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Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube

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In my quest to quell the oil slick that is my face, I have used a ton of products. Some work, some don't. For the ones that work, some lose their effectiveness over time and others cause my skin to break out. Am I writing this today to spread the joyful news that I FINALLY found a product that not only stops the O.P.E.C. like oil production on my face AND keeps my skin calm? HA! No. That my be impossible. However, I am here to report about a product that might be the holy grail for you!

You see. My skin is a jerk. It hates almost everything I put on it. It also hates anything I don't put on it. I'm in a lose / lose situation. I go without, my skin acts up. I use product, my skin acts up. I go on special medication to banish acne, my skin puts up a good fight and while it might be clear for a few months or even a year... it finally wins and acts up again. (Hi. 2 separate courses of Accutane didn't do squat.) I think that after 20+ years of acne treatment I have finally figured out what my skin will react to and what it won't and have a routine of "less is more" for keeping my skin clear. This is helpful when trying out new products. If I start to break out I can pinpoint the item that is causing the irritation. OK. Enough talk about my skin. Let's get down to brass tacks.

OK. The item: Urban Decay De-Slick In A tube. It's Purpose: Provide a matte oil free finish to the skin via a lightweight gel formula. The results: SUCCESS!...with a minor caveat.

Urban Decay has expanded it's line of De-Slick products from the much famous and lauded De-Slick powder to De Slick in a tube and De-Slick spray. (A review I will bring to you later...I promise) The 0.67 oz product comes in a tube in the signature Urban Decay color purple. The gel is light weight and almost feels watery when smoothed on the skin...but quickly, almost instantly, dries to a strong matte finish. A little goes a long, long way with this product. A Small pea sized amount will be sufficient to cover one's T-zone. The color neutral product will work for any skin tone, but be careful of creating an ashy or white cast to the skin if you apply too much.

The product WORKS. I mean really works. Form the moment you apply it, you can see and feel the mattifying effect that it has. Foundation and concealer apply easily over this product without any pilling or slippage. It feels like a ceramic barrier has been formed over your skin and nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going to get out from your pores when you wear it! After 7 hours of wear I found myself not having to blot at all (That's usually 1PM for me). By 10 hours of wear I show a little shine that is easily blotted away with blotting papers. That, my dears, is AMAZING results. I normally have to blot by 11:30 (5 hours) and have lost most of the foundation on my nose and chin after 10 hours of wear, with other mattifying products. Success! Even when I used foundations that were not for oily skin (MUFE HD Foundation) I noticed a good 8 to 9 hours of wear when using Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube!

The minor caveat I mentioned is that when I use this product I always seem to get tiny little whiteheads/acne in the areas where I used the product. That is the fault of my skin and not of the product as, long time readers will know that pretty much everything breaks me out. I believe that my results with Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube are not typical.

Do you NEED this? YES if you have very oily skin AND are NOT sensitive to Propylene Glycol. This 0.67 oz product retails for $28. Considering how little one needs per application, I would expect an entire tube to last you a year or more, depending on how oily you are and how often you use it. Even thought this product broke me out I am still recommending it. I can still use it for special events or give it to to my friend Pam, who also has oily skin, but nothing much breaks her out. She's a year older than me and looks about 5 years younger. It's all that clean living and oily skin that keeps her young looking...the b*tch!

The ingredients ate simple and straight forward:
Water, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Propylene Glycol, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Fragrance.

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate - Absorbent, Anti-caking agent. Because of its enormous molecular size, it is not absorbed through the skin.
Propylene Glycol - A substance used to improve the spreadability of a product that can worsen acne. (Ah Ha! The cause of my breakouts perhaps. Not everyone has acne reactions to products containing Propylene Glycol)
Allantonin - Extract from camfrey root, sugar beets, or synthetically from uric acid, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and a great skin-soothing agent.
Phenoxyethanol - Paraben free preservative used to protect against bacteria.
Caprylyl Glycol - Derived from palm or coconut oil; humectant, attracts and holds moisture.
Ethylhexylglycerin - Derived from vegetable glycerin; natural deodorizer and skin conditioner.
Hexylene Glycol - A viscosity controlling agent.


  1. Hi E! I haven't commented in a while, but I haven't stopped reading.

    Nice! I am getting into primers, and if this is as satisfying as the UDPP, then I am all about it.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I need to write up my review of this as well, but you basically hit all the points I wanted to make! I'm wondering if I'm having the same reaction to the Propylene Glycol - since I've started using it regularly, I've had a few small pimples show up on my forehead...hmmm....

  3. thanks for the review! I need to get myself a tube of this. for some reason i backed out of this purchase when I was buying from urban decay's 30% off sale a while ago, and bought the spray instead. I played w/ the tube at ulta the other day and really liked how it feels!

  4. I've been wanting to try it out for a while now along with the spray because other products don't work at all. I've been through so many oil control products it's ridiculous. I'll have to try this out and I really hope it works. Do you use this in conjunction with the spray?

  5. Awesome review! I've definitely got oily skin and I had been looking to try the spray. I hadn't even heard of this, but I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for the review!

  6. Hmmmmm. This sounds awesome. I think this is next on my list after I finish my Dr. Brandt Pores No More.

  7. Maggie Makeup AddictMay 11, 2010 at 7:12 AM

    This sounds SO good! I used to only have an oily forehead, but since I moved to Shanghai 7 months ago my whole face is oily, even the cheeks! And my cheeks used to be dry and flakey. Crazy! Now I have acne on my cheeks even.
    Enough about that, this sounds like a piece of heaven in a tube... too bad we don't have Urban Decay in Asia :C

    ...well well, luckily I'm moving back to Sweden in less than a month. Hope that'll rid me of this new oily skin :S

  8. Curse UD for being so inaccessible, this sounds like magic in a tube :(


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