Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Poll

Tonight as I write the poll for Thursday I can't help but wonder if I'm going to start a lot of unnecessary drama. I had planned to talk abut the whole MAC./Rodarte thing and how I observed that some bloggers never mentioned the whole fiasco on their blog, Twitter or Facebook and those very same bloggers are ones that get MAC for free from their PR contacts. As I was writing this mini rant I realized that my point may not come across clearly, or be seen as a jealous rant by some low level blogger. But I figure what the hell. You all can think what you want. If I lose readers, so be it. Now, I did admire how Temptalia addressed the whole RodarteMAC issue. Temptalia gets all sorts of gratis MAC products to review for her blog. I don't have any problem with that. In fact I think it's super because she really is the best place I go to find out about new MAC collections. She didn't give her personal opinion on RodarteMAC, but she still acknowledged it by posting MAC press releases regarding the issue. She had to moderate the thousands of comments left on her blog while still maintaining her objectivity. She handled the whole thing with class. I wonder if other bloggers that get product from MAC PR, who ignored the whole issue completely, if they did that because they were worried that MAC would cut them off? I won't ever know their motivations to ignore the issue, but it certainly makes me question their credibility. Remaining silent on an issue as huge as this, when one reports about MAC products on an almost weekly or bi-monthly basis, makes me think that those bloggers were afraid of losing their gravy train. I understand that to some of these bloggers their blog is their business. They wouldn't want to bite the hand that feeds them, I get that, but how objective are you if you are afraid to speak your mind? Or what if it was another reason. There were only 2 dissenting opinions posted on the whole RodarteMAC issue. Those 2 bloggers stated, in their opinion, that they saw nothing wrong with the collection and that they felt that people were making much ado about nothing. Maybe those bloggers that get free MAC products to review felt that way, and they didn't want to lose their readership. Like I said, I don't know why they did what they did...or should I say didn't do what they didn't do. I have some serious doubts about their credibility after all is said and done. That makes me sad because I really thought these bloggers, being so quick to review every new MAC collection would have said something, anything...but I guess their silence speaks volumes. These opinions are my own. I'm not naming names of bloggers I think ignored the don't ask. Comments speculating on which bloggers I am referring to will be deleted. Sorry. However, comments disagreeing with me will NOT be deleted. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
On To The Poll!

**UPDATE: Please let it be known I am not directing my comments at any individual blogger or blogger that does not get FREE MAC Product. I am merely talking about bloggers that a) Get Gratis MAC, b)Knew about the Rodarte Collection, and c) Chose to say nothing/do Nothing. I'm not saying they HAD to say or do anything, but when the entire blogging community is talking about it, a mere mention of a MAC press release or nod on Twitter or Facebook would have been nice. I was just made aware that some of these bloggers were under an embargo from MAC to NOT say anything about the Rodarte collection until almost 2 week before the release date. (Almost like a gag order.) I understand and respect that they were obligated to keep their mouth shut about the details of the collection until such time as the embargo was lifted.

1. Blush Of The Day? - MUFE HD Microfinish Blush # 6 "Quickie". I received this as a 100 point perk for being a Sephora Beauty Insider. It's my first day wearing it so I have yet to form a solid opinion, but be sure to watch out for a review coming soon. The blush is a cute salmon pink color.

2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? - Well to be honest, my purchases of MAC products were slowing down. I had fallen out of love with the brand. I had grown tired of the unending stream of limited releases, hard to find products and higher prices for no increase in quality. I think the straw that broke the camels back was when I purchased a Limited Edition taupe shadow that was IDENTICAL to Satin Taupe. It had just become ridiculous. The whole RodarteMAC thing just sealed the deal. I just am not interested anymore.

3. Recent beauty purchase? - Well I got some $$ from my Father In Law last week (Belated Birthday Present) so I picked up NARS Tzarine and Buxom Pug (Both items Joeybunny MADE ME purchase by reading her excellent reviews.

4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? - I would limit my special releases to 6 or 8 times a year and focus on a smaller number of products in each release. I would still make some limited edition, but I would rather focus on the quality of the regular products than coming out with yet a 5th chartreuse eyeshadow that is ever so slightly different than the last one.

