Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Poll

It's not so much the heat as it is the humidity. That cliche saying gets me every time. I live near Washington, DC. One of the most humid places on earth in the summer. (I use hyperbole here, just go with it.) I swear to god I have no idea what our Founding Fathers were thinking building our Nations Capital on a swamp. Yes. DC used to be a swamp. Mosquitoes live in swamps...and to this day DC still has a lot of blood suckers milling around (rim shot!). No but seriously folks. The heat in the summer is oppressive. There are no cool breezes. The air, if it blows, is hot. It's like opening an oven door, but with moist sticky hot air instead of dry air. Honestly. It isn't the heat as much as it is the humidity. Damn. I hate it when cliche's are right. So why am I talking about Summer on the 6th of May? Because every day this week has been in the low to mid 80's with high humidity. It's like Summer came early. I have a bad reaction when I get too much sun. You see, even on cool days, if I'm in the sun for long periods of time I get horribly sick. I get a severe headache, dizziness, vomiting, chills, and exhaustion. No fun. The last time it happened I was at the zoo w/ Darthypie. the weather was in the high 60's. I was drinking plenty of water, ate lunch, but I was outside in the sun for a good 4 to 5 hours. By the end of the day I was so ill and so wrecked Mr. Sith debated bringing me to the hospital. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. I have been sick like this, because of the sun, many times before. I have been in the emergency room for fluids about 4 times in the past 6 years and have been sick at least 10 times in the last 6 years..but I was sick before 6 years ago too... I just never made the connection between the sun and the illness. I have been to Doctors about this, but they all brush it off as not drinking enough water. That's not the case at all. I drink plenty of fluids. Don't even get me started on the Doctors in the ER. They act like I'm faking. I think they secretly wish I was in cardiac arrest or bleeding from a gun shot wound because that's how those adrenaline junkies like to live. So far my research on the interwebz has not shown me anything specific that may be causing this and my sensitivity is getting worse. I am going to the Doctor next week to see if I can get a referral to a specialist, so here is hoping I don't get blown off yet again by the medical community. So anyone out there have any idea what is wrong with me? I don't normally like to talk about personal medical issues on here, but I'm at a loss on this one.
On To The Poll!

1. Lip Of The Day? - Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Ming. A neat neutral pink liquid lipstick. This is great on many skin tones but may be too cool for some. I love it. It brings a brightness to my uber pale skin.

2. Most refreshing drink (alcoholic or non)? - Lemonade (made with honey) mixed with mint and watermelon juice over crushed ice. Yumm!

3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face every day (sunscreen in your foundation does not count)? - Yes. Ever since I started to notice fine lines and freckles on my face at age 30 I have been religious about sunscreen every day. I only wish I had started to use it earlier.

4. Favorite vacation you ever took and where so you want to go on your next vacation? - I loved my trip to Las Vegas with Mr. Sith for one Christmas. We aren't huge gamblers or anything, but love all the stuff there is to see, do and buy in Las our room was awesome! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Fiji specifically this resort Turtle Island in Fiji. But gotta figure out the sun allergy/illness thing 1st....of and have about $8K of disposable income to spend on the trip.

5. Powder, Creme, Mineral or Liquid Foundation...or (gasp) none? - Liquid foundation for me. Powder is hard to find a good match color wise, but I like the idea of using powder foundation...Actually I like the idea of using NO foundation. One day I might have nice enough skin to wear no day...sigh


  1. dear Elvira, your sun sickness sounds like my MIL, who has discoid lupus erythmatosus, which started similarly to your account of your sun sensitivity. (see here for detail:

    this can be tested for by checking for antibodies that are reactive to your own tissues instead of to intruders. it's less severe than systemic lupus erythmatosus (SLE) which is what most people mean when they say 'lupus'.

    it's not horribly expensive or painful to get tested for this. i have been tested for it as part of a blood panel (i have a different chronic illess)- it's just a normal blood test. hope this helps...

  2. I was thinking that maybe you're allergic to vitamin D (is that possible?) but check out what beautiful monday says. My hair is allergic to humidity. Actually, my hair is allergic to life.

