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Dior Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment in Raspberry Serum #760

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Oh My God you guys. Dior cosmetics is sooooo cute! They actually think that a woman will own just ONE lipstick and ONLY one lipstick and wear that for 30 days at a time! Isn't that adorable?
You have no ideas of what I'm talking about?
OK. Let me explain.

Dior Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment is not just a plain old lipstick. It's a moisturizing treatment for the lips. I'm having a hard time deciding if I should call this a lipstick or a Lip Treatment. According to Dior this Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment is "Enriched with mango butter and other natural emollients, this nourishing treatment actually boosts microcirculation and collagen levels..." The insert that comes with this treatment actually says that women in test groups that wore this for 30 days actually saw a difference in the moisture level and overall health of their lips at the end of the trial period. They actually got women to wear ONLY one shade of lipstick for 30 whole days? Who are these people?

I'm not kidding. I know there are some freaks out there that only wear one blush or one lipstick or one eyeliner until it runs out...some of them actually read this blog...but one lipstick...for an entire month? Really? Dude. Some days I can't go 24 hours with just one lipstick. Who is Dior trying to kid?

So I didn't realize this was a "Lip Treatment" when I purchased the product. I just liked the color. Call me crazy, but sometimes I like to change my lip color from day to day...hour to hour. But I can most definitely tell you that I cannot attest to the moisturizing properties of this Dior Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment because there is no way I could actually wear the same lip color, let alone lip product for an entire month. It ain't gonna happen. Maybe if I was in a Coma and Mr. Sith came and applied this product on me every few hours..then and only then could I see if it worked...but I wouldn't be able to tell you because I would be in a frickin COMA!

Anyway. Let me tell you about the product. I purchased the Raspberry Serum #760. It's a lovely cool toned pinky red. There is the tinest micro shimmer in the product that you can't see once applied, but it does give the color depth and give it a lot of nice shine. I'm not saying shine like "I just ate a bucket of fried chicken" shine, but more so, "I'm a delicate lady and I would never eat a bucket of friend chicken in one sitting, but maybe have a drumstick" kind of shine. The color can be layered for more intense color or sheered out with a lip brush for a more raspberry stain type look. It really love the color and I think it makes a lovely summer bright lip.

The product itself comes in a slim case. It has the current navy blue and silver quilt pattern that most Dior products have. I personally like the navy blue but I know some people don't. The cap is sturdy and stays in place. No worries about it coming off in your purse. The lipstick/lip treatment itself is moved up by clicking/turning the bottom of the tube. 2 clicks is recommended for applications...according to the pamphlet that comes with the Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment. I feel that 2 clicks is fine but you might be able to get away with just one...depending on how much you apply and how opaque you want the color to be.

The Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment glides on super slick and nicely pigmented. It does feel very moisturizing on my lips and did seem to almost plump them up a bit....however I see no claim of that in the information that comes with the product. I honestly cannot tell you if it has a scent because my allergies are a bit out of control, but I can attest that it has no taste. The formula itself is nice and light and I don't feel like I am wearing a heavy lip product.

The big disappointment is that the Dior Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment does not last very long on my lips. I will say that it actually stains my lips so I can still see the color and it won't fade unevenly, but the moisturizing properties of this lip product seem to fade after 3 hours or so. I find myself having to reapply just as often as I would any other lipstick for any other brand. Which would be fine if the product was the average lipstick size of all the other Dior lipstick of 0.12 oz. This Dior Sérum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment is only 0.07 oz. That's almost half the amount, and for $32 I want a full sized um lip treatment.

So do you NEED this? I say no...unless you have super duper dry lips and want a very emollient formula and have fallen in love with one of the 12 colors that this product comes in. Otherwise. I suggest you skip this one and save your money for a regular Dior lipstick, of which The Dior Addict Lipcolor is my favorite. I'll use this lipstick/treatment up but I won't purchase a new one when it's finished.


  1. I was very excited to see this. You are talking to someone with super sensitive lips. I can't wear MAC lipsticks/glosses for extended time because they leave my lips raw and severely chapped. I had to return a YSL gloss because I experienced a raw chapped feeling within hours of wear...ditto with Hourglass lipgloss. I can only wear Dior Creme de Gloss because that's the only formula they offer that doesn't bother my lips. I have experienced some dryness from wearing Rouge Coco/Rouge Allure lipsticks despite Chanel's moisturizing claims. I do want to try this and if it does indeed keep my lips chap free like the Creme de Gloss - i will buy all of them (well almost). Have you compared this to the Bobbi Brown version? I'm also curious about that one, too!

  2. If you actually got three hours of wear out of this, you were lucky. I only got about an hour :-( I bought a much lighter color, though, so perhaps that had something to do with it. Dior's new ultra lip glosses (which I love) wear longer than this and seem to be just as soothing.

  3. I've got 760 and several other Serums De Rouge. I LOVE THEM!

  4. Maybe Dior meant for us to buy more than one color and alternate them for 30 days? I still wouldn't wear one product on my lips for 30 days, but maybe that is what they meant.

  5. do i need this? i may! since you said unless i have super duper dry lips and i think i do!!! not many lipsticks look as moisturising as what is showing up on my screen now. i am going to scream!!! and that colour is just so you.

    happay mother's day!

  6. Just FYI; there are plenty more shades to choose from and yes, some women might actually stick to one (or a few) colour options over the course of 1 month. Just saying. I really really like the Dior serum de rouge, it's VERY moisturising and if you have dry lips and like a nice polished look to your lips I think this is a great product. It suits me very well as a "work" lipstick; it's comfortable and looks good without feeling "old lady-ish".

  7. For those looking for super hydrating lipsticks, definitely check out the Laura Mercier Stickglosses and Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimiteds (the cremes are best IME). I have desert-dry often cracked, almost always peeling in some manner or another, VERY SENSITIVE lips and those are my two favorite lipsticks EVER. In fact, they are probably the only ones I will ever wear. The LM stickglosses are more conditioning to me and they are the most forgiving to liplines and dryness (I personally get about 3 hours of glossy and 6 hours of color). The Rouge Unlimiteds are a little less conditioning, but non-drying and they photograph AMAZINGLY and have a much broader color range (and last a little less than the stickglosses).

    The Chanel Rouge Allures are on my list, but I was not at all impressed by the Rouge Coco I have.

    I will not be trying out the Dior Serum de Rouge because I'm allergic to chemical SPF which it contains a tiny bit of. I also will never wear the YSL Rouge Voluptes for that reason. Seeping, blistered, burning lips are not fun.

    For reference, I find Korres Lip Butters, all Burt's Bees balms and Yes To Carrots balms to be drying. Rosebud Salve does absolutely nothing for me and I'm actually mildly allergic to it, as well as L'Occitane, Boscia, Caudalie & Philosophy's lip treatments (among others). ;_;

  8. I'm afraid I'm with Jamilla on this :D Love these especially when I'm having a dry lip day. It softens lines and makes my lips look there there's no problem at all. They don't last long I do admit but then most glossy lipsticks dont :)

  9. Catherine,
    Sounds like you have lips just like mine. I'll have to check out the LM stickglosses per your recommendation - thanks!


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