5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? - I recently rediscovered my Pout Miss Canada eyeshadow. I forgot how pretty it is. This reminds me that I need to shop my stash more often.


  1. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Illamasqua Unrequited and Lover layered over each other, because I'm crazy like that.

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? Honestly, no. I don't get any gratis from anybody, and I haven't developed my opinions on this issue on my blog (although I commented on some others). There has been bad taste and business fail in this matter but that is not going to change my buying habits, I still have enough reasons to trust Mac. On the other hand I'm buying less and less overhyped LE stuff.

    3. Recent beauty purchase? - NARS Tzarine and I blame The Bunny for that one too. (the TaupeMafia doesn't help me being good with my e/s no buy!)

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? Definitely less collections and more stock. I do understand how the "hard to get" factor plays a role in the hype (hey, I'm a marketing girl after all), but huge counters in huge cities getting 3 pieces of LE items is just a loss of sales and money in my opinion, which is plain stupid.

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? - Mac Plumage. It sat unused in my collection but it's gorgeous with Vex or with grey colors.

  2. At some point, I think others thought that it became a "trying to get more readership" if you posted about the Rodarte/MAC thing after a certain point - or at least that's what some people were claiming. I don't think you spoke your mind to get more readers, since you just, well, speak your mind a lot and that's why we love ya!

    I didn't post it because based on my prior experiences with some brands, I like to keep JT as drama free as possible.

    I'm not sure how I feel about MAC pulling the collection entirely to be quite honest (is that still the case?). I thought they could have done a great PR job by including a leaflet or something with each product with a place to donate funds to help the massive amount of people effected by what is going on there. Instead, I'm not really sure what they are doing.

    Anyway, rambles aside. I can understand why some people didn't post about it, though there are others that posted that said bloggers were overreacting which I think may be even worse than saying nothing, ya know?

    /will stop rambling now

  3. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Makeup free day.

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? I never bought much MAC to begin with.

    3. Recent beauty purchase? - Illamasqua Intense Fierce lip gloss.

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? Go back to the beginning looking at what made them great (that need is still quite real) and stop with all of the gimmicks and tie-ins, I find them quite boring.

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? - MUFE #92 so pretty that now that I've found it I want a back-up.

    p.s. Thanks Jeweled T for chiming in. I'm so disappointed by the negative reaction to MAC trying to do the right thing. When Target (and by association Gilt) donated $150K to anti-gay politician because he supported their business goals. Target issued an apology...That's it. MAC seemed to have bent over backward to make things right and it's still not enough. Does Target have it right? Give a little lip service and move on since nothing you do will ever be enough? I think the people have spoken.

  4. 1. Blush Of The Day? Canmake cream blush in a peach shade (#3?)

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? Not really. I've only bought stuff from them once or twice. Maybe I'll buy from them again.

    3. Recent beauty purchase? I'm plotting a purchase of Stila eyeshadow trio in Champagne Glow, as it's on sale near me. Other than that, I've been pretty good about not buying anything other than cleanser.

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? Fewer collections, more focus on better customer service.

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? Bloom lip gloss in a peach-orange shade. So wearable and pretty.

  5. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Looks like an Edward Bess Daydream bronzer as a blush day to me!

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? It would have-honestly, even the first press release regarding the donation didn't help. When they pulled all the products entirely I viewed them much more favorably. At this point, I'm inclined to purchase pretty much as before--if it's something I'm going to use and the quality is right, then fine.

    3. Recent beauty purchase? - Deborah Lippman Bring on the Bling polish. It's going to be sheer, so I'm a little worried about it. I hope its pretty.

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? Slow down--really, 1/3 or fewer special edition collections. Our attention spans aren't THAT short (yet). Work more with fashion designers.

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? NARS Multiple Tints--best color innovation of the year so far as I'm concerned.

  6. Hi
    1. Blush Of The Day? - Benefit Coralista- dug it out of the stash actually ;O)

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? - MAC isn't a brand I buy a lot of for a couple reasons. I find the whole limited ed collection stuff to be a bit much- I cannot keep up and any more can't be really bothered. I also can't keep up with what's being re-promoted either. I didn't comment on my blog about the whole controversy because I felt it had been well covered by you and other bloggers. I believe you and other bloggers really opened a lot of eyes, thanks!

