Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Poll

Spring has sprung in my area and with the rising temperatures come the rising pollen count. For seasonal Allergy Sufferers the Washington, DC area is as close to living in hell as possible. This is all thanks to Lady Bird Johnson. Of sure. She might have been a wonderful First Lady, entrepreneur and lauded citizen of the United States, but her path of death and destruction in the Washington DC area is well known. You see. she was on this "Beautification" kick and wanted to make all cities beautiful. She lived in DC at the time of this insane phase in her life and basically brought almost every species of flora from the US to the DC area. While Washington DC is quite beautiful during the Spring and summer, it also means all sorts of non native pollens are floating around here almost year round. That means if you are allergic to one specific species of plant, tree or flower, you most likely will react to it here. In other words. You will have a stuffy nose and watery eyes from spring until late fall. Stupid allergies. I basically have has my seasonal allergies hit me full force last week. My body laughs at Claritin, Sudaphed and Zyrtec. I have taken almost every over the counter allergy medication and most prescribed ones too. It mostly doesn't help because the side effects of said "medications" are almost as annoying as the symptoms that lead to taking them. So what do I do? I basically stay inside as much as I can (which explains my alabaster pallor) and deal with it. No wonder I like winter so much. Big Fluffy sweaters, Red lipstick, Dry Skin and no allergies.
On To The Poll!

1. Blush Of The Day? - Chanel JC in Rose Satin. Ohh this is eons old. I swapped for this half used blush, with a serious dip in the pan, just so I could say I own it. A pretty, frosty, cool pink blush.

2. Do you have any allergies? - Yes. Aside from the seasonal allergies I'm allergic to walnuts. If I eat them I get inflamed taste buds on my tongue and awful sores inside my mouth. It sucks. But thankfully it's the only nut to do this to me...on occasion a raw almond or brazil nut might have the same effect, but mostly it's walnuts.

3. Current beauty obsession? - Well since I just purchased a new organizer for my nail polish collection I'm obsessed with getting an Ikea Helmer storage unit for my makeup. For a mere $39.99 I can store all my makeup in one place rather than having it in a plastic storage box and a large train case and scattered around various places in my home. My obsession is organization right now.

4. What is your favorite flower? - It changes, but as far as looks I would have to say the Tulip is my favorite. So perfectly minimal in structure, yet so colorful and fragrant. I still love roses, but as a walking around and looking at the spring flowers go, tulips can't be beat.

5. Most recent beauty purchase? - Illamasqua Cake Eyeliner in Zeal. A deep forest green. I have worn it twice this week. That's a lot for me consider how little green I normally wear. I sense a new eyeshadow color obsession coming on.


  1. Yay! It's poll day! :)

    1. Blush Of The Day? Makeup For Ever HD in #1--I love these babies and need more!

    2. Do you have any allergies? - Yes, oddly I developed an allergic reaction to Differin after using it for an entire year. No fun and I'm never touching the stuff again. Ever.

    3. Current beauty obsession? - I'm having a big bronzer moment. I'm holding myself back from looking like a Real Housewife of OC, but just barely.

    4. What is your favorite flower? -Roses because they look beautiful AND smell wonderful. I want it all!

    5. Most recent beauty purchase? - See, e.g., earlier reference to more MUFE HD blushes. I order two more yesterday (stop me someone!) :)

  2. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Still haven't decided. All my winter blushes were perfect... in winter. I can't pull off a 'just-in-from-the-cold' look when it's warm out. :)

    2. Do you have any allergies? - Yep. I have the usual pollen allergies. I'm also allergic to my pug, and bananas. It's a weird combination.

    3. Current beauty obsession? - I'm obsessed with organization as well right now. I purchased two more train cases, one small for my mineral makeup and a rather large one to store my MAC collection alone. (From Walmart, of course. No way in hell was I going to get two more from Sephora.)
    I'm also obsessing over online shopping.

    4. What is your favorite flower? - I love hyacinths, only because my mum loved them when I was a child. I try to buy her one every year when they come into bloom.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase? -
    Other than the train cases, a bunch of stuff from ACW. I'm ashamed to say I've been on a complete MAC kick lately.

