Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Urban Decay Stardust Eye Shadow in Diamond Dog

The other day someone asked me if there was a taupe eyeshadow that I DIDN'T like. Well I have a surprise for you all. YES.

Now I don't think I have ever HATED a taupe eyeshadow (Maybe MAC Magnetic Fields) but there are a few I just don't like. Some I don't like for the quality, some I don't like for the price and some I don't like for both reasons. Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow in Diamond Dog is one of those shadows.

Let me explain.
Diamond Dog is a cool toned brown taupe with tons of silver shimmer. This shadow is incredibly sheer and is meant to be used as a wash of color to give a wet/shimmery look to the lids.

Stardust eye shadows by Urban Decay touts "prismatic sparkle set against a wash of captivating colors" They claim that the Stardust Eye shadows have 40% more glitter than the most sparkly shadows from Urban Decay. Now I know MANY people do not like the glittery shadows from Urban Decay so why did I purchase and attempt to review a shadow with even more glitter? Because I'm a masochist....obviously.

This shadow does not have "Prismatic Glitter". It's plain old silver glitter with no prismatic (rainbow) effect whatsoever.

Urban Decay claims that the shadow has a silky texture and you get a sheer wash of color with teeny bits of iridescent sparkle upon application. Again. FAIL. Yes. You do get a sheer wash of color. DO NOT get this shadow if you want pigmentation....but iridescent sparkle? No Just plain old silver glitter.

Urban Decay claims that there is no fall out and no chunky glitter. - Well. FAIL-ish. I agree the glitter isn't chunky and my shadow does sparkle when it stays on, but I have to say there is some glitter fallout. I personally think it's unavoidable with glitter shadows. That's just me. I used Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base so this may be the reason that I didn't experience as much fallout and I expected.

Sadly, I truly believe more attention was paid to the packaging than to the formula or color range. According to Urban Decay "The futuristic, squeeze-open case holds over two times the amount of product than other Urban Decay eye shadows." OK. I didn't read that last part when I purchased this shadow and I was fiddling with the silly case for a day or so until I noticed the spring on the top of the flip top lid.

I close the lid (which I had been prying open with my fingernail) and squeezed the sides and POP! goes the top. It flipped right up. You just give a gentle squeeze to the black plastic frame and the lid pops right up. Ugh! I can't believe how obtuse I was about opening a shadow. Regardless. I show this to Mr. Sith and he figured it out right away. He then pronounced. "You totally know a guy created that." And you know what? I think he's right. No offense ladies, but I don't think we would worry so much about the gadgetry of an eye shadow so much. I think women would be MORE CONCERNED with what's inside and how well it works, not so much with how it opens. So I have to agree with Mr. Sith (This one time). Lame.

OK so if the glitter fallout isn't all that bad and the color is decent but sheer why don't I like this shadow?
I'll give you a few reasons.
Urban Decay put more into the construction of the eye shadow container than in the formula
Unless you use a primer like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy you won't get much color at all and you will get a TON of glitter fall out.
The Price. It's $20. OK. you do get more than twice the amount of shadow that comes in the regular Urban Decay shadows (0.12oz versus 0.05oz) but since you get 1/2 the pigmentation in the Stardust shadows $20 is a bitter pill to swallow. Sooo not worth it. Sorry Urban Decay.

This Shadow line is nothing but a gimmick. If you want shimmery shadows buy Urban Decay's regular line, pr better yet pick up some Fyrinnae eye shadows when you buy your tube of Pixie Epoxy. You can find shadows with shimmer that isn't just silver and still have wide range of taupes to choose from.

Do you need this? Heck no. If it goes on sale for like 75% off the price, then pick one up just to see what it is like...otherwise. Skip this.


  1. Something tells me this part of the UD line is going to be a bust. I tested this one at ULTA since it looked pretty, but it was pretty much all glitter on my finger. Not interested.

