Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss in Hypnotic

When I was in Las Vegas I visited the HUGE Sephora Store located in the Venetian Hotel. The Sephora has almost every brand that is sold on line...including Illamasqua and Hourglass. While I was excited to try out Illamasqua products in real life, I found myself drawn to the Hourglass display. Now I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anything in Las Vegas that couldn't get for myself at home. This left a lot of brands off the table, Hourglass included, but for some odd reason, maybe it was the 100+ degree heat, maybe it was the dry air, but my lips were crying out for relief and I had simply brought the wrong lip products with me. I had only taken two Chantecaille Lip Chics with me, and while they are incredibly moisturizing, they weren't cutting it in the dry oppressive heat of the Las Vegas desert. When I saw the word "Hydrating" in the name of the Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss I knew I had to try it.

First of all the slim pocket friendly design of the tube was unique and captivating to me. Hey, I could put this in my pants pocket and go out clubbing without asking Mr. Sith to hold my gloss for me in his pants. (Yeah right. Did I tell you I got to go to Ghostbar at The Palms Casino? So freakin cool. But Mr. Sith Got to go to The Playboy Club and to Moon at the Palms and he saw all sorts of stars. Stupid me had an 8AM class/meeting so I slept as Mr. Sith got home at 4AM.) So ANYWAY, if I were to ever go clubbing this little slim design would be perfect. Until then, it fits nicely into my purse.

But honestly who cares what the tube looks like if the product sucks, right? Well thankfully this product does not suck. It is the antithesis of suck. It is ummm....AWESOME! OK. I must let you know that I am a lip gloss snob. I pretty much only wear Chanel Glossimers. It's the only gloss that isn't too sticky and isn't too greasy. It lasts longer on my than most other glosses and I hardly have to reapply as often as some other glosses on the market. It's unscented and I'm a fan of the doe foot applicator. I love that most of the shades actually are pigmented enough to show up on my lifeless colored lips. Now, that being said, I hold all other lip glosses to the same high standard. Many fail and they litter my makeup storage. I should just throw them away, but the addict in me tells me that might be useful some day....yeah right.

So how does this Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss measure up? Well Let's take a look shall we?

Non Sticky/Non Greasy? Check!
Unscented? Check!
Long Lasting? Check!
Pigmented? Check!
Doe Foot Applicator? No. But that's OK. The slant tip applicator, while I find it messy at times seems to be just fine with application. I guess I can overlook one thing on my list o' perfection can't I?
Honestly, this gloss is so amazingly hydrating that I really didn't feel any dryness on my lips for the rest of the time I was in Las Vegas. It seems to last an incredibly long time as well and held up to multiple sips from a water bottle/glass during my day.

The color I purchased was called Hypnotic. It is described as a golden berry shimmer. That is exactly what it is. It's on the cool side but the gold shimmer makes it neutral enough for warm toned ladies to wear it as well. I was really drawn to the color, but I almost got Pulse (Described as a Golden Strawberry Shimmer) as it looked brighter and very appropriate for summer. The collection has 6 colors in total, of which only one does not seem to have shimmer of some sort, but don't worry, there is no gritty glitter in any of the shades. Now I just looked and as of 7/20/2010 Pulse is sold out on Sephora.com but it is available from Dermstore.com (Free shipping - no minimum!) Or you can get it directly from the Hourglass Cosmetics website.

Do you NEED this? Well obviously if I'm giving you links to where you can purchase this wonderful gloss, I would say that is a YES! Sure. It costs almost as much as a Chanel Glossimer, but honestly, for the durability, quality and color, I think it's worth it!


  1. The golden strawberry color is really pretty! The tube is quite strange.

  2. Elvira, I've been dying to try these glosses and now I can give myself permission, thanks to my favorite blogger. Off to Sephora I go!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you....

    Lipstick Musings

  3. Gorgeous color E! ITA on Glossimers--there is no dupe--you should try Pink Teaser from the new Fall collection--awesome!
    Thx for the review, been wondering about these.

  4. I remember when I first saw them in the Sephora catalog.
    me: babe, can you believe this lipgloss is $26?!?!?!? omg, that's ridiculous!!!
    hubby: so dumb.
    me: I know!
    hubby: you'd buy it.
    me:...well, look at it!!!

    I still haven't, I'm not big on glosses, but when I saw them in person I had to run away from them for my sake, they're gorgeous *sigh*

  5. this was very convincing...


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