Friday, April 30, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Taupes You Can't Have #4, Isadora Icy Khaki

Today's the end of the month, so you know what that means - it's time for another installment of TAUPES YOU CAN'T HAVE, NYAH!

Elvira and I, being the sadists that we are, thought the idea of featuring a taupe eye shadow that is discontinued (DCed) and or hard-to-find (HTF) at the end of each month would be an absolutely delicious evil we could propagate amongst our readers. Elvira and I have a large collection of DCed and HTF taupe eye shadows and we decided they deserved love and publicity. Now, the first month we featured MAC Innuendo and the second month we showed you Shu Uemura ME Silver 945. The third month was Cargo Yukon. So what is in store this month?

This month, I bring you an old-school and extremely hard-to-find taupe, one that was considered a member of the Holy Taupes of MakeupAlley years ago - guys, this taupe is so old-school that even Elvira doesn't own it. Yeah, Elvira doesn't have it! Unbelievable, no? The name of this mystical, magical taupe? Isadora Gleaming Wet & Dry Eye Shadow in Icy Khaki! Now, don't let the name fool you - this eyeshadow is definitely not a khaki color. Instead, this is one of the most gorgeous and complex taupes in my staggeringly large collection of taupes.

(it's like a gorgeous taupey moon!)

Isadora is a Swedish makeup line that used to be carried in Walgreens in the United States back around 2005-2007. As you can see by that two year range, it didn't last very long in Walgreens. I think it's because the price point for the cosmetics was staggeringly high for drugstore; the Gleaming Wet & Dry Eye Shadow line retailed for about $10USD! However, Isadora makeup is excellent quality. I have two of the Gleaming shadows (the other I own is Frosty Seashell, a pretty champagne beige), and a very lovely eyeshadow quad (Shimmering Cacao, full of brown-taupes), all of which I purchased on clearance when Walgreens was getting rid of the line in 2007. I think I paid $5 each for the Gleaming shadows.

Icy Khaki has been compared on MakeupAlley to Shu ME945; the color, texture, and finish of this eyeshadow is incomparable to my other taupes. It is a heathered, silvery-brown taupe, with a shimmery finish. It is exactly what I wanted Cargo Yukon to be - a cool, silver taupe that isn't overly frosty or overly cool-toned. This shade is absolutely perfect. It brightens my eyes like no other, and can be used with warmer colors without creating clash. Paired with a purple in the crease, Icy Khaki creates one of the sexiest eyes known to man.

What truly sets Icy Khaki apart from other taupes is the wet/dry formula of this shadow. Sure, most eyeshadows can be used wet or dry, but I noticed that with some brands, wetting the shadows interferes with the color payoff and performance of the shadow once it dries. This is truly a wet/dry shadow, and using it wet just brings out the life and vibrancy of this shade. Dry, the shadow is pigmented but quiet, the heather-silver tones apparent. It is a lovely wash. Wet, the brown-taupe tones come to life, and the finish is more metallic. I love using this shadow dry across my lids, and then wet in the crease - easy, sophisticated, and taupe-effin'-tastic!

(dry swatch left, wet swatch right - gorgeous!)

(wet swatch top, dry swatch bottom, rawwwr!)

Now, I searched to find a place where you could buy this eyeshadow online, and I found it here - on this website, the shadow retails for $11. There are also two for swap on MakeupAlley. Do let me know if you end up caving on this shadow - I promise, you won't regret it.


  1. fanfuckingtastic review! I love the pictures! Now I have to have it since you told all the readers my shame! Yes. I don't have this taupe but FOR THE RECORD I was collecting taupe e/s BEFORE 2005, I just wasn't collecting drugstore MU, but I was a snob. :-)

  2. Oh I had no idea Isadora tried to go overseas, I have a palette I won in a blog contest and I'd never heard of the brand before that!

  3. I have this eye shadow and I love it. I would have liked to try other things from the brand, but when I looked for it again, it was gone away from the US.

  4. Oh, finally something that I can get here in Sweden and only here! ;>
    I never really care much for Isadora make up, but I just might have to check this color out.

  5. Wow, I didn't know IsaDora ever existed anywhere else but outside Sweden!

    Actually IsaDora isn't that great. Sure the quality has improved a lot over the years, but they still deliver very uneven quality between products.
    And they're pricey here in Sweden too, but then MAC is about the double price than it is in the US. A MAC eye shadow cost 160 SEK which is $22!
    But yeh, if you want GREAT Swedish drugstore bran makeup, ask for Viva la diva!

  6. woohoo! i found this eyeshadow today while vacationing in sweden!! it was the only one in a 50% off bin @ H&M! ah the makeupgods are on my side :)

    Maggie Makeup Addict- what are some drugstores in sweden?? where can i find viva la diva? :)

  7. OMG!! OK, so I know this blog was written like, oh, two years ago, but I was reading through past posts and came across this one... anyway I used to own this eyeshadow and wore it EVERYDAY, literally, and as soon as I started to hit pan I went back to the drugstore I got it at....and it was gone!!! I swear I went to every drugstore/big retailer/Big Lots, etc. looking for this thing....but to no avail!!:( To this day I have never found a shade quite the same....and I am convinced I never will..anyway, I just had to say something when I came across this post!!!! :)

    1. HA! That's awesome! Thanks for leaving a comment. I mean, it's awesome that you left a comment, not that you will never get back your most beloved eyeshadow. I'm glad we could bring back a happy memory for you!


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