Friday, July 23, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish in Yasmeen

I know what you are thinking.

Oh Jeez. Not ANOTHER Purple Polish Post!

While I appreciate the alliteration I beg of you to be objective.

I know I have a purple nail polish fetish. I know that my purple polish drawer is overflowing. I know that having a drawer of purple polishes is also strange, but you have to believe me when I tell you that THIS polish is my favorite.........this week.

Zoya Yasmeen (Arabic for Jasmine Flower) is first off a pretty name, second off the most gorgeous red based purple with gold shimmer I have ever seen.

Zoya polishes apply smoothly and are always fluid and self leveling. This picture shows only 2 coats! Some polishes can be sheer, but this one packs a powerhouse of pigmentation in each brush stroke. It's positively perplexing how pigmented this purple polish paints! Presumably, Zoya used the perfect amount of preeminent probing to find the prime proportions, dare I say the perfect prescription of pigment to pour into the pretty bottle.

OK. I'll stop.

Seriously tho. Zoya Yasmeen is easy to apply, long wearing and pretty as a picture!

Do you NEED it? Well, how can I say you don't need any Zoya polish? Of Course you need it.


  1. Oooh very pretty! I'm going to try and convince myself that I don't need this polish!

    .............nah!! Didn't work! NEED IT, NEED IT, NEED IT!! :)

  2. I bought this colour after seeing it on 'Of Face and Fingers', and I have never regretted it! This is a gorgeous polish that I enjoy every time I wear it. No-one does purple like Zoya :)

  3. The color is absolutely beautiful, I think I need to add it to my collection!

  4. Your powerful perky proliferation of purple is quite peachy.

  5. I have that one, too and I absolutely LOVE it! Saying it's pretty doesn't adequately describe that polish. I haven't used it for a full mani yet. I have a disproportionate amount of purple in my collection, too. What is it about purple?!

  6. Okay, I have a confession...I'm NOT a big fan of purple polish. I know, blasphemy! But I have to say, that one has piqued my interest. It looks fantastic on you! It looks as if it walks the perfect line between PURPLE purple and that awful dusky purple that I keep seeing that just looks like they sort of forgot what color they were making halfway through the formulation process. The one I call dirty purple. Or death purple. But I digress (as usual).

    I may just have to search for this one. I don't wear many polishes, since I work in a kitchen and can't wear polish on my fingers (some days, it sucks to be me)...but there's always the pedicure. Where can I find this incredible Zoya polish? Or do I have to rely on online only?

    And thanks again for another lemming...because after all, I NEED to develop a polish fetish now, in addition to my red lipstick fetish...and my mascara fetish, and my skincare fetish, and my eye shadow fetish...

  7. I really don't know how there can be so many gorgeous high quality nail polishes in Zoya's line. This is beautiful! Now I'm excited to see you do something with that Konad set you bought in Vegas!! :)

  8. Yasmeen was the first Zoya polish I ever owned. It's gorgeous :)

  9. Love purples & this one is so pretty! I am really liking Zoya's polishes lately. :)

  10. That is a beautiful colour, very deep - I want it!

  11. Thank you for this post! I actually own Yasmeen but I had forgotten about it. I need to wear it again STAT. It looks gorgeous on you. :)

  12. Very cute color! Your nail polish reviews are quickly giving me new lemmings. This is really adorable. :)

  13. It is perfect!


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