Monday, May 3, 2010

Urban Decay Lipstick in Rush

Urban Decay is slowly becoming a go-to mid range brand of makeup for me. I have never been fond of the "creative" names they give some of the products. Yeyo, Gash, Mildew, etc. Not things I want to associate with makeup, but I guess I can look past that. Urban Decay has some wonderful products. The 24/7 liners are super, the eye shadows are creative in color and texture, the lipsticks...ah yes. that's why I'm here today isn't it.

I have been wanting to try one of the Urban Decay lipsticks for a while but no color actually "called out" to me until I swatched a color called "Rush" at my local Ulta. Ah ha. A cool to neutral toned pink nude lipstick that DIDN'T turn orange on me! Whoo Hoo! I knew Urban Decay was having a Friends & Family sale coming up so I waited to purchase Rush until I got the sale code. Patience paid off a few months later and I received the F&F discount for 30% off making the $22 lipstick only $15.40! WIN!

The packaging is unique. The clear plastic top with a purple metallic design reveal the weighty lilac metallic tube with a sword handle at the end. I must say that I'm not really a fan of the packaging. It's heavy, cumbersome and well the sword handle is ...annoying and kinda pointy/sharp/unnecessary.

with flash

The lipstick is a sheer creme formula with the tiniest micro shimmer infused in the neutral pink color. It isn't noticeable at all on the lips, but it does give that extra glossy shine when viewed in the right light. The formula has good slip and slicks on nicely. It coats well and adds a "my lips but better" finish to my look. The lipstick is lightly scented but once applied I didn't notice any scent or taste for that matter. I think it might be a vanilla scent I'm detecting, but my allergies have denied my ability to recognize anything of scent value for a few weeks now. The lipstick wears well and does not fade as quickly as some other products, but still dries out my lips terribly like MAC lipsticks do. I would equate the formula and finish to the MAC Lustre formula. It looks pretty on, it looks pretty for a little while but after an hour or so you feel like your lips are drying out, so what do you do? you apply more lipstick, but that only causes your lips to dry out even further, thereby creating a vicious cycle of dried lip abuse that is finally ended when your lips start to chap and flake by late afternoon. Yes. It would be wise to wear a lip balm underneath this lipstick IF you have sensitive lips and/or if you find MAC lipsticks dry out your lips as well. I can't say that everyone will have the same reaction that I did. I think I'm pretty "specia" when it comes to cosmetic products irritating my skin. Yes. The 'L' in special was left off intentionally.

Do you NEED this? Well it is a pretty pink that does not turn orange, it slicks on nicely, and has a super glossy finish, but because the formula is drying and because the packaging is so cumbersome I'm going to say, MAYBE. It's nice to have in a pinch but I would rather have a lipstick that does not dry out my lips and fits into my pocket without stabbing me.


  1. That is a very nice color great pick.

  2. MAC lipsticks dry out on me too! I thought I was the only one, phew.

  3. No MAC lipsticks also dry my lips out too - you are not alone. But I can't stop buying pretty colors in the lustre finish. UD lipstick however, really left my lips raw causing me to return it the next day after purchasing!

  4. Have you tried UD's eyeshadows in YDK and Stray Dog? They are musts for taupe-lovers.

  5. Aw man. MAC lustres kill my lips after only a few hours, even with balm so I guess I'll be skipping these as well. I guess my lips are pretty "specia" too lol. The UD lipsticks feel so smooth and creamy when swatched though... ;_;

  6. I do okay with UD lippies, actually, but I totally agree about the annoying packaging. It's just so... BIG. And it looks kind of juvenile, with the purple and the swirlies and the shiny finish, etc.

  7. Damn, I was loving the look of Revolution, but DNW dried out lips D:

    I love the packaging, but the sword looks really annoying. I imagine I'd manage to snap it off accidentally within like 5 minutes of owning it.


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