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Thierry Mugler - Womanity Perfume

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Thierry Mugler is coming out with his new fragrance, the first major brand he has launched since Alien in 2005.

The scent, due out in the fall, is called Womanity, a made-up word meant to associate with femininity, humanity and city.

Mugler created a Web site,, as a platform for dialogue. The more women connected with each other, according to Mugler’s perception, the more creativity is released. The site was launched on March 8 and it attracted one million visitors so far. In order to create content for the site, one idea is to provide the beginning of a story that will be finished by different women, each writing their own page. A contest will solicit ideas from women for a particular project or cause. The winner will work with Mugler in completing it.

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A pink bottle adorned with a chain and ring dangling from the top of the bottle, a metal “frieze” inscribed with symbolic designs completes the design.

The fragrance is classic Mugler in that the formula, developed by Mane, is powered by a contrast of elements. Using a new molecular extraction process, Mane was able to pluck odiferous molecules out of a fig fruit for the sweet accord. The savory element came from caviar. Structure was provided from the woodsy elements of the fig tree.

The opening price point in the U.S. of the eau de parfum spray is $58 for a 1 oz. size. The 1.7-oz. size is priced at $78 and the 2.7 oz. is $98. Perfumed shower gel for $40, Body milk and Body cream for $55. All are 6.8-oz. bottles.

The bottle is refillable and the amount of cardboard used in the outer packaging has been minimized by eliminating leaflets and inserts. Also, the box was designed to be unfolded to reveal the idea of the fragrance printed inside.

It will be available on Web sites in June, then go on counter at Selfridges in London on July 8 and ship to major European chains in August. Bloomingdale’s will launch it in New York in mid-July. Nordstrom will get the fragrance in early October.


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