy's and hit the consignment shops instead and then with any change I would hide in a bar somewhere, drinking martinis and taking phone pics of my new makeup. And oh hell no, no one's touching my hair.

  2. lmao, awesome! I did see Carmindy toss a girl's stash out before. I think I shed a tear for her. That uppidy beyotch :D

  3. Hi Elvira,

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Empire as in Empire waist is pronounce Om-peer since it is based on the French time period that "invented" or actually popularized the high waist during the reign of Napoleon I circa 1805, though it was actually in style in the 1790s (though not as high as 1800 and on). Anyway, enough of the costume history lesson . . .

    1. Lip Of The Day?

    NYX Chaos which is a cool, slightly pinked red. Very bright! Matches the red in my chiffon scarf. (And ELF Lip Lock pencil of course!)

    2. If you had $2,500 to spend on Cosmetics and Perfume, what brands would you buy?

    Hmmmmm. Miss Five and Dime can't even think that high. I'd probably splurge on good perfume, though I don't always remember to wear it and my favorite is mark. Fig and Basil scent spray.

    3. Beauty item(s) you recently repurchased?

    Hmmm. Maybelline Define-a-Brow. Found them for $1.99 so I bought all 6 in dark brown.

    4. Most Shallow reason for breaking up with a significant other?

    Hmmmmmm. If I was to break up with a Significant Other for a shallow reason, then he was probably an Insignificant Other. That said, probably continuing to do things I told him I didn't like like sucking my tongue too hard or rubbing my boobs in painful, frictitious circles. Ouch!

    5. What is coming in the mail?

    Rosario Guerrero postcards for my collection!

  4. But Sarah: It's not that I think she is pronouncing it incorrectly it's that she makes a big point of saying Empire as Om-Peer and drawing out the "eer" part of the word. Plus Were in AMERICA and she needs to speak AMERICAN. AMERICANS like to pronounce words WRONG and use BAD grammar. LOL Hello. Have you seen my grammar? It's terrible. (see above for use of "wrong" instead of "incorrectly" and use of "use bad" instead of "have poor".

  5. That would be a great episode of WNTW! Much better than the whiney asses they usually have on there. That LM highkighter looks so pretty! I don't think it's shallow to break up with a guy who's not smart enough for you. I tend to break up with guys when they turn goofy or stupid.

  6. You can delete my comment if you want, Elvira.

  7. I broke up with a guy once because he didn't know who David Bowie was.

  8. Sarah: No! I love your comment!!! Oh I didn't mean to upset you. I was speaking very tongue in cheek. I'm sorry. :-(

  9. Hi Elvira,

    It was obnoxious of me to publicly correct an owner of a blog. Especially since I've never see WNTW so I haven't heard her pronounce Empire (which are pretty much flattering on no one-- kind of like nude lips).

    Keep on Truckin' Elvira!

  10. 1. MAC Hot Gossip. Pinky berry lips to go with my pinky-berry FOTD. I'm loving this with my TheBalm Cabana Boy blush.
    2. Edward Bess, Paul & Joe, Creed, Armani...
    3. Wet n' Wild Tinted Moisturizer! Love it!
    4. His pores were enormous. It was like his face was a big ol' sponge. Grossed me out.
    5. Some Ann Taylor Loft pants from Ebay! And a gorgeous pair of Rebecca Taylor trousers from Anthropologie Treasurebox blog :)

  11. This post literally made me laugh out loud! I agree with your amazing idea of what to do with the cash.. $5000 is certainly not enough to make up for all the clothing of mine they would toss in the process. (I hold on to pieces I absolutely love no matter what. I have things from two+ years ago that I'm still saying I'll fit into again someday. :( )

    1. Lip Of The Day? - MAC California Dreamin'. I'm in love. I've already ordered a back up, and am lemming quite a few more back ups. I cannot say I'm unashamed of what I spent on it though.

    2. If you had $2,500 to spend on Cosmetics and Perfume, what brands would you buy? - I'd have to add some more Chanel to my collection. Hmm.. I'd possibly just wait for the holidays again so I could purchase every kit released. :)

    3. Beauty item(s) you recently repurchased? - MAC's California Dreamin' & Myth lipsticks. Another MAC 15 pan palette.

    4. Most Shallow reason for breaking up with a significant other? - What could be counted as my 'most shallow' reason is possibly inappropriate. haha.

    5. What is coming in the mail? -
    I have two orders from ACW, my first Fyrinnae order, some lipsticks from MAC, and one from
    I'm getting addicted to having stuff in the mail every single day. :/

  12. I love that show but my favorite thing that Stacey says is when she refers to a woman's boobs she says "girls" call me immature but that always make me giggle. She loves the phrase, "Shut the front door" a lot too. Actually the new hair guy, Ted Gibson is much MUCH better than the old one, Nick something. He loved giving women the same trendy soccer mom haircut. At least Ted lets some of the women keep some length to their hair. My husband and I use to plot how he would get me on to the show - it would consist of me wearing nothing but sweats, hair scrunchies and old maternity tops. Then I would covet the BofA $5000 card and run off to buy Louboutin shoes and Gucci/Chanel/LV small goods because let's face it $5000 wouldn't be able to cover an entire Chanel handbag! Okay enough on to the poll:

    1. LOTD:
    MAC Plum liner, Syrup lipstick and Plushgloss in Ample Pink

    2. $2,500 on makeup alone?
    After recovering from a minor stroke, I'd dust myself off and get myself on a plane to NYC tout suite to Bergdorf's where I'd buy the entire Edward Bess line, P&J, Le Metier and perfumes I cannot pronounce!

