Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Taupes You Can't Have #8, Cargo Fiji

Elvira and I have been (lovingly) torturous with our monthly posts that feature a taupe eye shadow that is discontinued (DCed) and/or hard-to-find (HTF). Despite our best efforts to inflict pain and suffering on our readers, we have heard that you all enjoy reading our posts. As a fellow masochist, I thank you all for the lovely feedback Elvira and I have enjoyed. As you know, the two of us have a large collection of DCed and HTF taupe eye shadows that we believed deserved the attention and love that all taupe eye shadow deserves. In January, I started with MAC Innuendo, and in February Elvira showed you Shu Uemura ME Silver 945. March was Cargo Yukon, blech. In April, my beloved Isadora Eye Shadow in Icy Khaki was featured. May was Club Monaco Quartz. June was my favorite brand obsession with Paul and Joe Eye shadow in #23 Boulevard. In July, Elvira brought us Tarte eyeshadow in The Real McCoy. So, what’s for August?

Well, it’s another Cargo eyeshadow - Cargo Fiji!

Why am I showing you another Cargo eyeshadow? I have a few reasons. One, I absolutely HATED Cargo Yukon. I had it, and I swapped it to another MUAer because I felt like she’d appreciate it more than I would. The color was just vile for me, a too cool-toned ungodly purple silver color that looked like a color-blind fairy sharted on my eyelids. However, I had another Cargo taupe, one that I loved so much more than Yukon. That color is Cargo Fiji.

I’ll never understand why Cargo discontinued their original eyeshadows. The color range, texture, and pigmentation of the old eyeshadows leaves the ones that replaced them in the dust. They retailed for somewhere between $16-$19, for 3.5 grams of eyeshadow. Fiji itself is a gorgeous and unique taupe. It is a warm brown-taupe, with an interesting hit of a plum undertone plus a reddish (almost metallic) shimmer. I’m sure this color probably pulls brown on some women, but whatever - on me, it’s definitely taupe, and it’s most definitely gorgeous. In terms of wear, there is no fallout and the lasting power is significant.

(In this swatch you can see the plum undertone of Fiji)

(In this swatch you can see the cool red shimmer in Fiji!)

Truly, Cargo Fiji is a color worth owning. As I type this, I’m staring lovingly at my little tin of taupe-y treasure. Cargo, seriously: BRING THESE DAMN SHADOWS BACK! Until Cargo listens to my cries of agony, those of you who want this color will have to check MakeupAlley and Evil-bay!


  1. Dear Joeybunny. I will forgive you for equating Cargo Yukon to Fairy Poo. Fiji is a pretty taupe, but definitely not for me. It's far too brown and would read as that on my eyes. HOWEVER, that does not make it any less stunning than it is. Truly a beautiful taupe!

    Dear Cargo: Do you have chimpanzees running your cosmetic division? Why in the world would you cancel your original eye shadows? They were awesome. I have no reason to buy Cargo cosmetics now that you don't offer these any more. Your loss...because I have a serious shopping addiction.

  2. Oooh, I love that taupe! I have no idea why Cargo discontinued their old shadows. The new palettes are hit and miss (the holiday Hands of Hope palette was awesome, some of the quads are great and some suck, and the Essential palettes are generally awesome). But I love the little tins and the amount of product in the old ones!

  3. Elvira - Yukon sucked, just deal with it! But thank you for liking my post on Fiji =)

    Marilyn - I miss the old Cargo shadows too. I am also a little sad that I skipped the Hands of Hope palette.

  4. oo fiji is amazing. and yes, I am enjoying your yukon more than you did :P

  5. Luv2smilexo - I'm glad you gave my poor neglected Yukon a good home. The Smashbox eye brightener you sent me in return is much, much beloved.

  6. I am a sad, sad case. After winning Yukon just yesterday in an EBay auction, I saw that there was one Fiji left in stock on Amazon. com, and I just about dislocated my clicking finger, snapping it up!
    I got a good deal on both, but ...


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