Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kenzoki Perfumed Beneficial Water in Sensual Rice MMM

I was recently given a sample of the Perfumed Beneficial Waters spray from Kenzoki to test for the blog. Perfumed Beneficial Waters by Kenzoki are the more perfumed and more hydrating versions of the last Beneficial Water line. They aren't exactly Perfume, but they aren't a spray moisturizer. They a little bit in between.

According to Kenzoki:
"A new, more fragrant formula and enhanced plant extract transforms KENZO's Beneficial Waters collection into PERFUMED BENEFICIAL WATERS: SPLASH, FIZZ, SHH, MMM. The scent of each of the KENZOKI ranges is captured in these moisturizing mists. Its main ingredient, plant water, is rich in nutritive elements that are readily absorbed by the skin."
The four scents they offer are:
"Energizing Bamboo Splash - A crisp green bamboo leaf fragrance moisturizes the skin while stimulating body and mind. Bamboo tear milk helps tone and energize.

Blissful Ginger Fizz - An exhilarating concentrate with a spicy ginger flower scent to moisturize and invigorate the skin and rouse the senses. Ginger extract reinforces the anti-radical activity of anti-oxidizing agents.

Sensual Rice MMM - Voluptuous droplets scented with the sensual fragrance of rice steam soften the skin and stir the senses. Rice extract contains nourishing properties.

Relaxing Lotus SHH - A velvety veil with a soft powdery white lotus fragrance to soothe the body and lift the spirit. The lotus complex contains relaxing, soothing properties."

I chose Sensual Rice MMM. I chose it A) Because it is the PINK one and B) Because the Sensual Marshmallow Mask sample I got when I placed my most recent refill order for the Sensual Barefeet Fantasy Massage Balm (which also smells like the water) is ah-freakin-mazing. I also received a sample of the Shh de Lotus Relaxant which I sent to Joeybunny for review/testing. The moment I sniffed the lotus one I knew Joey would like it. We sometimes have polar opposite tastes as far as fragrance goes.

According to Kenzoki the Sensual Rice MMM perfumes, hydrates, softens with the scent of steamed rice and rice plant water. Well I'm not sure about hydrating as the main and primary ingredient in this product is alcohol, but since my skin isn't THAT sensitive, I didn't notice any drying from spraying this all over. And yes. I sprayed it all over me. I used it as a body spray after my shower & lotion. It's not overpowering so I can use a good 10 to 12 spritzes (excessive, I know) without knocking someone down with my scent.

The glass (and RECYCLABLE!) bottles were designed by Alban Le Henry. He created new glass bottles, each tinted in the color of its range. The caps can also be unscrewed so that the glass can be recycled after use. The packaging is simple and pure, featuring each Kenzoki plant. That's very green to have a product that you can unscrew the top, rinse it out and put it in the recycling bin when you finish. Just think about all those plastic containers of Product you have tossed into the trash because you couldn't open them to rinse them, or because they were made out of an non-recyclable kind of plastic. OK. Maybe it was just me filling up the landfills with beauty product...but now you all can breath a sigh of relief that I won't be doing that as much any more!

I have to say that I have tried to write this review for over a week now and each time I was stumped. I was having a hard time describing the scent. The following words come to mind when I sniff this on me.
Note there is no mention of rice in this list...yet that is the name of the scent. Humm. I suppose after the drydown the fresh basmati scent can almost be detected. Not like Thai Jasmine rice, but a sort of sweet rice milk type of dry down. Regardless of my lack of vocabulary and my inability to identify notes in fragrances this scent is unique. And I'm in love!

This will be my go to scent for the hot humid summers where I live. Perfume can almost strangle you on a hot day. This leaves such a light fresh scent on you that really is not cloying at all. In other words, if you want silage or if you want to announce you are entering a room with your perfume, this is NOT the scent for you.

However, this IS a scent for you if you like any of the notes I listed above. It's also great for when you will be working in close quarters with people that might me "sensitive" (not allergic) to perfumes This is a "you have to be kissing my neck to smell it" scent. This is also a great scent if you happen to have someone kissing your neck!

Do you need this? Well scent is rather personal so I'm not going to say one way or another. It is certainly NOT a true perfume. It's lighter than an eau de toilette but seems to last longer on my skin. Each person is different. Kenzoki Perfumed Beneficial Waters (3.0 oz) are priced at $45 USD and will be available at the end of this month at


  1. Ooh! This sounds perfect for the summer months--and who could go wrong with pink? Thanks for the review. I'll definitely have to check this one out. :)

  2. I love the scent of their sensual rice! But the scent of the skin care doesn't last, so this sounds perfect. I wonder if it'll show up in duty free.

  3. I have been trying to purchase Sensual Rice MMM for awhile now on the Kenzoki website! I have bought it before& fell in love with the scent. Now I can't seem to find it anywhere! :( It is all out of stock on the main kenzoki website. Anyone have any idea of where I can find it? :)


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