Monday, May 17, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Clinique Color Surge quad in Plum Seduction

I think that by now, any reader of this blog has figured out that Elvira and I are polar opposites when it comes to our likes and dislikes, with the exception of our deep love of taupe eyeshadows. Physically, we just have different beauty needs. Elvira is the pale blonde I always dreamed of being; I’m tanned with black curls. Her skin is oily; mine is so dry you could peel it off my face. Elvira wears red lipstick; I wear red eyeshadow. Elvira hates Clinique makeup (and Clinique products in general, with one exception); I love Clinique, and that’s where today’s review starts.

Sometimes I feel as if I am indulging 10-year old Joey every time I buy a Clinique product, since it was one of the first makeup lines I ever used, but I have never been disappointed by the products - makeup or skincare. Really, I love every single item I have ever tried from the line, and over the years I’ve amassed an impressive amount of the makeup. My Clinique collection probably resembles a small counter at a department store, in all seriousness. I might as well start wearing the white lab coat and offering skincare analysis from my bedroom. I do have enough of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion to supply upper Manhattan...

Anyway, I am particularly fond of Clinique eyeshadows. Unlike Elvira, I find them to be pigmented, blendable, and long-lasting. Also, despite my being a total color whore, I appreciate the wide palette of neutrals that are offered in the various formulas and textures. I could definitely wax poetic about the cream eyeshadows especially, but today I’m going to focus on my latest acquisition: Color Surge Eye Shadow Quad in #110 Plum Seduction.

(with flash)

(without flash)

Color Surge is the overarching name of the Clinique powder eyeshadows, and they come in a range of formulas (Matte, Soft Shimmer, and Super Shimmer). The shadows are soft and lovely, and while most are them are more natural, every day colors, there are some non-earthtone colors in the line. The quad I chose is one of these, as you can probably assume from the name!

My beloved adoptive momma (Janine, of ALemmingADay) is a Clinique salesperson, and I ordered Plum Seduction from her during a recent GWP event. I was more than thrilled when I finally received it, because I had actually played with the quad a bit at Sephora. It’s so lovely in person, and it really appealed to both my love of purple and my love of taupe because it contains different shades of both colors!

Moving from L to R, there’s:

  1. A light silvery-pink taupe, if that makes any sense. On my tan skin, it pulls more silver than taupe which makes it suitable for a lid color, an inner eyelid highlight, or a brow bone highlight - all dependent on how much of it I layer on. I have found that if I apply two-three layers on my lid, the taupe tones are more apparent.
  2. A satiny pink-purple. As bright as this color appears, it’s the sheerest of the bunch. I like that Clinique caters to the color-phobic and makes bright colors that are buildable. The more I layer it, the brighter it gets. A single wash is perfect to add a hint of color to my lids or lower lashline.
  3. A matte, deep purple. This color is highly pigmented and is great in either the crease or as a liner shade.
  4. A dark, utterly divine silver-purple-taupe. I need not explain why I love this shadow, as I feel it’s evident from the color description. Even Elvira would swoon over this shadow!
(without flash and more close up)

(with flash and from a little further away)

With a base, these shadows last about 7-8 hours, which I find to be pretty good. The colors are subdued enough to be appropriate for any environment, but they can definitely be punched up. The quad retails for $25 and I find it to be a great deal, especially since Clinique is always running some sort of GWP event - buy the shadow palette and get a ton of other fun stuff for free!


  1. I've had plum seduction for a long time now and it provides you with the best purple smokey eye. Very beautiful shades.

  2. Oh that looks so pretty!

    I unfortunately can't wear Clinique eyeshadows at all. I tried a couple GWP palettes my mom had when I was in high school twice and ended up with styes both times.... and when I was first starting out with eye makeup I still went back to Clinique and bought one of their duos and ended up with another stye! I guess their formula just isn't for me. =/

  3. Great review Joey! I like me a few plums mixed in with my neutrals. I still want the summer e/s palette even though I'm sure I have dupes for all the shades. And I'm deeply disappointed b/c I though I was your adopted Mom LOL!

  4. Cindy, Janine adopted me years ago on MUA. However, in this day and age, who says I can't have two mommies? =D

  5. Excellent range of shades here.I love the colors...the browns and the silvers.Very nice blog of exchanging very novel ideas and new unexplored products.


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