Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wet N Wild Wet Shine nail polish in Eggplant Frost and Night Prowl

I think I have finally hit rock bottom with my purple nail polish addiction. I am ready to admit I have a problem. That's the first step right? Admitting you are powerless to Purple Nail Polish? How did I hit rock bottom? I walked into a CVS drugstore to purchase a nail clipper and walked out with a nail clipper and 2 polishes from Wet N Wild. Rock Bottom. Granted the Wet N Wild polishes are only 99 cents, but crack whores have been know to do unspeakable things for 99 cents worth of crack.

Some of you are reading this now thinking that I'm a huge snob. You're right. There's a reason I don't purchase 99 cent nail polish. That's because you get what you pay for. In other words. the polish, while pretty in the bottle and in color, was craptastic in formula and finish. I might have just set two dollar bills on fire. I would have achieved the same result.

Let's talk about the colors.

Night Prowl is a grey black polish with purple glitter. I say it's a grey black polish because the formula is sheer and runny. It takes about three coats to get the black to show up properly without any streaking or bare spots. What's worse, the finish, when it dries is dull and bumpy. I KNOW that glitter polishes can be smooth once dried so it's not like my expectations were too high. This shade chipped on me in less than 24 hours. I didn't even have my hands in a lot of water or do any manual labor. I used my trusty CND Stickey base coat and my Essie Good To Go top coat and while the Essie top coat gave the polish some shine, it still chipped within minutes of snapping the picture.

Eggplant Frost is an amazing color. It's a red based purple with a BLUE flash/duochrome to it. It balances out the red based purple and gives it an amazing neutral quality. (e.g. it's neither warm nor cool colored) The polish itself took two coats to fully cover, but I bet had I applied three I may not be seeing some bare spots that I see now. The formula got a bit sticky between coats and managed to chip AFTER 24 hours but before 48 hours. FAIL. It's a shame because it really is a remarkable color. I will say that perhaps if I did the "Stickey Sandwich" method. (base coat, polish, base coat, polish, top coat) it might last longer. So I'm going to keep this one in my collection.

The formula on both polishes were so different that I wonder if they come from the same manufacturer. Night Prowl was runny and dull, while Eggplant Frost was inconsistent and sticky. Both had decent brushes and the bottle design is OK. These polishes are nothing to celebrate and honestly only worth 99 cents. So I got what I paid for. Oh and the Night Prowl polish was a total pain in the butt to remove because of all the glitter. I had to use the Foil Technique to get it all off.

Do you need these polishes? NO....well MAYBE Eggplant Frost, if you are a purple nail polish addict like me. But be prepared to enter a 12 step program shortly after purchasing it.


  1. You are so funny. These polishes are great too.

  2. Great post--love your sense of humor. We both need a twelve step (me, eyeshadow palettes--I'm powerless)

  3. I couldn't get passed that picture that is just so damn nasty! However I can't front - I've had a night crouched in front of a toilet at a Mexican restaurant at 3am - yes I know that is just as disgusting as the aforementioned picture and that is neither here nor there.

    I digress....fabulous colors and sounds like an improvement in formula...not at all like the Wet & Wild from our days...

  4. Sorry I didn't read that all the way through. Oh well, at least the colors improved!

  5. one can never have enough purple polishes!!! hehe :) eggplant front is gorgeous, i need it immediately

  6. Hmm I'm not really sure what to think, because I have the skill of being able to chip ANY polish within 24 hours :(

  7. I do have to say, I own a lot of drugstore polishes. I've noticed that within 48 hours of wearing them, it's like the polish shrinks on my nails. I can see the tips of my own natural nail.

    I actually stopped posting my konads. I love them, but they just chip or peel too fast for me to be able to take the pictures of them if I cant take them immediately. I don't even have access to better polishes, because I live in Japan :(

  8. maybe try a different top coat and base coat? i know different products work for different people, but i did not have a good experience with the cnd stickey and imho, none of the essie treatment stuff works very well :/

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  10. The whole "you get what you pay for" saying really irks me. It's just not true, and it's a snobby way to think. Nail polish doesn't have to cost $10 a bottle to be good quality. I've never had anything but great results with W'n'W polish & cheap polish in general. In fact, I've found that most of the high end polishes I've tried have either chipped quickly or had such a bad formula that I find myself shying away from using them. The few OPIs & Nicoles & Borgheses that I have all chip within 24 hours, while my $2 Sinful Colors mani is still going strong after 3 days with only minimal tipwear. Expensive polish being "better" is just a placebo effect. Kinda like designer clothes being better quality than generic brands. Yeah, a designer item will last longer, cause you handle it like chocolate covered plutonium cause it cost so damn much!

    That said- a bad base/top coat can make ALL the difference in the world no matter what polish you use. Currently I'm using this stuff called 'Nail Life' from Sally's as both(BTW it makes your nails grow like WEEDS, so try it!), but I have pretty good luck with ColorStay topcoat & Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.

  11. Kabuk1. I find your tone rather hostile. You seem awfully "worked up" about nail polish. Please note that MOST of my reviews are very tongue in cheek. That means that I use humor and sarcasm. Also note that I said one should still get this polish if for anything, the awesome color justifies it. Don't take it as a personal offense that I don't like Wet n Wild nail polish and Don't take it personally that I prefer China Glaze and OPI over Wet n Wild. In my experience...and we are talking about MY experience I find them of higher quality. So I DO GET WHAT I PAY FOR. I'm not sure why you got so worked up about it and I'm not sure what a chocolate covered plutonium case is, but whatever.
    Thank you for the sally hansen base coat and Color Stay top coat recommendations. I will have to try those in the future.

  12. Hell Notes for Beauty: Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you like the Wet N Wild Polishes.

    Amy @ Cafe Makeup. Yes. a 12 step group would be in order for both of us!

    Lexi920. Wow thanks for that great image. I won't tell you the awfulness of 3 chocolate mint martini's and a myriad of several other cocktails did to me at Blondies in SF on time! LOL. Yes the colors for WnW have improved. I believe the failure of the polish to stay adhered to my nails may be that of nail polish wears differently for different people.

    Mona: ITA. One never really can have enough Purple polishes. :-) We are Purple Nail Polish Soul Sisters!

    SilhouetteScreams: That's quite a talent! Chipping any n/p in 24 hours? LOL. Well I have no words. At least you do BEAUTIFUL eye makeup so people are not drawn to your nails. :-)

    Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん: You have some decent polishes in Japan. Heck you have AWESOME makup in Japan, but it's true that OPI and ChG is impossible to find where you are.

    seventh_moon: Yes. I am going to try a different top coat and base coat. The essie top coat I am using I thought was good but does not leave nails as shiny as I would like. I purchased seche base coat and it TOTALLY didn't work for me so I'll try the Sally Hansen Base Coat that Kabuk1 recommended next.


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