Friday, May 21, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - KenzoKi Cream with a Sheen

I think you’ve all heard me (and Elvira) wax poetic on the wonders of Kenzo before. In my eyes, Kenzo can do absolutely no wrong. From their fragrances to their KenzoKi skincare line, every item I have ever tried has smelled absolutely delicious and has worked as well as the company claims.

I am still quite enamored with the Marshmallow Mask I received a few months back; the smell is heavenly, but what really wows me is the effect the mask has on my skin. I glow. I look like I slept. Hell, I look like I had some great sex! Sadly, while the moisturizing effects of the mask last for days, the glowy appearance of my skin fades after a few hours. What’s a bunny to do?!

Well, I asked Kenzo if there was a skincare product in their KenzoKi line that would give me the glow I receive from the mask. I lucked out, because there is a facial moisturizer that gives a radiant glow: Cream with a Sheen! When I was sent FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne to review, I was also sent this cream to try (with a promise by Ashley, who at the time was Kenzo’s PR contact, that she used this every day and loved it and that I would love it too).

Cream with a Sheen promises to “moisturize intensely and catch the light;” there is a whole list of lovely-sounding ingredients, so I’ll list the ones that really caught my attention:

  • Cotton Oil - This is in the Marshmallow Mask, so I was happy to see this was also in the Cream with a Sheen. The mask is so superbly hydrating, so I knew this cream would be also.
  • Rice Plant Water - This is apparently what gives KenzoKi skincare its incredible fragrance (the products smell soft and powdery). Also, rice plant water apparently “reinforces the anti-radical activity of anti-oxidizing agents”: basically, it fights free radicals. Woot!
  • Silk Extract - It’s moisturizing and “restores the skin’s suppleness”. Ok, my Sahara-dry skin could use some more suppleness.
  • Ruscus - I’ve never heard of this before! Apparently it’s a tree, and the root is used in skincare. Ruscus helps “irrigate the epidermis and renew the complexion’s radiance and freshness.”

With all this fanciness thrown into the cream, I was more than excited to try it.

When I first opened the jar, I was really surprised. The cream is opalescent and pink-toned!

It reminded me a lot of MAC Strobe Cream, which is a product that I absolutely adore but always wished was more moisturizing. Of course, the cream smelled utterly divine. When I applied it on my skin, the opalescent pink-tone morphed into a gorgeous, subtle glow.

Yup, I looked like I had actually slept instead of staying out until 1am drinking on a weekday. All signs of my sleepless, hungover night disappeared. My skin was soft, too, softer than I expected. The best part was that the glow was visible through my foundation. Score, total score!

I’ve been using the cream ever since, and I have yet to experience any breakouts from it. My skin is definitely a lot less flaky since I started to use it, and most signs of my drunken sleeplessness are well-hidden. Also, I feel a lot happier when I use it, because it smells so damn good (yay for aromatherapy, yo). I hate to say it, but I think Cream with a Sheen may have ruined my relationship with MAC Strobe Cream! I just end up applying Cream with a Sheen, my foundation, and then more Cream with a Sheen on top. I’m addicted. It’s like pretty happy crack that’s actually good for me. Yet again, KenzoKi has won me over with another excellent product.

KenzoKi Cream with a Sheen comes in a 1.7oz jar and retails for $58 - a little pricey, yes, but a little goes a long way. You’d never be able to tell I’ve been using mine for about a month straight. Plus, looking like you just had awesome sex plus slept for eight hours is priceless, no?


  1. GAH! You make me want to have dry skin just so I can use this product! Awesome Review!

  2. WANT! Wish Kenzo skincare was more widely available in the UK, we can only get it in airports for some reason.

  3. I adore the perfume in the summer. and now I want to try the skincare.

    really loved this post. I need to look as though I've slept too
    x x


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