Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's the Great Pink Sith Blog 2nd Birthday Giveaway!

Yes. That's right folks. 2 years ago I started this blog with the hope of being able to express myself without censorship, to take pretty pictures of makeup and to have an excuse to buy more taupe eyeshadow. Well my blog was started 2 years ago on this date and in order to celebrate properly I thought it best to have a fun giveaway.

Now I will say that I wasn't clever or proactive enough to beg my PR contacts for free stuffs so I did the next best thing. I'm giving away stuffs I purchased! I have no idea why spending my own money is better than free stuff. I'm obviously high on your love of my blog and let's not ruin it with silly "facts" and "reality".

So what am I giving away?
I'll tell/show you:

  • 1 Silver/pewter colored bag with a bunch of samples from Sephora. I received it when I put in a code from one of my many orders. It contains samples from Anastasia, Bliss, Boscia, Dior, Jack Black, Kate Sommerville, Philisophy, Sephora, and Urban Decay
  • 3 Eye shadow Samples from Fyrinnae. Purchased especially for this giveaway. the colors are Mirrors, Neo Universe and Arcane Magic Shadow in Sequined Master
  • 1 Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. You know you want this!
  • 3 China Glaze Nail polishes in LOL, OMG and C-C-Courage ( purchased them, never got a confirmation from the e-tailer. Thought it didn't go through, purchased them from another e-tailer and lo and behold both boxes arrive at my doorstep on the same day. My mistake is your win!)
  • 1 COR silver soap. I have no idea if this works. I got a sample somewhere and decided you all would like to be the skincare guinea pig for once.
  • 1 Boscia Lavender Oil Blotting Sheets. Purchased specifically for this giveaway to go with the purple and silver theme I got goin on.
  • 1 Eve Pearl pair of false lashes. They sent 2 by mistake. I haven't tried my pair yet so don't ask if they are any good. They look good.
  • 1 Hello Kitty devil lip balm. Purchased only because it is hello kitty
  • 1 Urban Decay Big Buddha Brush. I have no idea why I purchased this. I have never used it, but hey it's purple and it's cute so I goes with the theme!
  • 1 Clinique GWP eyeshadow duo in Strawberry Fudge. It is neither purple nor silver but it was never going to be used by me...but it is one of Joeybunny's favorite duos from Clinique so I figured I would add it in!
All items are New and Unused

You must enter your name and e-mail address* into the contest widget form at the bottom of this post. You do not need to be a follower of this blog, you do not need to re-tweet or post on your facebook page. All you need to do is enter. ONE lucky winner will be selected at random on July 31st. (This will allow me enough time to package all this stuff up and have it ready to mail out once a winner has been selected. Trust me. I am a total slacker when it comes to this sort of thing. The longer I have to get my act in gear the better.) ANYONE can enter, but you can only enter ONCE. International entries are OK! Leaving me comments wishing me a happy blog anniversary on this post will not increase your chances of winning, but will increase my ego.

*e-mail address is kept private and will not be given out to anyone but me. It is only used as a means to contact you so you can get your prize.


  1. I'm the first to entry!!! Chances of winning not so great with random picker.

    But I think the loot you are giving away is really good. I didn't know I could beg PR for free stuff. Hmmmm...I always wanted to know how folks got free stuff!!! ;)

    Saying this knowing it's not worth giveaway contest brownie points...I love your blog. And it's fun to have you as a friend on FB. Hey, we both like PINK, what's there not to like about us??

    Congrats on your anniversary!!

  2. Gosh you really ought to have begged the PRs!!! xD

    But I suppose it does show exactly how much you love blogging! =)

    Happy 2nd Bloggaversary!!! =D

  3. Happy 2nd blogger anniversary babe! i love your fun posts, keep 'em comin'! :)

  4. Ummm... I'll stroke your ego :)
    Thank you for this giveaway, and congratulations on 2 years!

  5. lol. ego boost +1
    Happy 2nd Birthday Pink Sith Blog!!!

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday! And this giveaway is amazing :)


  7. Giving your ego a little stroke lol (that sounds so bad) ... anyway, I just stopped in to say Congrats on reaching 2 years, I just reached 1 year this past week and it does feel awesome, I cannot wait to reach 2 years!!

  8. Hello! I like this blog for the straight forward, honest, way you write. :)

    Although I'm not crazy or like about more than half of the things you blog about. But I still come back to read. Goes to show I really enjoy your the writing and your humour.