  2. I saw this in Boots the other day and thought WOW that's a pretty taupe (totally uncharateristic) swatched and was like HELLO glitter! Glad I passed now.

    Kelly x

  3. Not gonna lie, UD are full of shit :( their marketing claims are outlandish, and they have this shitty 'we know best' attitude when it comes to their packaging - they refuse to listen to us about the UDPP packaging problem and just respond with a slanted wand.

    And in relation to this shadow line - who the fuck wants a shadow with no pigmentation?! Maybe I'm completely ignorant, but I like to actually see colour if I apply to to my eyeballs.

    I do love the UDPP though and the shadows that dont have chunky liner, and the eyeliners when I'm not using them on the waterline


  4. If you need to buy the Fyrinnae to make it work, you should absolutely just buy Feline Familiars from those guys instead.

    It's style/gimmick over substance in this case with UD, I'm afraid. I much prefer the VL Diamond eyeshadows.

  5. I saw these in the store and I think it took me a good 3 minutes to figure out how the damn thing was supposed to open. Then all I could think of is how many times it would open in my traincase being squarshed in there. No go!

  6. I so agree! Bought this a while back and didn't like it -- contemplated returning it, but ended up keeping it and haven't touched it since. Way too sheer. Not worth the price...And the packaging...aargh! :/

  7. thank you, Elvira
    you just saved me $20.

  8. I went to an Urban Decay counter the other day, and the sales assistant was reeeally pushing these. I told her I wasn't interested, I was there for my UDPP and 24/7 liners, but she wouldn't listen. I ended up leaving the store with a face full of glitter >.< Pah

  9. Urban Decay used to be an awesome brand and one of my faves, sadly their product has gone downhill quite fast...I dont know who's working over there but they gotta go w/ their crappy product and packaging.

  10. I've only tried UD's 24/7's and I think I'll be staying with them, LOL Ever since I saw swatches of these online I didn't like them...thanks for sharing your review!

  11. This shadow was such a fail. I purchased it used it twice and returned it. The website description for this product lies, no tween like glitter my ass. This is nothing but tween like glitter, its like tween glitter after you've dropped some LSD. Seriously UD what a useless crappy product.

  12. These would have been so freaking awesome if they were actually like the UD promo images. So sad they aren't.


    love, the Bunny.

  14. hi, new reader. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one. I'm normally not a brown lover so I was happy to find this with the silver sparkles, makes it more wearable for me. It's a quick, more interesting everyday look for me. I use udpp and pixie epoxy under and there no fallout at all. I pad it on like reg. fyrinnae piggies and e/s with heavy glitter. I'm loving it and wearing it everyday. So, I guess for me, it's a love.

  15. Jeweled Thumb: ITA. This is one of the lamer attempts at being "cutting edge" for this brand.

    Jellyminx: Glad you passed too!

    SilhouetteScreams: I LOVE and completely agree w/ your rant.

    GraceLondon: I will check out Feline Familliars ...I think I might have it.YIKES! Oh and I have to check out the VL diamond shadows too. Thanks!

    KittenMittens: I'm glad I wasn't the only one fiddling with opening that stupid case! lol

    MakupMagpie: :-( Is it too late to return? Perhaps you can gift it to a small child. at least the color wont show. LOL

    Lexi920: I'm glad I saved you $$ :-)

    Miss Beautify: Yikes. I hate pushy SAs. At least you didn't purchase it.

    seventh_moon: I know. WTH is going on over at UD?

    Marce: I love the 24/7 liners too.

    /lachesis: LMAO @ tween glitter I love you!

    Catherine: I know. the promo images were way better than real life. Stupid photoshop!

    Joey: Sorry. I found MF a pigmentless, chalky, glittery, mess. You and I can still b friends b/c then I can send you mu used MF when you finish yours....yeah right. like you will ever finish an eyeshadow.

    Angela: Hi! Thanks for your comment. I'm glad it worked for you!! May I suggest you get a back up of your favorite color because I don't think these shadows are long for this world.


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