Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LORAC Private Affair Palette

image from sephora.com

Because I'm a sucker and I had a gift card to Sephora I decided to purchase the new LORAC Cosmetics Private Affair Palette. LORAC cosmetics has some pretty nice shadows and some decent glosses but I have never had the "OMG I MUST HAB DIS" desire for any of the products. That was until LORAC came out with a palette with not only a brown taupe but a silvery taupe and plum and champagne and and and. I just HAD TO HAB EET!

The palette arrived the other day and at first look I realized that this is something I won't be using until the weather gets much cooler...or until I get cooler...whichever comes first. Honestly, 1/2 the palette is too dark for the sweltering days of July/August and I would just look ridiculous with a platinum/plum smokey eye slowly melting down my face in the middle of the day. But that doesn't stop me from loving the palette. It comes in this wine colored faux crocodile pleather. It's very sweet looking! The mirror is ample and has enough shadows (6 total) for multiple smokey eyes!

The special perk of this palette is that is comes with a dual ended brush and an eyeshadow primer. I must say that the VERY first thing you do if you get this palette is carefully open the sliding drawer that houses the dual ended brush and eye primer and take the brush out of the drawer. Then walk over to the trash can and insert the dual ended brush. Yes! The brush is that terrible. I used it and I felt like I was putting porcupine quills on my eyelids. It is sooo scratchy and causes sooo much fallout that it is as useful as tits on a bull. Disappointing.

OK The second thing you do if you get the palette is to decide right then and there if you are going to use the eye primer. I used it for three days straight and I found it fairly good. It worked well, It did seem to make the colors slightly more "vibrant" But how vibrant can champagne rose with shimmer and soft taupe with pearl eyeshadows be?

The shadows in the palette are nice and neutral and can take you from day to night with the simple addition of a few key shades. The palette can create a lovely smokey eye and can create a nice office neutral look. Sadly, The shadows are VERY soft. Can shadows be too soft? Yes. LORAC shadows are too soft for me. They literally look crushed when you apply a brush to them and they create a lot of powder in the pan when you are using them. I find this wasteful and tragic. One thing I hate to see is overly molested eye shadow in a pan after just a few uses.

No Flash, Interior Light

Flash, Interior Light

The colors have no names. But from left to right they are:
Creamy beige with pearl
Champagne rose with shimmer
Soft taupe with pearl
Platinum grey with pearl
Deep wine with shimmer
Black with sparkle

As I said the shadows are VERY soft so you need a light hand hen applying. They tend to get sort of muddy if you try and blend too much so be careful with that.

You know what...the more I write this review, the more I realize this palette isn't as awesome as I thought it was.
Crappy Brush
Meh Primer
Super Soft Shadows

So why should you get this? I have no idea why. Maybe you can get it because you adore LORAC. Maybe you get it b/c you want a cute fall/winter like palette. Maybe you have a gift card and want to blow $38 on 6 eyeshadows a primer and a craptacular dual ended brush. Or Maybe you just don't get it at all. I'm disenchanted after re-reading my review. I'm gonna go ponder why I do stuff like this all the time.


  1. You can always exchange it/return it, if it's not working for you. It's one of the really nice things about Sephora (tho' if you want to return it via the mail & being it was a gift card purchase you'll have to jump through a couple of hoops).

    Such is your taupe-mania. All the best!

  2. Sounds like a case of the returns to me! Get another prettier palette!

  3. The shadows look very pigmented though!

  4. Why not exchange this for the UD Naked palette (if Sephora ever have it in stock again)? I used to purchase LORAC palettes but stopped b/c they are really not that good.

  5. I disagree with Li as I tried both UD and LORAC and I very much prefer LORAC as UD e/s texture varies from very coarse to some degrees of refine. and OMG! I was lemming over this palette but I wasn't sure if the colours were as deep as how they showed on Sephora. They are not. Hmm, it's not a happy thing for me as I wanted them very dark. But then again, they did show up very pigmented on you.

    I might just pick this up!

  6. why don't you like its super soft texture? is it the same as the Red Carpet? if so, then i'd really love it. but I have to wait for my fund to increase a little before getting this. LOL

  7. Hahaha, I love this review. I personally like Lorac shadows but I am very careful when picking up shadow with my brush, otherwise it does go all over the place. I tend to get them on clearance from the Lorac website though so I don't mind as much if they're not super awesome.

  8. Great colors!! When I first read the title, I thought it said PIRATE Affair. LOL Guess that's what I get for skimming.

  9. that's funny how you managed to convince yourself otherwise while writing your own review. But I guess you don't really take the time to really think about the product unless you're reviewing it!



  10. Hahaha!u are too funny: Tits on a bull... I must remember that one. Had long day at the office- your writings always put me in an uplifting mood. I don't "do" Lorac because I find their colors so so and can relate to your comment as it being "too soft". Stila already is too soft imo. I like UD e/s A LOT! But then again, the best for me is Shu Uemura (am as nuts about Shu as u are about Taupe e/s). I live in Canada (yeah, it's blipin cold), so thank god we still have Shu, used to get mine in NYC. You might want to return the palette...Hehehe...

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  12. Hi, Li is right, have you seen the UD Naked Palette? Perhaps you might go for that one instead. Me, am waiting for Shu Fall collection, got a glimpse of it already, colors are vibrant and very fun. Aargh cannot wait - am getting both palettes. But seriously, the UD Naked you should check out. Am still waiting for my Chanel Taupe grise as we do not have it yet here, already placed the orders..Am bored waiting...Zzz

  13. *sigh* Actually, I wasn't even thinking about this palette until I saw your swatches. They're just...totally my colors! Thanks for the review!

  14. Hey Sith, got a question. What is your opinion on the colors themselves? They look JUST like ones I already own. Far left looks like Kitten, taupe looks like Satin Taupe, gray looks like Diamond Lil, Dune, etc. Personally I adore the texture of most LORAC shadows. But I'm wondering if I should skip this because of too many dups...

  15. Hi Anonymous:
    For sure skip it. You are spot on with your dupes! (The Satin Taupe from MAC is slightly more purple) but regardless it is not worth the money if you have all those other shades you lited. Maybe look at the UD Naked Palette or check out the Kat Von D palette that Sephora has.


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