    Maybe I didn't like the things you blog about because I haven't tried them. Yeah, so would be good if I win this giveaway. Then I might be into your kinda stuff a bit more.

    I like your blog, so happy anniversary. :D

  9. Happy blog natal day! I've been following your blog for some time now, it's one of the wittiest beauty blogs I've ever read. And thanks to your evil discontinued taupe shadow posts, I'm now lemming for a good taupe eyeshadow of my own!

    laurendado at gmail dot com

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! I have followed your blog for quite a while and I wonder if you have tried a eye shadow from Vincent Longo called Baby Love? It's dc'd but it was a perfect, lovely taupe. I'm still mourning:/

  11. Congrats on the 2 years! I could never be able to keep up a blog for less then amonth! I've tried! lol.

  12. I have entered! :o)

    Happy 2nd birthday Pink Sith!

    I really enjoy reading your reviews, and they always keep me entertained. I'm looking forward to a lot more from the Pink Sith.

  13. Happy 2 year anniversary!! :) Thanks for having a givaway!

  14. congrats on 2 years of blogging! you're so sweet to hold such a great giveaway :)

  15. Happy Blogday my friend! Congrats to you!!

  16. Thanks for the great giveaway, Elvira. Loving the silver and purple theme. There can never be too much purple in your world, can there? ;0)

    Congratulations on the anniversary! You're still one of my favorite blogs, and have been for over a year now. Keep up the good work!

    Lipstick Musings

  17. I was going to say happy blog anniversary but this blog is the reason for my entire taupe obsession. It's a curse on my life!

    ...But I love it.

  18. Happy Anniversary! So happy you've stayed around!

  19. LOL Pink Sith you are always so funny!

    I've been a silent reader for a while and I was first introduced to your blog by a friend of yours (i honestly can't remember who that was though lol) who mentioned your blog on hers. And ever since I enjoyed reading every posts you published! :)

    Just wanted to introduce myself and wish you happy anniversary! Keep bloggin' cuz I really enjoy reading you :)

  20. Just happened by this blog today - i <3 it!! :) Thanks for all the great posts - bookmarked!! :D

  21. Congrats! I've been reading your posts for a while, though I'm more a lurker/reader than a commenter. Thanks so much for your honesty and wit!

  22. I love your blog & all of your zaney posts too! Congrats of your two yr. anniversary.

  23. Purple and silver? Count me in! Congrats on 2 years, that's an awesome milestone.

  24. Happy 2nd blog birthday!!! :)

  25. Happy second blog anniversary!

  26. Happy anniversary! I really do enjoy reading your blog. Lots of great stuff--makes me wanna buy buy buy, haha. The purple theme is darling. :) Good luck to everyone that enters!

  27. This isn't a contest widget on my email - can I enter this way?

  28. Happy blog anniversary and thank you for your fun and smart posts and being helpful with good advice whenever I asked you for :)

  29. Happy Birthday Pink Sith Blog and Happy Many Returns!!!!
    I love you Blog :)

  30. Happy happy Anniversary.....
    More blogging years to come...

  31. Happy birthday, blog. This is one of my favorites--it's refreshing to read a FUNNY makeup blog!

  32. Wow what a generous giveaway! Congrats on reaching 2 fabulous years :-) x

  33. Happy anniversary :)

  34. i'll increase your ego :P
    Happy Blogversary!! :)

  35. Happy (blog) Birthday!!! Even mah boy likes looking at your blog (loves everything from the title to the new background) - not reading it, mind you - thinks it's pretty awesome. I actually do like reading your blog, you cheeky blighter. :)

  36. Your 2nd blog's birthday is wonderful :)

    I\m entering :)

  37. Happy bloggerversary! You draw the winner on my ACTUAL birthday, so if I win it's like receiving a birthday present on my birthday because your blog just had it's birthday. That sentence hurt my head to write.

    Good luck to everyone! ^_^

  38. Happy blog anniversary and congratulations :) :) :)

    I mention your giveaway here: http://eteleport.blogspot.com/2010/07/lot-of-giveaways.html, I will be happy if you visit my blog :)

    Feel any better? ;)
    Take care ;)

  39. Happy Anniversary! I began reading your blog last week & decided I had to add it to my collection of RSS feeds; I signed up to follow you today!

    Love what I've read in my first week, so I'm really looking forward to your next two (...three, five... who knows?) years.

    Have a good weekend!


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