  3. Thank God for your Thursday Poll, Elvira. This day started off like CRAP and your posts always cheer me up :)

    1. TheBalm Down Boy! The perfect babydoll pink color for me. Like what I wanted MAC's Well Dressed to be.

    2. I am allergic to freaking Missouri. I hate this state. I've hated it since I moved here ten years ago; I seem to be allergic to damn near everything that blooms here- if I could, I would go back to Texas in a HEARTBEAT. When I moved to Missouri, my singing voice dropped and I lost the top third of my range because of the humidity and allergies! HATE THIS STATE!!

    3. Nail polish! My car is currently in the shop, and I can't drive my husband's car (it's a standard, and no, I haven't learned to drive it yet). I am dying to go buy OPI's My Chihuahua Bites. I *need* it.

    4. I love Alstromeria! They're so pretty and fun and come in a ton of great colors.

    5. I have a big ol' ULTA order coming my way today. I had a giftcard and bought up half the Essence line - I've heard great things about it, like it's the European Wet n' Wild (and WnW is one of my faves)

  4. In regards to alleriges, mine are kicking in too (gotta love DC!). I've actually had good luck with the CVS generic brand in the pink box. It's so far done a pretty decent job and it's only about $5 for a little under a month's supply. It's worth a shot.

  5. this is why I love Thursdays:

    1. BOTD - MAC's Prim and Proper - a secret suprising blush winner for my dark skin tone!

    2. Allegies? YES and I'm constantly stuffed and sneezing. I get so annoyed that people think I constantly am sick - maybe I should bank off that and just start calling in sick...cuz you know of this darn cold that I've had all late winter - Spring and early summer. Yes Elvira, Claritin and Zyrtec is no match for my allergy. However, Singulair works great I just wished it didn't cost me over $30 for a month supply - oh well I may need to dip into my makeup spending money just so I can breath and be sneeze free for a month!!

    3. Beauty obsessions - right now it's blush and I'm starting to see if I can revamp any of my old palettes and abundant supply of shadows.

    4. Favorite flower? That's tough but I do know that I pretty much favor the flowers that don't smell like dahlias, gerber daisies and tulips. I do love me a big bulb cream colored rose though.I also have a soft spot for blush colored peonies and star gazer lillies.

    5. Recent beauty purchase - MAC MSF Petticoat from the Company Store across the street from my office. That Co. Store is the death of me.

  6. green!! i love green for e/s and e/l. also...YES! get a Helmer Stat!! they are awesome. i have 2 for np storage. no one will ever know what u hife in there...:)on to my poll answers... :)

    1. blush of the day: Mark Cameo Glo

    2. as far as i allergies...*knock on wood*

    3. current beauty obsession: mascara- continously looking for a new one...and looking for a blood orange colored lpstick and looking for a mattifying powder thats not chalky, wont make me break out and isnt cakey.

    4. idk what my fav flower is...i love all of them :)

    5. most recent beauty purchase: MAC creamsheen in fashion scoop and MAC lightful cleanser

  7. 1. Blush Of The Day?

    Well I forgot blush today so I stuck my finger to my lips and dotted on some lipstick. So I guess my Blush of the Day is L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in True Red.

    2. Do you have any allergies? -

    Besides the usual pollen and rageweed? Not really, though raw onions, especially red onions, make my tongue and throat itch. I say I'm allergic to raw tomatoes just so people don't put them in my food. I hate them.

    3. Current beauty obsession?

    Nothing in particular though it's beginning to be my hair again. I went through a good phase which is now turning on me.

    4. What is your favorite flower?

    Tulips and lilac for scent.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase?

    A cheapo Kleencolor eye shadow palette which contains two large pans and a bunch a small pans of bright colors. One of the two large pans is the most beautiful taupe color very similar to Ulta's Twilight single but slightly browner. $3.99.

  8. 1. Blush Of The Day- nothing yet. havent even washed my face yet.

    2. Do you have any allergies?- not really. I get a headache in spring but advil fixes that.

    3. Current beauty obsessions- skincare. i'm obsessed with clearing up my skin. its getting pretty close.

    4. What is your favorite flower- orchid. I love orchids.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase- I havent bought any makeup since I hauled chanel in february. I got concealer, fresque jc, and positano lipstick

  9. 1. Blush of the day - rms Beauty Lip2Cheek in Illusive

    2. Allergies - none that I'm aware of. Mr London has a really weird allergy to shiitake mushrooms - he comes out in a head to toe rash.

