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Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

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I realized the other day that I have not shared with you my absolute love and adoration for Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer (MUFE Full Cover). It is by far the best crème concealer I have ever used in my entire lifetime. That’s saying something as I have used and I have professed my love for several concealers of the decades. But as far as crème type/tube type concealers go Make Up For Ever is my favorite. You see how I said crème type / tube type concealers and left out stick and potted concealers? Yeah. That means two things.
1) I have used too many concealers in my lifetime and
2) I don’t want to contradict myself when you eventually read old posts about my love for Cle de Peau and The Balm concealers.
I’m clever and sneaky that way.

As you can probably guess, since I have favorites in different categories of concealers, it’s not hard to please me as far as concealers go.
My criteria:
  • Match my skin tone
  • Cover well
  • Stay in place
If I answer is “Yes” to those 3 questions I’m happy. So why is MUFE Full Cover so beloved? Well let me tell you why.

MUFE Full Cover Concealer is available in over 13 shades so, if/when I tan or get paler (is it possible for me to be whiter? Yes. Yes it is.) I have a few variations in color to choose from. I currently use #4 but they just started to sell #3 at Sephora so I might pick that up. #2 is far too pink for my liking.

The coverage is exceptional and long lasting. The opaque crème covers acne and acne scars brilliantly. It covers under eye circles, and if used with the appropriate tools (Brush, sponge, powder), you can be successful in covering a tattoo with it.

It’s versatile enough to mix with your favorite moisturizer and use as a tinted moisturizer.
It’s waterproof. It’s not going to budge once it is set and, should you need it, you can wear it to the beach/pool and not worry about it sliding off your face when you get in the water. I went swimming with Darthypie at the local pool and my acne scars were covered the entire time. I can finally feel confident going to the pool without feeling like I’ll look like a monster when I get out of the water. (If only it was slimming, I would put it all over me.)

The 0.05 oz tube packs a highly pigmented punch. A little goes a long way as far as coverage and pigmentation. I have had my current tube for over a year and I use it every day. The price tag is $30 and some of you may find it expensive. But if you think about not having to buy a concealer or tinted moisturizer for over a year, it makes that $30 go a long way. Price per use is phenomenal.

Do you NEED this? Yes. Yes you do. A concealer that won’t break you out, covers perfectly, stays in place and is pennies per use? How could you NOT need this?


  1. I completely agree with you-this is the best stuff out there! I wear a thin layer all over as foundation when I surf/swim/go to waterparks, and everyone thinks I just have perfect skin-it seriously lasts 15 hours or something crazy like that. The shades actually match real skin colors too!

  2. I've heard a lot of awesome stuff about this concealer (why haven't I snatched it up yet?!). Thanks for the great review. I will be sure to check this out!

  3. Did it make you sweat? In the summer, if I wear any liquid/creme foundation, it makes my face hotter and more sweaty. (GROSS!)

  4. mufe hasbeenby far thebest concealer for me. lasts for hours 15 plus. I may try this kind.

  5. So glad to know! My sister was just asking me about this yesterday, so she will be glad to know its a win!
    I used to use the MUFE lift concealer and I liked it, but it was too hard for me to get ahold of plus I liked my prescriptives tubey concealer much better, but we all know where this sentence is going =(
    Glad to know I can move on! woohoo!

  6. This review is totally tempting me to check this out. I may have to pick this up as I'm searching for a good under eye concealer.

  7. Yeah, I already thought I needed this, thanks for confirming...

  8. you know i am the first one posted a review on it on MUA yonks ago (before i deleted all my reviews.) well, this is the bomb. but so is demerblend. hahaha i am just like you - have too many favourite! but seriously, since i can use dermablend as foundation as well, i am leaning to dump full cover. oh no, i am not saying that!

    seriously, this Full Cover is FABULOUS!!!

  9. Full Cover has been so good for me, I repurchased and now I'm running out of my 2nd tube. Covers blemishes amazingly well for me. Recently I was thinking of trying something else but I just don't know what else might be better than Full Cover!

  10. I'm sold, lol. I guess I'll be picking this up once I'm done with my Murad. Or maybe before since I do need a new undereye concealer...

  11. Superb product, I have just started using this product line since last week (use to be a big mac fan). Being a woman of colour I find these products have better shades to match all variations for women of colour. The cost is nothing compared to the joy of finally being able to mask bad dark spots. I have very oily skin I find this product controls my shine and most of all it does not rub off.


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