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Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick and Gloss in Denim Pink

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I think you all are well aware of my fetish for new lipstick. I think I might have a name for it. I call it Lipstickaphilia. Now I have found a source for my newly coined obsession and it's Lipstick Queen. Poppy King, the creative genius behind the brand, has a wide range of lipsticks and glosses to suit everyone. You can see her items in some exclusive boutiques and in Barney's NY, but most people are relegated to purchasing Lipstick Queen products on line. I'm always hesitant purchasing lip products on line because on line swatches can be very unreliable. After buying her newest creation, Jean Queen lipstick in Denim Pink and Lip gloss in Denim Pink, and seeing swatches on line and swatches in real life, I am confident that the on line swatches are very true to life. Sadly, there is no Barney's NY in my area, I have to rely on shopping on line from the Lipstick Queen website HERE ,or on QVC, where I ordered the set (Jean Queen Lipstick and Gloss) for an inexpensive $22.80!, HERE.

The Lipstick Queen Jean Queen set advertising won me over. Listen to this description:
"Jean Queen Lip Gloss- It's Jeanius
Gorgeous natural pink gloss designed to perfectly offset denim and all your casual wear. Totally sticky-free and rich pigment for high impact coverage

Jean Queen Lipstick - It's Jeanius
Gorgeous natural pink lipstick in a super sheer moisturizing tint designed to perfectly offset denim and all your casual wear. Go from drab to fab in one stroke! "
When I'm not at work I LIVE in jeans. There is nothing better than a pair of jeans that fit juuuuust right! While I don't necessarily need help in finding a lipstick to go with my jeans, You all know I have waaay too many to seriously. I have so many lipstick I lost count... I like the concept of a non fussy lipstick and gloss to slick on and go. Just like putting on a pair of jeans; Slip them on and go!

The gloss and lipstick are identical in color. While the lipstick has more pigmentation than the gloss I find that one could wear these products alone or together with relative ease. I would describe the color as a "My Lips But Better" (MLBB) pink. It is a universally flattering color that I think women of all skin tones and colors could wear. It is neither cool nor warm. It's a true neutral pink. As you can see in the swatch photo above the gloss is on the left and the lipstick is on the right. They are virtually identical and both very pigmented. I adore a good pigmented gloss. Nothing I hate more than a pretty pink gloss in the tube to turn virtually clear on my lips once applied! (I'm looking at you Chantecaille lip gloss in Glee!) I'm especially pleased because so many nude/pink lipsticks turn orange on me. I feared this would happen when I placed my order. I was fully expecting to send this set to Joeybunny as soon as it "turned" on me. Unfortunately I had to break the bad news to Joeybunny that she would have to get her own set. I was keeping mine!

The texture of the lipstick is divine! This lipstick is slick and creamy and shiny. It's all I want from a lipstick. It does not dry out my lips, it feels weightless on, it feels luxurious upon application and for a glossy lipstick it lasts pretty well. The packaging is smart. It comes in a denim blue metallic case with enough weight to it to feel expensive yet not so heavy that you are building muscle just carrying it around. (I'm looking at you Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick!)

glosses, until now. The Lipstick Queen Jean Queen The lip gloss is really a stand out. I really only like Chanel Glossimers and Laure Mercierlip gloss is non sticky, well pigmented and feels absolutely wonderful on. Again, the pigmentation is very nice for a gloss and it matches exactly to the lipstick. Another MLBB gloss. I gotta love that!
The squeeze pen/brush application is new to me, but it seems to work just fine. The only thing I worry about is when I get down to the last of the product how hard will it be to get on that brush....then I remember that I hardly ever finish a lip gloss so it really doesn't matter. (OK I finished one gloss once. It was a long time ago, before I knew about Lipstick Queen and other brands)

Do you need this? YES! YES! YES! It is the first pink lipstick I have purchased in a long time that I think can go with almost anything I own. The formula is fantastic and the gloss is wonderful. It's such a wonderful color I am really impressed. Do I want to try more of the Lipstick Queen products after trying this? HECK YES! The only problem is deciding where to start!

Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick topped with Jean Queen Lip gloss


  1. Iiiiiiinnnnteresting! I've been on a hunt for the perfect MLBB gloss since Benefit took away The Gloss in Big Magic (bastards!). Looks like this one might fit the bill ... thanks for the review!

  2. Have you ever tried the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lipcolor? the description of what it feels like sounds like that but I love these colors more! I haven't tried Lipstick Queen and I just purged a bunch of lip sticks that just aren't the right color/don't wear well/bad consistency/no payoff. I think I ought to give these a try - thanks for your great review!

  3. E,
    Get your credit card out & get the Lipstick Queen 3-pc. Discovery Set on QVC! It comes w/Medieval (sheer red), Saint (creamy pink) & Shy (plum mauve)all for around $30 and change. Also you would love LQ glossy pencils! Karla made me fall for them and buy one @ Barney's when I was in Dallas.

  4. These are so cheap on QVC right now. How will I resist?? aaaaaaaah

  5. Crap! I wish I hadn't seen these...these are Beccer colors. :<

  6. ooo this is lovely. Gahh!! I can't get into any more brands :P

  7. I was very hesitant to give this one a shot but based on your review i have to try this on now in person. I only own one Poppy lipstick but I have been a fan of her original collection. I'm curious to see what this looks like on me.

    Have a great weekend btw...

  8. I've heard about this brand and had my eyes on it for awhile now but have to wait until I got to nyc next year- Thanks! this one will be on my ny wish list.. The color is perfect for casual days!:):)

  9. Elvira-Is there any chance you can compare this to my beloved Chanel Bel Air? I'm on my last tube!

  10. I have this set also! I ordered mine from QVC. Now reading the comments I have to order the three piece set. I have another lipstick of Poppy's. I've seen her in fashion magazines for a long while and thought she was gorgeous. I've read articles about her company. When I saw that she was on QVC I knew I had to order. I am very happy with this set. The lipstick is so creamy. I'm a lipstick fiend also. I have too many to count. They mostly look brand new. Rarely have I ever used up a tube. Maybe 4 in my lifetime! I have loads of glosses also. I wish their was a blog all about lipstick. Do you know if there is any?

  11. princessesfatts. You're welcome. It really is a nice shade.

    Renie: I have tried the BB creamy lip color. The BB feels heavier more balm-like than the lipqueen. does that make sense?

    Cindy: I will totally check out the other lip queen deals from QVC. I'm hooked!

    Melissa W. Resistance is futile!

    Becca: You NEED this Beccer!

    luv2smilexo: Aww. Come on. Just one more brand. You can do it!

    Lexi920. I would like to know what this looks like on you as well. I think different skin colors will wear this differently.

    nemesis86. Yes. for sure check it out! It's totally worth it! :-)

    Jill: Hey!! Yes. I would say that Chanel Bel Air is slightly warmer than the Lipstick Queen Jean Queen. It's like if Bel Air and Praline had a child. If you have Bel Air I don't think you NEEEEEED Jean Queen.

    Lucy: Yes. there are a few blogs about lipstick and glosses...Sometimes they focus on other subjects but here are a few to check out
    But the best thing to do is check out your favorite blogs and click on the Lipstick keyword/tab listed on the sidebar. Good Luck!


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