Monday, July 12, 2010

Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Taupe Grisé

Once upon a time there was a purple taupe called MAC Moth Brown. It was much beloved all around the world. It was elusive and only released 2 times by the manufacturer. It had some drawbacks. The formula was hard and a bit sheer at times. It had decent lasting power but could have gone longer. But taupe addicts endured these flaws because the color was so enchanting. Three years passed with no re-release of the alluring purple taupe while taupe addicts tried to find dupes in Ulta Twilight or Fyrinnae Knickers In A Twist, but we all knew the truth. There was no duplicate….Until…Chanel.

Chanel the savior.

My Go To Brand.

The Brand that can do no wrong.

Chanel Releases a single eye shadow called Taupe Grisé and lo and behold it is not only a dupe for MAC Moth Brown. It is BETTER than Moth Brown.

Let me tell you why it is better (in my opinion so don’t write me nasty e-mails exclaiming that MAC is the be all end all in eye shadow and I’m a makeup snob and blah blah blah)

  1. The pigmentation is about a zillion times better than MAC Moth Brown
  2. Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Taupe Grisé is a matte/satin with no frost. MAC Moth Brown is frosty which can make it look sheer at times
  3. Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Taupe Grisé blends better into other shadows
  4. Chanel Taupe shadow is softer in the pan and has less powder fall out
  5. It is CHANEL!

Here are comparison swatches

See what I mean?
If you don’t get my point from looking at the picture I can only assume one of four things.
a) You are blind
b) You are not addicted to taupe
c) Your monitor settings are off
d) You are NOT my friend
e) All of the above

So there you have it. Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Taupe Grisé is a superior Taupe to any and every other purple taupe on the market now or in the past. You NEED this taupe. You need it like a fish needs a bicycle and a feminist needs a man. Oh wait. That’s not right. You need this like you need oxygen. That’s better!

No seriously. Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadows are so wonderfully pigmented, so wonderfully soft and have such great staying power they are worth the price. There are a few shades that you could find less expensive looking dupes, but nothing will meet the level of quality in my opinion. Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Taupe Grisé is worth the cost for the reasons mentioned above, but also because it is a flattering shade on almost anyone. You can use it as a crease color, as an all over color, as a liner for a smokey eye. It’s versatile and pretty enough to use every day. (Almost) I do love this color. I am crazy. But you all knew that already.

Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Taupe Grisé with MAC Jest and Chanel Cake Liner

Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Taupe Grisé in crease with MAC Seedy Pearl as a base and MAC Phloof to highlight. Chanel cake liner.


  1. You're great . I've always wanted to find a dupe for Moth Brown since it is like you mentioned , can be very hard and sheer at times . Thanks for this post and i'll definitely go check it out at the Chanel counter .

  2. I've only seen Moth Brown in your swatches, but this Chanel eyeshadow is certainly very pretty!!!

    By the way, what mascara are you using in your pictures? It looks great on you!

  3. Want. want want want want want want want.

    Love the colour of Moth Brown, did not like the formula. Chanel to the rescue.

  4. you are too funny! i enjoyed this post very much :) needless to say, i am going to check it out! :D

  5. You're killing me here. I just dropped a wad of cash at the MAC counter. Now it looks like I'll be hitting the Chanel counter. Argh.

  6. This post was so funny :D I loved it!

    I just don't like taupe so I'm not a bit tempted to buy it but it still looks VERY good (and it is a CHANEL ;).

    Nea, who loves CHANEL nail polishesf :D

  7. I got this and I love love love it! Read about my Chanel Fall 2010 Haul here...

    Taupe fans unite! =)

  8. Hahaha, love this review. You are to be blind and somewhat 'special' to not see that Chanel > MAC. Love this color!

  9. i always enjoy reading your posts. you got me into taupe e/s (although i only wear e/s like twice a year). p

  10. You are right - I need this. How could I ever doubt you?? Maybe I'll pass the glossimers and just pick up this shadow along with the Cassis liner and just call it a day!

  11. This post made me lol. This looks gorgeous! I especially love the second look.

    I spent so much in the past week but... Thanks, enabler ;)

  12. Thanks for the new wish list item, Elvira. Because my Chanel SA's already know a sucker when they see me! At least this time I'll have some purpose before I hit the counter...

    Lipstick Musings

  13. sweet jumping jesus on toast I DO need this.

  14. Dear Elvira,thank you for the wonderful pictures. Since you are the Goddess of Taupe e/s, I would like your opinion on the following: how does Chanel Taupe Grise compare to Shu Uemura's e/s ME 850? I'm a freak when it comes to Shu.IMO, their quality is unsurpassed. But that is only me... Hehehehe...

  15. you're right. i need it immediately if not sooner

  16. All: You have no idea what you have done to my ego. The fact that I have compelled so many of you to consider getting this shadow is beyond words. I believe Chanel owes me a commission or free makeup or something! LOL.
    K. I am wearing Maybelline Colossal Volum mascara in both photos.
    Sandra: That "dupe" looks more like Ulta Twilight than Moth Brown. Pretty but not a dupe.
    Nemesis86: Shu ME 850 looks NOTHING like Taupe Grise. It is worth it to own both. I just spent an entire week wearing Shu ME Silver 945 and I can for sure say that Shu is frosty and Chanel is satin both have plum overtones but Chanel look more purple on me. In other need both! :-)

  17. Wow-I already placed an order today for the shadow & nail polish. U got me so curious about that shade.I Must have it also!! Thank you, am much obliged...
    Btw you also got me into the taupe fever...I do not own silver 945, but got to see it on your blog. Will try and mix my 850 with a silver cream e/s as a base to see if I can get the same effect. :)

  18. I love taupe and this made me love it even more :)

  19. I love taupes. In all shapes and sizes and darkness and lightness. They are versatile and they are perfect and they are love. I don't want to count how many taupes I own, I might freak out.
    I've never ever *ever* wanted a Chanel eyeshadow. EVER. I didn't want it when I saw it in pan. I didn't want it when I saw your swatch. And then you go on and show me how incredible in looks applied! Now I want it so bad and I can't afford it!
    Hi, your blog is now in my *blogs to stalk* bookmarks folder, welcome. I hate you!


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