    3. Current beauty obsession - sunscreen. I'm looking for a good spf 30 for the summer.

    4. Favourite flower - sweet peas.

    5. Last purchase -rms Beauty eyeshadow in Seduce (blames Amy) and Lip2cheek in Smile (only myself to blame.)

    ROLL on the weekend!

  10. 1) BOTD - MAC Enough Said
    2) Nope, I am allergy free!
    3) Illamasqua and Blush.
    4) Orchids, hands down, love em!
    5) Revlon CS Undereye Concealer.

  11. 1. Blush - MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach

    2. Allergies - I pray that I will win the lotto so I can move somewhere that hasn't been inundated with pollen. I thought that might be Arizona but, my understanding now is that the retirees have put in gardens with non-native species.

    My allergies are BAD; one missed dose of Zyrtec-D and I'll get a migraine from the sinus pressure. Two missed doses and my ears fill with fluid. Any more than than and I wind up with a sinus and ear infection.

    I tried allergy shots for one year. They didn't work and I gave up with an admission of defeat from the allergist. I'm highly allergic to mold, pollen, cats and dogs (in that order). I have to wear a mask to brush my Lab.

    I'm also allergic to Sulfa-based antibiotics and Reglan.

    3. Current beauty obsession - a great storage system that would enable me to see everything I have all at once. I make a discovery every time I clean out my drawers.

    4. My favorite flower was the Stargazer Lilly. That was until my allergies became awful. My new favorite flower is the Gardenia. Yes, it's very fragrant but, I can deal with it in small doses. It's a beautiful flower/plant. Very classic.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase - 2 purchased together: MAC Lipliner in Trimmed in Pink, MAC Lipglass in Perennial High Style.

  12. 1. Blush Of The Day? Pout Blossom Belle. I had forgotten just how bright this blush was so had to layer some Clarins light bronzer over the top to tone it down a fair bit!

    2. Do you have any allergies? Yes. Chilli's. I can just about eat a small amount of them, I'm trying to build up a tolerance, but if I have a curry with a whole chilli in it then I stop breathing!

    3. Current beauty obsession? Clear skin and bronzer. I'm switching my skincare to a simple routine to clear it up and then I've never worn bronzer before this year!

    4. What is your favorite flower? I'm not too sure! I like Roses and Orchids and sunflowers.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase? Revlon Colorstay concealer (I blame Lachesis!) and the matching foundation which i've never tried before!

  13. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Paul and Joe #5 cream blush - perfect bronzy color! I'm in love with it and with the formula!

    2. Do you have any allergies? - Oh jesus yes: I'm allergic to all the crap outside (seasonal allergies, YAY!), dust, cats, and amoxycillin. Oh, and chalk dust too.

    3. Current beauty obsession? - I'm still all about purples and pinks, not gonna lie. I've been also very into mauves too.

    4. What is your favorite flower? - Peach roses. It will always be peach roses.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase? - Benefit Buns Velvet eyeshadow and the Sonia Kashuk synthetic crease brush. I am LOVING Buns - gorgeous slightly bronzey rose color!

  14. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Paul and Joe #5 cream blush - perfect bronzy color! I'm in love with it and with the formula!

    2. Do you have any allergies? - Oh jesus yes: I'm allergic to all the crap outside (seasonal allergies, YAY!), dust, cats, and amoxycillin. Oh, and chalk dust too.

    3. Current beauty obsession? - I'm still all about purples and pinks, not gonna lie. I've been also very into mauves too.

    4. What is your favorite flower? - Peach roses. It will always be peach roses.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase? - Benefit Buns Velvet eyeshadow and the Sonia Kashuk synthetic crease brush. I am LOVING Buns - gorgeous slightly bronzey rose color!