    3. Recent beauty purchase? - I ordered 6 more of the BUXOM Stay there shadows from Sephora- after I bought Mutt and fell in love I had to have MORE ;O)

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? - Stop the crazy LE collection machine!

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? - I am loving doing more simple looks (not every day mind you) and wearing more neutrals. I know it won't last though- lol- I'm itching for blue and teal eotd's :O)

    Great blog too! I love the lively way you write.

  7. I didn't mention the MAC/Rodarte issues for a few reasons. I almost did, actually but for one, I don't buy MAC makeup. Really! I have absolutely nothing by MAC and have never set foot in one of their stores. For some reason they just aren't my fav. The second reason I ended up not saying anything was due to the fact that many other bloggers (especially those much more popular than I) had already discussed the issue and had done a great job at doing so.

  8. 1- BOTD- i just got the same one you're wearing as my point perk! i tried it on last night and it sure is lovely. looks natural, too. 9well, would have if i'd used a lighter hand. lol) today's is Coralista by Benefit.

    2- yes and no. i just bought my first MAC items at my first CCO; and i admit that i love them. however, i'm a cheapie, i don't like to be a sheep/follower, and i don't get the point of a hundred collecions a year either, SO, i'll probably just pick up the odd item at CCO like i just did and leave it at that.

    this particular issue (Rodarte/MAC) disgusts me, (not least because i follow fashion and totally missed the references to Juarez from the actual clothing) that and you're right, a lot of the 'big' blogs didn't mention it at all. mostly it was smaller, grassroots blogs that provided details, and for that i thank you.

    3- recent purchase? i got the Stila Pretty in Paris palette- i really like it esp for fall- and a cotton pouch. small order but it put me over the 100-pt limit so yay. i also hauled some Revlon MU and Neutrogena skincare from CVS sales this week.

    4- change MAC? i know so little about the company, other than droolicious promo images, that i haven't anything to say here, but your idea sounds stellar.

    5- current item rediscovered/acquired etc? i am really liking Revlon PhotoReady so far (day 3 of testing). i redicovered a sample of sephora's mascara that makes my lashes really outrageously long, and i discovered how much fun NYX glitter liner is. :)

  9. I didn't post about the MAC Rodarte issue because I don't primarily post about MAC on my blog. It does get mentioned and used though, and until I discovered mineral and indie makeup, I pretty much only used MAC makeup.

    1. Pandora's Makeup Box in Pout

    2. I honestly didn't know about the Rodarte issue until the blogger community started pointing out why it was in poor taste. So because those bloggers who spoke up to say 'hey, this is wrong,' I knew there was a problem. I'm actually grateful that the blogger community raised awareness of this issue! That's pretty awesome, especially considering some people have had the balls to tell me I'm shallow for blogging about makeup.

    I don't buy as much MAC as I used to, and that's primarily because I buy indie cosmetics and mineral makeup and that's what I prefer to focus on.

    3. Some eye shadows from Shiro Cosmetics and Detrivore Cosmetics.

    4. I would limit the number of LE releases to no more than 12 a year. I would also look at what the most popular/most coveted LE items were and repromote them.

    5. My MAC Fairylite pigment. It's gorgeous and I often forget how much I adore it.

  10. I think a few bloggers just posted about the Rodarte/MAC issue to gain readers. I literally saw some blog posts that were identical, some bloggers did NOT have a clear idea or opinion on the subject. They were just copying word for word what they had read from somewhere else. For the bloggers who didn't post anything, I can't really be mad, let's face it some people just don't care about something unless it's happening in their backyard. Maybe they didn't care, maybe they didn't want to get on MAC's bad side. Either way to each his own. I think when you posted about the subject you genuinely cared and had a definite voice and opinion on the subject and you still do, that's all that really matters. I don't post about MAC unless there is something specific interested in, I don't post about all 100 million collections they launch.