    1. Lip Of The Day?
    Lacura Red Velvet lipstick. This is Aldi's housebrand of cosmetics, made in Germany, $3.99. Nice, medium-deep, shimmery berry. Nice and creamy, feels like nothing on and doesn't bleed. Only four colors. I got two (Red Velvet and Deep Red).

    2. Most refreshing drink (alcoholic or non)?

    Unsweetened Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, water or selzer, though I'll take iced coffee.

    3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face every day (sunscreen in your foundation does not count)? -

    No. I should and I usually do but I neglect it on days that are cloudy or I'm not going to be out too long. Bad me.

    4. Favorite vacation you ever took and where so you want to go on your next vacation?

    My two trips to Austria and I wouldn't mind going back.

    5. Powder, Creme, Mineral or Liquid Foundation...or (gasp) none?

    None usually, though if I do, usually powder for day and liquid for night.

  3. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Duwop Lip Venom gloss in, buttercup i think. I rubbed the name off.
    Your Thursday poll for the last few weeks has me realizing I wear the same lipgloss or two every time, if i DO wear something on my lips at all. Seriously... Not Good. I need to get out of this lipwear rut. Any ideas?
    Maybe I can post on a makeup board somewhere and have someone give me recommendations. I am guessing I look like a ghost with an unfinished lip, but Its seriously the last thing I think about, ever.

    2. Most refreshing drink (alcoholic or non)? Yours sounds YUM! I am refreshed by an ice water from my grandmas restaurant... big 32 ounce cup, divine soft crushed ice, and cold-cold well water. Mmmmm. That is the most refreshing thing ever. I get at least two big cups of ice each day from there and refill it with water after I finish each one. I always get my proper amount of water :)

    3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face every day (sunscreen in your foundation does not count)? - I do not. I have yet to find an spf that does not break me out horribly, or a moisturizer with spf in it that does not do the same. Most of them I have tried throughout the years have seriously broken my face out within hours.

    4. Favorite vacation you ever took and where so you want to go on your next vacation?
    In high school I went with a highschool group to Switzerland, Austria, and germany, we were there for about 12 or 13 days. it was so much fun! My next vacation.. well now that i have a baby, going anywhere is never a vacation. so I would LOVE to have a vacation where I can just relax at the house and me and my son can SLEEP. Even going shopping in Amarillo (the next biggest town, 2 hours away) is a PAIN IN MY REAR with an 8 month old!

    5. Powder, Creme, Mineral or Liquid Foundation...or (gasp) none? - I like a creme or a liquid foundation. I have never used a powder foundation that I liked much, although my sister has got me wanting to try a powder foundation from MAC. But i think thats a MIneral either way? I don't know. I love bare minerals but the "glow"iness makes me look so OILY after bout 10 mins, and I itch so bad.

    I hope you get your condition figured out! Oh my I can't even imagine.

  4. I have a much milder form of sun-sensitivity. I sneeze as soon as I go out into the sun. My eyes can't tolerate much sun and I easily get heat-stroke. Luckily it's not pathological as I live in England so sunny days are a rarity! Which for me is wonderful!
    Sorry I'm no help but I do sympathise.
    Lip: Revlon Colourstay something - pinky-lilacy
    Drink: Purdeys - sort-of herbal apple/grape
    Sunscreen on face: absolutely
    Holiday: oddly it started in NY and then went to Washington and finally Pittsburgh (where my cousin has a house) and the Alleghenys (Isaw fireflies for the first and last time in my life) - I like the US and Canada so any hols in N America
    Foundation: liquid that is powdery like L'Oreal Cashmere Perfect and dries matte

  5. I hope you can figure out what's going on with your health :(
    I'm fed up with doctors at this point. One of my close friends is having issues with her breathing (doesn't smoke, hurts to breathe) and they brushed it off as pneumonia although there was no fluid in her lungs and she's fine otherwise. Not to mention the fact that every time I go in I feel like they're asking me trick questions to see if I'm 'faking'.

    1. Lip Of The Day? -
    Nothing but some lip balm. I'm contemplating taking a nap, so I'm not made up yet. :)

    2. Most refreshing drink (alcoholic or non)? -
    Home made Pina Coladas. I don't find many drinks with alcohol refreshing, but it just reminds me of the summer. Fruit smoothies are my favorite otherwise.