    3. Beauty items recently purchased? Nivea self tanning lotion that's suppose to cut down on shaving your legs. Yes, it works wonderfully on me. Spring is here - it's sunny in SF so I need to get at least my legs looking the part!

    4. Shallow reason for breaking up with someone? I never broke up with a guy for something shallow but I did stop calling a guy after a first date because the picture I saw of him (yes online date) was clearly from 10yrs. prior.

    5. What's coming in the mail? My engagement ring (brand new!!) from my husband's aunt in Jersey. don't get me started on this story!

  13. Elvira – if only you knew how much you brighten up my mornings! My boss is a big a-hole and until the day comes that I can tell him to ‘take this job and shove it,’ you definitely make mornings bearable and allow me a little time to forget about where I’m heading once I’m actually showered and primped. That said, I’d be more than happy to nominate you for WNTW if you want – just say the word (and tell me what to submit)! My daughter submitted me a while back – said I was dressing ‘too Alaskan’ outside of work…I wouldn’t mind the money for new clothes, but Stacy and I would get in a fistfight because I don’t think she could understand how cold it gets up here and there’s some warm things I’m just NOT willing to part with!

    Lip of the day: no clue. I’ve been out of bed about 15 minutes. Probably Perfumeria Gal strawberry lip balm or my YSL Rouge Volupte Red Muse…I’ll figure it out once I get out of the shower.

    $2500 for cosmetics and perfume - I’d spend part of it on 2 plane tickets to LA - one for me and one for you, and then you could show me what to get. Otherwise I’d probably wind up spending $200 on makeup and the rest on things the kids need.

    Recent repurchases – Perfumeria Gal strawberry, peach and ‘happy’ lip balms, Napoleon Perdis Ravishing Rose lip shine (my very favorite red in the whole world) and some more NP Set Concealer Pens.

    I broke up with a guy once because he had a really girly looking robe…big tough boxer and was like a little girl behind closed doors – still makes me cringe!

    Coming in the mail – Perdis Lip Shine mentioned above. So much for 5 pan.

    Uh oh – I’d better get in the shower so a-hole doesn’t yell at me for being late. Have a great day sweetheart!

  14. 1. Lip Of The Day? Spell Lip Pot in Sweet Talker. It's a gorgeous candy pink.

    2. If you had $2,500 to spend on Cosmetics and Perfume, what brands would you buy?
    Fyrinnae, Aromaleigh, Urban Decay, MAC, Stardust, Silk Naturals, Too Faced, Tokidoki, Kenzo

    3. Beauty item(s) you recently repurchased?
    Urban Decay 24/7 liners in Electric, Zero and Yeyo.
    Electric is bright aqua, Zero is blackc and Yeyo is metallic white. I go through those three colors more than any of my other liner colors.

    4. Most Shallow reason for breaking up with a significant other?
    The guy wasn't very smart and I ended up thinking about his geeky friend when I was with him, so I dumped the cute, dumb guy and went out with his geeky friend.

    5. What is coming in the mail?
    An order from Fyrinnae for my 500 Follower Blog Giveaway. Also, a custom order from WhimsyBeading.

  15. LOL Great post, I'm loving all the comments too!

    Dumping someone for now knowing the different between North, Central, and South America is not shallow it is necessary. Come on! He even had the nerve to argue with you about it? hahaha.

    I use to like WTNW but after the 100,000 season I'm over it. LOL but I would love to watch your episode it would be great!

    1. DIOR Addict Lipcolor in 419 Pink Neglige- great glowy nude color.

    2. Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, Edward Bess, Jill Stuart, P&J and Chanel.

    3. Non I have issues finishing products, I'm always trying new things.

    4. I once broke up with a guy because he wore a pair of shoes I didn't like.

    5. Swap package from Singapore, first Mineral eyeshadow purchase and Sheet masks from I love getting packages!

  16. 1) LOTD - MAC Peachstock with Trucco AF Duochrome Green Lip Gunk on top.

    2) Juliette Has a Gun and Bond No. 9 Perfumes, a Clarisonic (I have to admit, I'm crazy curious), a GHD, Shiseido and Chantecaille Skincare, Guerlain, MUFE, Illamasqua and probably a designer haircut and dye job.

    3) Prestige My Biggest Lashes Mascara - HG status like woah!

    4) He had funny looking teeth, and weird teeth skeeve me out.