    1. Blush Of The Day? Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek Powder in #03.

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? No, I'm kinda bored with MAC in general and would have stayed away from this collection regardless of everything that happened. I'm tired of the over hype with MAC's LE products.

    3. Recent beauty purchase? 3 MUFE Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks. I still need to write a post about them.

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? I totally agree with you, the main thing I would want to change would be to lessen the amount of collection releases but bulk up on the stock when they do release a collection.

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? That would have to be Boots No7 Tinted Moisturizer, it's the only TM I have really liked. I have had it forever but didn't start using it till this summer. I fell in love with it and having been using it almost everyday.

  11. 1. Blush Of The Day? - probably will be Benefit Dallas. I just got it and I'm excited!

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? - Not really. I think they handled the situation pretty well, all things considered. I only buy a few things here and there anyway.

    3. Recent beauty purchase? - Benefit Dallas, some Urban Decay Matte shadows on ACW. I hit up the stila warehouse sale too. Yesterday I bought some more sigma brushes.

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? - Less special edition collections and focus more on the quality of their core line. I think the matte shadows need improvement. Also make the limited edition collections more unique with more creative packaging.

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? - I recently found a ton of MAC dupes in my wet 'n wild palettes, and the matte shadow quality is better!

  12. You know I agree with you 100% on your thoughts regarding MAC and Rodarte.

    1. Blush Of The Day? - Paul and Joe Creamy Cheek Powder #05 - it's a bronzy shade with shimmer, and I lovvit.

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? - Yes and no. I'm disgusted with the concept of the collection, and I thought MAC's initial reaction to it was terrible. I'm glad they pulled the collection but THE COLLECTION SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN APPROVED IN THE FIRST PLACE. I also truly believe that they will repackage the products, change the name, and eventually rerelease them. I gave up a long time ago on MAC limited edition collections because I realized that the core, permanent line was FAR better. Now, I just turn in my B2M and that's it. Will I continue to buy MAC, when my purchasing of the brand had pretty much come to a halt before this fiasco? Probably not. I have to see.

    3. Recent beauty purchase? - Haha, the BE Pug eyeshadow I reviewed a few days ago, and the Stila Backstage palette, which I should review soon.

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business? - I would only do a LE release every season, and make it phenomenal.

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? - my NYX Champagne and Caviar palette! I want more of the NYX palettes, don't judge me ho.

  13. 1. Blush of the day: Neutrogena all over color in a color similar to orgasm. Its long dc'd and probably more of a highlighter than a blush but i'm at the boyfriends so i have limited stash options here
    2. Mac/rodarte thing? I was never a big mac junkie. I own 3 items total from the brand, all of which unfortunately are LE. I chose not to comment on the controversy as I am just not interested in Mac. My opinion wasn't changed because I already wasnt following them. I think they just release too many things for me to have to always be following. I think all the LE items are just a ridiculous ploy to get more of our money.
    3. Recent Beauty purchase?- Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in spotlight beige(i think thats what its called). Its such a nice MLBB color and I love the moisture renew formula.
    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change Mac? I would be even more restrictive than you and say one collection per season, just like everyone else.

  14. I personally am glad that MAC pulled the collection. It simply did not sit well with me. Makeup is constantly compared to getting a candy fix in the blogosphere--just imagine getting your "candy fix" off of a makeup collection inspired by inhumane conditions and the pain and suffering of women and girls, and, well, no wonder the general public still thinks of makeup as the pastime of vapid self-absorbed fools. I was happy when you posted your thoughts on the collection, and disappointed when I read comments posted on various blogs from ladies or girls who simply wanted to buy the collection, no matter what. I am even happier that MAC has decided to take the next step and will donate their projected profits (net/gross unclear, as Temptalia noted) to a charitable organization with an established history of helping the women of Juarez (their words, not mine). As long as they actually do it, I am more than satisfied with MAC's response to the situation.

    1. Blush of the Day: NARS Douceur

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC: I wasn't a MAC fan to begin with. I own some of their things, including some limited edition products, but I never really got "into" their products. Before MAC took their latest step in the situation, I had resolved to boycott them from then on. Now that they're doing what they're doing, I'm back to my ambivalent attitude towards them.