    3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face every day (sunscreen in your foundation does not count)? -
    I do not. I need to really, really badly. I'm burnt as all hell right now, and my shoulders kind of feel like they're flaking of.

    4. Favorite vacation you ever took and where so you want to go on your next vacation? -
    Last year, just a normal trip to the Jersey Shore, but it was special. I really want to go to Dubai or Egypt.

    5. Powder, Creme, Mineral or Liquid Foundation...or (gasp) none? -
    I've been using mineral lately, only because I feel like powder is too noticeable in the sun/hot weather.

  6. Sounds like a form of lupus to me too. When you do go to the doctor don't wear any foundation just in case they find a rash on your face. Feel better. I hate doctors too.

  7. 1. Lip of the Day?
    Aromaleigh Lipbalm in Yuzu to moisturize.
    Nyx Lipliner in Natural to line lips.
    Silk Naturals Lipstick in XXX to fill in lips.
    A touch of Urban Decay Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy to add a bit of extra shimmer.

    2. Most refreshing drink?

    3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face every day?
    Yes! I wear moisturizer with sunscreen on my face, neck and cleavage.
    Right now I'm also wearing a layer of Physicians formula foundation in SPF 50 in Translucent light. It's too dark for me on its own, but with my mineral foundation on top to adust the color, I can match.
    On top of that I have my mineral foundation, which does have some zinc oxide in it.
    I'm extremely fair complected and I burn easily, never tan. I do freckle. It pays to cover up for me :)

    4. Favorite vacation you ever took and where, and where do you want to go on your next vacation?
    I've had a lot of great vacations, to places like Paris, France & La Manga, Spain, and I can't really choose.
    I also took a short vacation to Key West, FL and loved it.
    I'd like my next vacation to be to New Zealand or Australia.

    5. Powder, creme, mineral or liquid foundation?
    I prefer mineral or powder foundation. It's normally the only thing light enough for my complexion.

  8. It kind of sounds like heat stroke but, I have to admit I get REALLY sick the first several hot/humid days each year (dry heat does not make me sick). Living in NJ, it's really humid in the summer (or apparently April this year). The same time you were experiencing that nasty weather down in DC, we were also dealing with the yuck up here.

    I go into a cold sweat, my heartbeat feels shallow, I get very dizzy, nauseous and my lower stomach goes to hell in a hand basket (there's not enough Imodium to help me). I cannot be out of air conditioning for more than a few minutes without this response.

    It has caused huge fights with my boyfriend. He hates when I turn on his AC before he thinks it's necessary (I also turn on his car's AC and blast it at my face so I don't black out). I used to feel bad making him cold but, he can suck it up. As a rule, I don't think spending the weekend in the bathroom makes for a great date.

    Something I've found incredibly helpful is to treat this heat/humidity response as if it was a combo of a virus and an episode of hypoglycemia. So, before the heat begins, I freeze Gatorade into ice cubes. I then crush the cubes and eat small amounts of it.

    I also eat extra protein - if I have to be out, I make sure I have a lot of peanut butter on Ritz crackers sandwiches. I always travel with water in my bag. I've come to hate bananas but, they bring up my blood sugar to give me time to stablize it with protein.

    There is no one else in my life that gets these high heat/humidity symptoms so some people think I'm making a production out of nothing. Puking, running in and out of the bathroom, shaking, turning sheetwhite, etc is not something I'd make up.

    I hope this helps - just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

    P.S. It has gotten much worse since I began taking a medication for nerve damage. Ultram makes it much harder for me to deal with high temp and humidity - I get overheated (like having a nonstop hotflash) expending the smallest amount of energy. So, I can't tell you how freaked out I was when I saw the weather report for the beginning of the heat wave.

    I live in fear of thunder - it's not the noise but, I'd have to sit in the car if we lost power. I can't be without air conditioning when it's as hot and humid as it has been recently. I'm looking forward to this Sunday - finally the temp and humidity is expected to fall.

  9. That sun sickness sounds terrible! I hope they diagnose you soon.

    1. Lip of the Day? rose pink gloss from a tarte set from last summer

    2. Most refreshing drink? iced tea. so yummy. but not too sweetened

    3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face every day? Pretty much every day. I hate it at the moment because I don't like the consistency of my current sunscreen but i'm just trying to use it up. I'm thinking I will try la roche posay next.

