Friday, April 16, 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

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Oh goodness gracious, where do I start? I professed my love for Urban Decay Primer Potion HERE, then I broke up with Too Faced Shadow Insurance AND UDPP for ArtDeco eye primer HERE. Then, without telling you all, I grew tired of ArtDeco and went crawling back to TFSI. Thank goodness we were able to get back together. But then I noticed something. I kept putting concealer on my eye lids after I put on the TFSI. It's allergy season here and my eyes are red and irritated...and I rub them and therefore I wake up with puffy eyes and red lids every morning. I hear that UDPP has a new primer out called Eden. It's the same good stuff as UDPP but with a yellow concealer base that mattifies the lid and covers any darkness, redness and general ickiness. Sephora was offering a deluxe sample size for 100 Beauty Insider Points so I jumped at the chance to get it with my last order.

You can expect the same long lasting performance from UDPP Eden as you would from regular UDPP. When you wear UDPP Eden you can expect your shadows to NOT crease, LAST for hours and your colors will be more VIBRANT.
BUT you can ALSO expect your red lids or dark purple lids to be masked and neutralized.

Before - Red Icky
After - Matte Yellow-y
Some cautions: Use the smallest amount you can possibly think of. Too much UDPP Eden and you will have a jaundiced look to your eyelids. Those with dark to very dark skin may find this looks rather clownish on your eyes and might prefer to stick with original UDPP. Using very cool eyeshadow colors or very sheer colors over UDPP Eden may slightly change the actual color of the shadow. Oh and don't forget the terribly awful UDPP packaging. I hate this design. It's misleading and a total pain in the butt to get all the product out. After you think you have run out, you can cut this sucker in half and scoop out a ton of product. Look on google for about a zillion and one tutorials on how to do this.

So Do you NEED this? Wellllll. I gave it a thumbs up to my friend Aly but now, having worn it for a while longer, I'm going to say MAYBE. You need this only if you have very red or purple lids that need correction, are light to medium skin tone with neutral or warm tones AND do not have any other eye primer. Otherwise just stick with your regular eye primer and dot some concealer lightly over your eyes as you have been doing all along.


  1. I swatched the color on my hand & thought it was too yellow. I have found my newest favorite: Tarte Lifted. Check it out. :)

  2. I couldn't wear the original UDPP because it creased on me. So I went to TFSI (better design, less product waste, etc), where I didn't crease at all. I tried UDPP Eden and it doesn't crease on me either. I like it. I still like TFSI better though, because it just is a better design for the container to me.

  3. Thanks for the review, I've been wanting to try this. Would be great to be able to find it as an insider reward, what a great way to test it out, I don't know if I could commit to a full tube just yet. :)

  4. Ooh, I got a sample of this too. Might try it this time.

  5. I really wanted to try this but I guess now I wont cause I dont think I need it. Cool I'll stick with the original UDPP. :)

  6. Yorkieville: Ooh. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check out the tarte primer!

    Phyrra: I prefer TFSI too. UDPP never creased on me but I just hated the packaging.

    So Very Fabulous: Keep your eyes op[en for Sephora or Ulta they may have a reward in the future.

    Catherine: Might as well try it. :-)

    Shortandsweetnails: Glad you don't need to get this. No sense in spending the money if you don't have to!


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