    3. Recent beauty purchase: The LORAC Private Affair palette. I should have listened to your review! It's just not wowing me as much as I thought it would. I'm probably going to return it this weekend.

    4. If you were in charge...: Do quarterly special releases with limited edition products and encourage artistry among my artists with already existing products, and shape more frequent promotions around that. In regards to the Rodarte situation, I would have still pulled the collection but instructed stores to keep the promotional image (that haunting one that is so right for bringing attention to border town girls/women and SO wrong for selling a makeup collection) and hang it prominently either in the store window or at the cash register, with pamphlets explaining what the image is and how we messed up, what we're doing to make up for it, and giving customers and option to donate to our "MAC fund" (also letting them know that their donation won't affect the amount we ourselves will donate from our projected profits, as we promised to do).

    5. Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stain in Fluoron. It's neon pink in the wrong amounts and a healthy glow when done right. Now I'm lusting after the other much for shopping my stash. :(

  15. I'd like to add that I was glad that MAC pledged to donate all of their global profits from the MAC / Rodarte collection, and help with a new organization for the people of Juarez.


  17. I wanted to try and put up a link to what the whole MAC rodarthe thing actually was cause I didn't know.. I agree that it's wrong not to give your real opinion. Since I am allowed to give my real opinion here.. I will say that I LOVE the Thursday Poll. There are many things I love about this blog otherwise I wouldn't be here. DUh. I do have one small observation though. There is so so much to read, I often drop off half way through. Shorter faster information please.

  18. 1. BOTD: Milani Luminous

    2. Has the whole MAC Rodarte thing changed your buying habits with MAC? No - I don't own a sinlgle MAC item. I mostly have drug store stuff.

    3. Recent beauty purchase? I just got a bunch of NYX lipsticks. Wearing B52 right now and I really like it.

    4. If you were in charge, what is one thing you would do to change the was MAC does business?
    I don't know enough about MAC to comment

    5. Current favorite makeup item that you discovered/rediscovered/acquired/etc? I recently started using primers. I've got some Two faced shadow insurance and I absolutely love it. My eyeshadow used to disappear by lunch and now I get annoyed if it isn't still perfect by the time I go home. Also I have been using Rimmel face primer and it works great and is cheap (I have a small sample of the two faced one - primed and poreless I think - and I don't notice a difference in how my makeup wears between the two.

    Also I want to disagree with the anonymous poster above. I love reading your posts plese don't shorten them!

  19. Ok ok. I said I was sorry. I just was frustrated because I didn't know about the Mac thing and couldn't find it easy. I finally did read the post about Mac and I thought it was very moving.

  20. Dear Elvira,
    I aplaud your decision to speak out on a topic you felt was unfair and just plain wrong. I am not a MAC girl, so I just had no idea what was going on. I found it incredibly sad that they chose such a horrible misfourtune to promote beauty. Where is the beauty in the violence that goes on. I never got the feeling that you were speaking out on the topic to gain readers. I have followed your blog for some time and you speak up on all kinds of things. That's just you! I depend upon your views and thoughts to keep me informed about things in the beauty world that I don't have the time or finances for. I found what you had to say, although very sad, interesting and informative. If I wasn't a MAC girl before, I certainly won't be now. I for one, say kudos to you for speaking your mind and heart. keep it up, that's why I keep reading!

  21. I'm of the opinion that people are making a big deal over the Rodarte thing because they can. Honestly, the fashion and beauty industry does SO MANY horrible awful things to promote "beauty" that taking a stand against MAC for a campaign that was probably in poor taste doesn't really mean anything. Have any of you looked at beauty and fashion models? Not Healthy. Not at all... yet everyone still seems to be a fan of Chanel, Dior etc because they're "classy" never mind the eating disorders they spawn.

    I wouldn't care if a blogger commented on the whole sordid mess-not everyone has to have an opinion on everything. Taking photos of lipstick swatches doesn't automatically mean you have to voice your opinion on the ethics of it, and I wouldn't assume someone was afraid of losing freebies. Bad press is still press.

    Yes, I'm cranky. I'm a cranky old woman-I want to smack things with my cane.


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