Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud

I'm not a matchy matchy person. I don't have to have a bag match my shoes, My blush match my lipstick (Who does that anyway?) but if I find a match of a color I adore then you know I'm going to get it. For example. If I found a green liner to match the kelly green of my Kate Spade bag I would buy it in a heartbeat. If I found a nail polish to match my coveted MAC Sweet Sienna pigment then I would get it in a second. Well as you can see from the pictures above I found a pretty close match with Sally Hansen HD in Opulent cloud.

No let me say this. I am not. and I stress NOT a fan of Sally Hansen HD polishes. They are overly sheer and the colors just don't grab me. Sure, Sally Hansen is doing an excellent job with color selection and innovative brush design, but the HD polishes are just ... Meh. It normally takes 3 coats to get an opaque look to the polish or to resemble anything the looks like the color in the bottle.

MAC Sweet Sienna Pigment

So why am I so excited about this color? Well I guess I'm excited because the color is a nice grey with a gold duochrome that makes the finished nail look like tarnished silver....or MAC Sweet Sienna pigment. That's kinda cool...I guess. I'm sad that the pictures I took didn't show the gold duochrome as much as I wanted, but honestly it's very much like MAC Sweet Sienna pigment. However I am hesitant to put "Taupe" in the tags for this post only because well it reads more blue/grey then taupe...but if I was in a generous mood I guess I could call it taupe.

Now I have heard that Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud is hard to find. I found several bottles at my local I'm not sure if that was a fluke or not. But when it comes to my "Do you NEED it" question, I'm gonna say YES only because it's the first Sally Hansen HD polish that I like, that was opaque after 2 coats and is unique enough, color wise, to warrant purchase. It's not a holy grail by any means...but it nice to look at and to match with your eyeshadow.

Have you seen this color at your local store? Would you buy it?


  1. I have this, and I like it. Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong is very similar, too. It's a really interesting shade.


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