Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ManGlaze Matte Nail Polish

Ever since I joined twitter (Ugh. I know. I can't believe I tweet. I'm a freakin' sell out.) I have been shamelessly flirting with Marc Paez, the creative brain behind ManGlaze, matte polish for men. He is quite friendly and much better at keeping people updated on new products than he may be on the actual ManGlaze website. So when I heard about a NEW color coming out from ManGlaze AND a revamped color I knew I would be waiting with baited breath to be one of the first to purchase.

Before I go any further, let me tell you about ManGlaze. It is a matte nail polish brand for men (and women) founded in 2007. The small boutique firm touting itself as The Original Matte Nail Color", ManGlaze has 3 colors and 2 different top coats in its entire collection. Oh and they have Franken Juggs...More on that in a later post! The 3 color shades that ManGlaze offers are:

Matte Is Murder - A matte black with slight silver shimmer/glitter (original)
Fuggen Ugly - A matte gunmetal grey with slight silver shimmer/glitter (reformulated)
Mayonnaise - A matte white with VERY slight white shimmer (new)

ManGlaze offers two matte top coats which can mattify your favorite shiny polish or add some extra fierce mattness to your already matte ManGlaze or other matte polishes. It's called Matte-Astrophe™. But what may be even better is a matte top coat called Hot Mess. This matte top coat is infused with extra "bling" (e.g. glitter) to give your current matte polishes that extra edge in coolness. I definitely want to pick this up on my next order along with Matte Is Murder.

The labels for the polishes change from time to time. They feature awesome artwork that reminds me of a mix of tattoos, Japanime and deviant art. In other words. Very Punk Rock, which I believe is what the brand is focusing on anyway.

On this order I picked up Mayonnaise, Fuggen Ugly and 4 Franken Juggs

First Mayonnaise. This is the newest matte polish from the ManGlaze is white with just a hint of sparkle, but really it doesn't show up as much as it gives the matte a depth and glow to it. This is beyond painting your nails with White-out paper corrector, this is chic, cutting edge, and admit it, a little fun. However, the one major problem have with Mayonnaise is the application. In the picture above is three coats. I tried applying it with a regular base coat and an aqua base coat (used for holos so it doesn't dry out as fast between coats). I tried correcting the lines/patches while it was wet, I tried leaving the patches alone hoping that it would settle down once the polish dried. Sadly these techniques didn't help very much. Now I will say that by the 3rd try I was able to get this to apply evenly and with very little patchy areas, but I really was meticulous and careful with application. This is not a polish that you can just slap on and go on with your day. This takes some time, patience and commitment to drying time to make this polish work.

The second, and my favorite shade is Fuggen Ugly. Recently reformulated this matte charcoal grey is stunning. Is has a silver shimmer to it which only makes the matte look like it has more depth. This polish applies like a dream. It is opaque in two coats, dries quickly, but is still easy to apply multiple coats. It wears as well as any matte polish, there was some tip wear but no chipping. I love love love this polish and want to wear it every day. Honestly It's so pretty it replaces my Zoya matte Freja polish in the throne of awesomeness

Do you NEED these? Well I have to say that the Fuggen Ugly is beautiful, and if you don't like wearing a matte all the time you can put a shiny top coat to change the look, so YES you need this. As far as Mayonnaise...well that's a big maybe. I personally am not happy with the way it applies and find that it takes a very steady hand to get it perfect, so I say no. ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly retails for an evil $6.66 per bottle and Mayonnaise retails for $13.13. Both can be purchased on line at

I am excited to read that ManGlaze may be coming out with more and new colors in the future. According to an interview that Paez gave to UK's Scratch Magazine,
"We’ll follow with a blue, green and possibly a really awful yellow. We also have a secret innovation coming out that is going to change the whole game. When people get their hands on our big new Manglaze, they’ll be dumping their old traditional nail polishes for good. It’s gonna be a scary thing for sure."
Exciting!! I can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves!


  1. yow, $13.13? I mean, I appreciate the... interesting pricing process, but that's a bit much.

  2. Fuggen Ugly is sweet! If I loved matte nail polish more, I'd definitely have to get it.

  3. Fuggen Ugle is Fuggen pretty! And I can't wait to see what in the world a Franken Juggs is. Living near Hollywood, I have seen my fair share!
    Love a company with a sense of humour.

  4. I'm intrigued by both!
    I'm such a noob with nail polish... I usually pick out a Sally Hansen color if it catches my eye- and only recently I've discovered matte polishes. I thought something was wrong when I bought a vibrant magenta/violet color by Sinful Colors and it dried matte. LOL

    I, of course, put a shiny topcoat on it.... Which made it 100x more vibrant which surprised me. I have a black with really fine iridescent glitter throughout it... And I think I'm going to go put some on right now! Oh... And I swiped them from Walgreens (I know, breaking the bank!) for either 2 or 3 bucks.

  5. LOVING the Fuggen Ugly! I must have it! Thanks so much for introducing me to this line!

  6. I'm just not a fan of matte polishes. Maybe the new colors...?

  7. these are the only two im missing from the collection! i gotta get em!!! they look great!!

  8. I love Fuggen Ugly. I'd love it for the name alone but the color looks great. I may have to place an order. Franken Juggs reminds me of that old movie FrankenHooker. Sorry, got a little off track there.

  9. I have the original Death Tar by ManGlaze, and I know they used to have a note on the website that the polish will generally even itself out within 15 minutes of applying it. I dont know if that still applies to these new ones, but it could be worth a shot?


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