    4. Favorite vacation you ever took and where you want to go on your next vacation? My favorite vacation was probably when I went to florida with the fam. yay disneyworld. My family doesnt travel much :( That fiji resort sounds amazing but I would really like to go to Italy, specifically the amalfi area.

    5. Powder, creme, mineral or liquid foundation? I wish I could say none. I like tinted moisturizer or powder mostly.

  10. Eek. Hope you figure out what's wrong soon! I think it takes a bit of doing to find a doctor that will really listen to you, and even then there's often not that much that can be done. My personal experiences often go that way - that I probably have something but you can't test for it or it's not even worth testing for because either you can't do anything about it or the treatment would be the same either way because it's uncurable. It was a major factor in why I decided to stay in academia and go the scientist route versus going to medical school.

    1. Lip Of The Day? - Nothing yet. I seriously overdid my first session of rock climbing and have barely been out of bed for two days. Everything hurts like hell and I triggered spasms in both my shoulders again. If I put something on, it will probably be lip balm.

    2. Most refreshing drink (alcoholic or non)? - Lemonade (made with honey) mixed with mint and watermelon juice over crushed ice. Yumm! What you said sounds AMAZING.

    3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face every day (sunscreen in your foundation does not count)? - Yes. And now I'm searching for a new sunscreen because my HG got discontinued! Damn Proctor & Gamble! T_T;

    4. Favorite vacation you ever took and where so you want to go on your next vacation? - I haven't been on that many vacations, but San Quentin, Mexico was pretty fantastic.

    5. Powder, Creme, Mineral or Liquid Foundation...or (gasp) none? - I used to be a powder/mineral makeup girl but I just recently converted to liquid (Shu Face Architect Smoothing foundation) and I LOVE IT.

  11. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Sephora lip gloss palette. The pink in the middle of the five. Gives the sheerest tint of pink and a very flattering blue shimmer. not big or gritty, but very fine so it only looks like an extra dimension of shine, not sparkle. Love it! Actually bought the palette just to get hold of this pink colour!

    2. Most refreshing drink (alcoholic or non)? - Plain water!

    3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face every day (sunscreen in your foundation does not count)? - Nope. Only on extremely sunny days in the summer or when I'm on vacation... but you scared me a little with your answer to this question so I think I'd better start! (I'm 23)

    4. Favorite vacation you ever took and where so you want to go on your next vacation? - A trip I made with my sis 2 years ago. We went (from Sweden) So NY, Washington, Boston and Toronto. I had to head back to Sweden to start school, but she had one more week in Canada, climbing in the rockies!
    I'd love to go to the rockies, or Tokyo!

    5. Powder, Creme, Mineral or Liquid Foundation...or (gasp) none? - I have a very uneven skin tone, so I'd love to go without foundation but I really don't feel comfortable wearing none. Powder is usually my thing as it's quick and I don't have to set it, but I use liquid when I have the time :P

  12. I feel your pain :( Australia has the WORST HUMIDITY EVAR

  13. 1. Lip of the day: Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in Rich Cashmere. Nude, yet slightly shiny=perfect.
    2. Most refreshing drink: Starbucks shaken iced tea lemonade with green tea. So cool, so refreshing, so yummy.
    3. I ABSOLUTELY wear sunscreen on my face everyday!! I have what is called melasma (i think i mentioned this before that when i moved to hot, sticky, muggy, HUMID, sunny Florida) i developed melasma which is also known as the mask of pregnancy. Dermatologist said get sunscreen with zinc oxide in it so I use SkinMedica religiously! Amen. (and, no, I'm not pregnant or even close to it, melasma is not just for pregnant women)
    4.Fave vacation: Last October for my 20th anniversary Napa Valley and San Francisco for a week. Lovely time!!
    5. Liquid foundation. Have tried all other kinds, mineral is sorta shiny powder is a little too matte and makes me look older than I am, so liquid.

    If you think you in a humid zone, come to Orlando. You will melt. I can't even go to my mailbox or local Sephora without melting!

  14. You can actually be allergic to the sun. I have similar symptoms as you if I'm in the sun too long. Please post again about this after you've seen the specialist.


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