Friday, June 25, 2010

My Guest Post on Beauty Crazed blog

What do Sephora for OPI Chic Prints for Nails and Vampires have in common?

They Both SUCK!

Read more about it by going to

And check out the rest of the blog. Lisamarie and Christelle are the cutest Canadian Cyber Punk *Sluts in **Canada!

*Not actually sluts
** Actually in Canada


  1. thanks for your review - you're the 2nd blogger that's been honest & said that the stickers totally suck, and I can see why! I find it amusing that the comment on the guest post basically says "cute nails!" after you pointed out all the negative points...checkerboard is cute and all, but I'd rather use a nail stamp to get the effect.

    at least you don't have to beat yourself up for spending money on them?

  2. mayaari: Thanks. I just couldn't say they were good..those pics can't lie. I know I thought it was funny about the comment that reader left. It's like all she saw was that pic of Alexander Skarsgard. LOL


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