    5) What's not coming in the mail? MAC M'Orange LS, Gold Deposit MSF, Tribalist LS, Pandemonium ES, Illamasqua Torture LG, Illamasqua Snap NP, Cargo Reverse LL, NYX Doll Eyes Mascara, Jumbo Milk Pencil, Taupe Blush, Maybelline Natural Smokes Quad, Ben Nye Cake Liner and Liner Seal. I think thats it... I think.

  17. Hahahahahaha, you crack me up!! I am actually quite looking forward to spring cleaning. SO and I are graduating and moving at the end of June so the more we get done now, the easier it'll be then.

    1. Lip Of The Day? - I haven't actually showered and gotten dressed yet (I have a final at 7pm, so I was up late last night and chose to sleep in this morning... hoping I'll be fresh for the final lol), but if I do decide to put on makeup, I'll probably wear MAC Impassioned. I always feel more confident in a bright neon lip.

    2. If you had $2,500 to spend on Cosmetics and Perfume, what brands would you buy? - Err... I'm not actually sure that my wishlist even has $2,500 worth of stuff on it. I'd get all the Shu Uemura Glow Ons (I'm almost done swapping for the ones I want though teehee), at least one Jill Stuart Blush, find the perfect foundation (eyeing Shu Face Architect), NARS Exhibit A, Outlaw and a few of the eyeshadow duos, the rest of the LM Stickglosses and Benefit Candy Store. I'd definitely get Jo Malone Fig & Cassis and Orange Blossom... I've been wanting those two FOREVER, and I'd spend whatever's left on an epic etailer haul for nail polish - all the China Glaze Chromes and Holos. :D

    3. Beauty item(s) you recently repurchased? - Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl mascara, but it was a fake! I got it off eBay and it's completely different than my first three tubes. I did get a refund, but I was so disappointed and I'm having to go without mascara 'till I can get to Marukai to pick up a new tube. T_T;

    4. Most Shallow reason for breaking up with a significant other? - I'm only on my second and it's still questionable who broke up with who for the first... So glad you broke up with that ex though, I don't think that's shallow at all!!!

    5. What is coming in the mail? - I just got the Laura Mercier Gilded Garden Shimmer Bloc too! I also got the Peach Sorbet stickgloss and R&R X-Rated blush. I'm currently waiting for the Visee Glam Hunt Eyes palette in G6 from and a "I am a Ninja" shirt from Steppie (gold foil on black!).

    I also just got the Korres Ginger & Vitamins foundation in LF4... but it's clearly way too dark for me (or is oxidizing something awful), so I'm going to have to either refund/exchange ugh. I got a sample of LF2 from Sephora, so will try that out today or tomorrow.

  18. 1. Jaqua buttercream frosting lipgloss-this stuff smells divine1!!
    2. a bunch of d&g perfumes, chanel, armani, guerlain...lets just say i would go crazzyyy!!
    3. cetaphil lotion. awesome face lotion. chanel nymphea quad. love this thing for spring and summer!
    4. i've never broken up with anyone...i've dated my first boyfriend for almost 4 years now.
    5. i'm expecting a $50 saks giftcard that i got with my credit card points :)

  19. I only wear Empire (Om-Peer? :D) stuff when I've been on leave for a couple of weeks, and I want to worry my boss. The look on his face when he tries not to ask me if I'm enceinte is hilarious.

    Lip of the day was Sisley Nutritive balm today for me - lips are kind of dry at the moment, and I was doing more with the eyes.

    £2,500 on cosmetics - skincare from Nubo, some 3 More Inches shampoo, going mad with Kose Addiction and then some Strange Invisible Perfume fragrance, thank you kindly ;)

    Recently repurchased: Kiehls Creme de Corps. Quite close to repurchasing Chantecaille spf 30 face firming cream.

    Most shallow reason for breaking up - I really can't think of one! Honest. Anyone I've ever broken up with, it's been because he was a douche.

    Expecting - nothing, currently. Very close to pulling the trigger on some Sugarpill though.

  20. I would be *more* than honored to help you shop at Bergdorf. Is it sad that I think that since I started working at my job I spent probably close to that $2,500 at Bergdorf? It might be, but I don't care.

    1. Lip Of The Day? - Lancome Chris and Tell lipstick with Chanel Pin Up Glossimer. Pin Up adds a beige shimmer to the Chris and Tell which cuts down on the brightness factor. I'm really liking this combination! Also Elvira, MAC Sweet and Single is probably one of my top 10 favorite lipsticks of all time.

    2. If you had $2,500 to spend on Cosmetics and Perfume, what brands would you buy? - NARS, Bobbi Brown, Paul and Joe, Edward Bess, Le Metier, and Shu...except I have spent at least $2500 on 4 of those 6 brands since August. Oops.

    3. Beauty item(s) you recently repurchased? - My Paul and Joe Creamy Facial Wash.

    4. Most Shallow reason for breaking up with a significant other? - He was a terrible kisser and I could not be bothered to teach him.

    5. What is coming in the mail? - My Clinique order from Momma J's pre-sale! That's all I can think of for now, unless you're mailing me something and I don't know about it. If this counts, I did a pre-sale at Bergdorf for the new Paul and Joe eyeshadows but they don't come out until April, and that's not being mailed to me haha.


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