Monday, May 24, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - BE Foiled Eyes Kit

At the beginning of the month, Sephora offered what I thought to be a pretty amazing VIB (Very Important Bullcrap...oh, I mean Beauty Insider!) special: get a free Bare Minerals Tutorials: Foiled Eye set (a $54 value which retailed for $32) free with any purchase.

Wow, this wasn’t cheap Sephora brand makeup or tiny samples being given out - yay Sephora for being generous! This Bare Minerals set seemed pretty nice, actually; it contains two shades of Bare Minerals eyeshadow, a double-ended brush, and instructions on how to achieve Bare Escentuals’ supposed “signature” foiled eye.

Ok, let’s stop here and let Leslie Blodgett know that she did not invent the idea of foiling eyeshadow. Leslie, this wasn’t a novel makeup trick so please stop acting like it was. Makeup artists were wetting their eye shadow brushes for a more intensely shimmery, pigmented eye look before Bare Escentuals came around and decided to make money off of the idea. Thank you!

Anyway, I wasn’t really going to argue with this special. Granted, I had an absolutely terrible experience with Bare Minerals foundation back when I was 18 (I was incredibly allergic to it, and it really did a number on my skin), but I was willing to try the eyeshadows, especially for free. Well, almost free. I bought a $5 Sephora brand taupe eyeliner I had been wanting for some time in order to get the set.

Let me describe the eyeshadows: TAUPE!

Now, let me try to describe the eyeshadows in more than one word: Pretty taupe!

(I clearly fail at this.)

In all seriousness, these colors are much prettier in person than I expected them to be. I have to note that I did not suffer any allergic reactions to the products, which was very nice (and bizarre - what’s in the foundation, then, that ruined my skin?). I did have an issue foiling them. BE shadows become...pasty?...when wet. At least that’s what I found. For some reason, even just the tiniest drop of water made them extremely hard to work with. I’m wondering if I would have better luck applying them dry on my lids first, spraying my eye area lightly with MAC Fix +, and then reapplying the shadows. I have to remember to try that. So, I’ve just been using these shadows dry.

This set includes a decently handy instructions card (which I only read AFTER I tried the eyeshadows, silly me), a double-ended “Foil and Fuse” eye brush (I have no clue what this means, but one side is flat and synthetic like a MAC 249 but smaller, while the other side is a somewhat rough-feeling pointed natural bristle brush), Disco eye color, and Night Owl eye color.

Disco on left, Night Owl on right (same order for swatches down below)

Disco is described as a “lilac pearl glimmer”, and on my NC40/42 skintone it shows up as a slighly purple-toned silver taupe. It makes a very nice lid color, and it works well on top of Night Owl to create a different effect. However, it’s too light and frosty to work as a highlight (I tried blending it up to my brow bone and I looked too disco-ish). Night Owl is described as a “steel amethyst glimpse”, whatever the eff that means, and on my NC40/42 skintone it shows up as an absolutely gorgeous shimmery cool-toned plum-taupe. I am in loooove with this color. It works great in the crease, on the lid, as liner. I want to roll my body in it.

Night Owl is a tad more purple than it appears in my swatches here. The picture below is when my hand was moved closer to a light source!

All in all, I’m really pleased with this! Sephora did an amazing job offering this kit as a freebie, and if you were unable to get this during the promotion, I would actually recommend purchasing it - or at the very least, purchase Night Owl.


  1. Two Words: PIXIE EPOXY!!!! I got the set with the V.I.B. thing too. I used this with Fyriannae's (? can't ever remember the spelling of that). Pixie Epoxy and the work AMAZINGLY well with it.

  2. I have sworn off all BE shadows for some reason I don't remember any more, but I just don't feel like investing the money and/or time in acquiring new ones. Very pretty colors tho..and I find the foiling technique of applying w/ a lightly damp brush to be a big fail. I apply dry, tap lightly w/ a damp brush and reapply and it works OK. I'll have to try over Pixie Epoxy like your momma suggested above!

  3. Momma J, Pixie Epoxy does work extremely well with these shadows. I'm just trying to figure out why the foiling technique doesn't work.

    Elvira, I wouldn't get into BE eyeshadows either, why Fyrinnae is so much better and cheaper.

  4. Did you use the skin rev-er upper when you used their foundation? It has salicylic acid in it, which a bunch of people are allergic to.

    I use Visine (or in my case a generic eye drop brand) to foil my eyeshadow, and I have a bunch of BE shadows because I bought them in a really cheap set and then never really used them haha. I've definitely had weird experiences trying to foil them, especially with their technique - I find they work best applied wet with a teeny tiny drop of visine mixed together on a dish and applied with a flat shader brush.

    I did appreciate them giving a gift that wasn't crap though! Usually I get a dime sized amount of some cream that breaks me out...

  5. Hi Kristin,

    No, I didn't use the Skin Rev-er Upper - also, I'm not allergic to salicylic acid!

    I almost always foil my eyeshadows. What I found bizarre was the texture of the BE eyeshadows once they were wet. I used the tiniest amount of water, but the BE shadows became unusually pasty. They were impossible to apply or blend. I wonder why!

  6. Lucky you, I'm horribly allergic to it haha! And companies like to sneak it in to their moisturizers and sunblocks, sigh.

    Yeah I had a hard time foiling mine as well, I did manage to get it to work eventually but it's finicky! I liked it better dry over a sticky base.. but then again I never really use them :P Fyrinnae is so much better quality and cheaper, so I wouldn't bother with them again...

  7. I agree! I was really pleasantly surprised by these shadows and the brush that came with them and really happy they didn't cause any allergic reactions! My only gripe with them is that they're soooooooo frosty... and I feel like I already have shadows in my collection that do the same thing for my eyes without being so damn frosty. Night Owl is really pretty though.

  8. I'm so amused that they seem to think foiling is their signature look - as far as I know, Bare Escentuals aren't even really known for their eyeshadows! Just the annoying allergic reactions caused by the bismuth in their foundations.


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