Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow in No. 9 Rosewood

Burberry has recently launched a new beauty line and it is available at select Nordstrom stores and on line at When I found out, back in late spring/early summer that Burberry would be launching a cosmetics line I was thrilled. I have long since loved the signature Burberry plaid. I have a wallet, bag and scarf from Burberry and I covet them dearly. I was anxious what they would do with their line of cosmetics and to be honest there are no surprises in this line. Not to say that's a bad thing, quite the contrary. Burberry Beauty has classic colors, superior formulations and excellent packaging. The attention to detail in this line is astounding.

I felt it necessary to have my first post about Burberry Beauty be on one of the taupe colored eyeshadows from their line of cosmetics. Hello 'm a taupe hoor. I would loose my status as taupe hoor if I didn't do it. Right? So today, I bring you Burberry Beauty Sheer Eyeshadow in No. 9 Rosewood. The swatch on line does not show how absolutely stunning this color really is. I know you all thought I would go for the obvious No. 7 Taupe Brown, but I really was enchanted with the Rosewood color when I saw it featured on The Beauty Look Book. Isn't Sabrina great at creating lemmings? ANYWAY, I had a gift card to Nordstrom, so I used it to purchase the Rosewood Sheer Eyeshadow and the Rosewood Lipstick (Watch for a post on this in the future!). I have to tell you this was money well spent.

Before I even get to talking about the quality of the eyeshadow let me kvell about the attention to detail in the packaging. From the paper box to the compact itself, this Burberry eyeshadow is Burberry 100%. The box is a textured linen color with the classic Burberry font, it's very simple but elegant. (Are you really talking about the box Elvira?) YES! The box even feel luxe. The eyeshadow compact comes with it's own black velvet pouch, the signature Burberry plaid is on the velvet in black.

The compact itself feels heavy and sturdy. It is in a shiny mirror like pewter colored metal with the signature Burberry plaid design etched on the top.

The Burberry brand name is etched into the front of the compact. A magnet holds it closed so it is easily opened. When opened, an ample mirror accompanies the generous pan which holds the eyeshadow that has the Burberry plaid pressed into it. A standard foam applicator is included, but honestly I'm not fond of those so I usually just ignore it.

OK. The eyeshadow itself is as remarkable and understated as the compact. It is soft but not too soft. It is powdery, but not too powdery. It is sheer. Yes. If you are looking for vivid color and pigmentation to knock your socks off, this is NOT the brand for you. HOWEVER, if you like a sheer and subtle wash of color and you like color that blends easily and lasts all day, then this is it! The shadow applied like a dream. It blended easily on my primed lid and lasted a good 12 hours. I experience no fall out, no creasing or caking. It was simply divine!

The color is a light icy brown taupe with slight pink undertones, however I think this color would look very different depending on your skin tone, since it is so sheer. On me Rosewood is a neutral taupe with shimmer and slight frost. The swatch pic looks lighter in color than it does on my eye, so that shows you how different this color can look depending on your coloring (in the swatch pic I am using a MAC paint Pot in Painterly as a base).

Do you NEED this? Well at $29 a piece this is a hefty investment in eyeshadow, but I think it is totally worth it if you want a beautiful and luxurious neutral shadow. That being said I still want to eventually purchase the Taupe Brown and Midnight Plum colors and I'll have no regrets doing it.


  1. This is so pretty! I admit, I didn't even give this line a second thought when it first came out. I just dismissed it as boring. The more swatches and looks I see with it, the more I want it!

    Cosmetics Aficionado

  2. the packaging says its name =) Too bad we don't have it in malaysia >_<

  3. I bought lavender blue and I'm in love! heheh only problem is that I have to carefully budget and soo many colors, such a suffering wallet.

  4. That looks gorgeous... but I can't justify to pay so much when there is MAC, MUFE and other brands with amazing similar products for much less... If the colour was extremely unique, I wouldn't mind!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  5. Gorgeous!!!! Now I can't wait to see your lipstick post on Rosewood. Those are the colors I've been dying for. Thanks!


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