  15. 1) blush du jour: MAC's Springsheen
    2) no allergies (pssst...naturopathic remedy to CURE your seasonal allergies? Buy LOCAL RAW honey. Eat a teaspoon every day. It's loaded with local pollen and "immunizes" you. Takes about 4 weeks but it works. Guaranteed)
    3) current beauty obsession? Flawless skin without make-up. I'm addicted to Biotherm's Skin Vivo. Can't get it in the USA!
    4) fave flower? Orchids. Any orchids...
    5) most recent beauty purchase? Kinerase C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment

  16. OMG. And I thought I had it bad with the Santa Ana winds carrying in all sorts of stuff. That sounds horrid. I hope you can stay in as much as possible then!

    1. Blush Of The Day? - Today I pulled out P&J #10 Tango. It's quite red-toned and really emphasizes any cystic acne I have and I had a LOT when I received this blush... but happily most of the cystic stuff has gone away by now, and though I'm still dealing with healing spots and marks, I am just so happy to have gotten my skin to this point that I can enjoy this blush now! I did tap a little Tarina Tarantino in Parasol on top of it to give it a touch more dimension.

    2. Do you have any allergies? - Yup. I have seasonal allergies... apparently I am allergic to Eldar which I think is a tree..? I'm also allergic to chemical sunscreens (this was not fun to find out), various fragrance oils (about half of The Body Shop and B&BW), half of all lip treatments I've tried for my dry flaky lips (and I still haven't figured out exactly what's causing it), and mildly still to eggs, peanuts, pork and hamster dander. I also have a medium case of dermatographia which means if I scratch myself I get large blotchy hives. This means walking around in Midwest winters was a downright nightmare. I couldn't even make it the two blocks to the Starbucks in my softest pants. And oh, my allergy specialist thinks I probably have chronic uticaria which means that sometimes my antibodies cross react with each other causing an allergic reaction for no good reason. T_T;

    3. Current beauty obsession? - Still blush. :D

    4. What is your favorite flower? - Oh man, I don't know if I can pick a favorite! Probably peonies, as I love how they look and smell. I also love orchids and I adore sweet peas, especially the purple ones, with white peonies.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase? - Korres Ginger & Vitamins Foundation in LF2 at Sephora... because doesn't offer exchanges at this time. T_T;

  17. 1. Meow Blush in Hang Up (sheer juicy peach with gold iridescence)
    2. Unfortunately, yes. They made me miserable last week. I'm seriously allergic to pine pollen, and most plant pollen, mold and dust. I'm also allergic to green peppers, and feather down.
    3. Finding the perfect iridescent orange with a touch of coral blush, as well as the perfect peach lipstick.
    4. Orchids are always my favorite. They're gorgeous yet come in a variety of of colors and shapes.
    5. Some colors from Stardust Cosmetics new collection, Simple Pleasures Spring 2010.

  18. 1. Blush Of The Day?

    Some random peachy pink blush with gold shimmer from my 28 blush palette. It's like the poor girl's Orgasm ;D

    2. Do you have any allergies?

    I think I have extremely mild hayfever or something - most days I have the slightest runny nose or watery eyes, though I can never be sure if it's going to happen until it does. It doesnt bother me too much, I just have to take tissues with me.

    3. Current beauty obsession?

    Sad to say this, but MAC. I've never bothered to try them before (despite the fact that I never stop hearing about them in the beauty blogging community :P) so I've been placing a few online orders to try out their products and see if theyre worth it.

    I'm also obsessed with finding hidden gems in my stash, and doing bright looks with the TKB pops.

    4. What is your favorite flower?

    I dont really care for flowers (I dont hate them, but I'm not like ZOMGORCHIDS) though staring at a field of tulips makes me happy ^_^ other than that, it's probably roses.

    5. Most recent beauty purchase?

    All the Sugarpill pressed shadows, some Haus of Gloi sugar creme scrub samples, MAC shadows from Rock the Catwalk and ACW, and some lipglosses and shadows from Spell Cosmetics. I finally have money to spend!

  19. 1 - Mehron Cheek Cream in Tawny Pink. Gorrrrrgeous. Similar formula to Stila CC's but creamier.

    2 - Yes! I am allergic to rabbits. =( Which sucks because I'd really like to own a big huge floofy lop-eared bunny someday. The big giant kind. I would snuggle himmmm.

    3 - Using my stash...? I don't have a particular obsession other than that at the moment.

    4 - Tulips for me too. :)

    5 - Px gel liner in Twig. It's SO pretty. Wearing it today. =)


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