Friday, September 24, 2010

KenzoKi Fresh Jelly And Gumdrops and Nightshift Cream

I have been trying out some new items that were sent to me from KenzoKi and I wanted to tell you about them.  It’s no secret that I really like the KenzoKi product line.  The Kenzo company known for their excellent colognes and perfumes also has a skincare line that uses a no nonsense yet fragrant approach.  The two products I tried this time are from the Energizing part of the line.  This part of the line uses Ginger Plant water and other essential oils to pamper your skin.  The two products are the Nightshift Cream and the Fresh Jelly and Gumdrops exfoliator. 

Allow me to start with the product I liked the least.

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Let me explain that while I did receive these items from the company itself I do not hold anything back in my reviews.  Perhaps I’ll burn a bridge with this review, but I just cannot in good faith recommend this product at all.  Fresh Jelly and Gumdrops is a gentle exfoliator that comes in a gel base with little gummy beads in different sizes.  They call them “smart beads”, but I call them “beads that are near impossible to effectively exfoliate and rinse off my face”.  Yes. This gel exfoliator smelled nice and was somewhat cooling upon application, but it did nothing, and I mean NOTHING for me.  The get wasn’t sticky, it sort of reminded me of hair gel that never get’s sticky, but the “smart beads” either broke down and created a gelatinous mess on my hands or didn’t rub away any dead skin cells or unclog my pores in the last bit.  Oh, it’s also described as a face wash, but it did nothing to cleanse my face. Nada.  My makeup remained after use. It didn’t foam or remove any stitch of dirt from my face at all. I used this exfoliator for 2 weeks before I just couldn’t take it anymore.  The packaging was OK, but the bottle was a bit awkward in dispensing and sometimes I got too much or too little when I tried to dispense it.  Worse yet, once I rinsed the product off, I still found little traces of the smart beads on my skin (Usually around my hair line) afterwards.  I do NOT recommend spending your $34 hard earned dollars on this 2.7 oz item.
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 NOW on to the good news!  The KenzoKi Nightshift Cream was very, very nice.  A creamy and emollient treatment for the night time.  What I love about this cream is that it has a light texture and feels almost like room temperature butter cream frosting! (Hey I really like cake, that’s the best comparison I could come up with)  The cream is lovely as you only need a little bit to apply to your whole face. I would say a dollop about the size of an M&M is what you need for your entire face.  Maybe a small peanut M&M… I digress.  I apply this to my face at night after cleaning and smooth whatever feels like “left over cream” onto my neck.  When I wake up my skin is soft, not overly greasy and the tone is quite even.  Now KenzoKi claims that this cream will brighten your complexion.  I did notice a nice even skin tone and my skin felt very soft in the morning so I’m gonna have to say YES! 100% effective.  Better yet. I didn’t experience any breakouts while using this cream and after 3 weeks of use I still have more than 3/4 of the jar left.  Not too shabby.  I do wish it came with a spatula to dispense the product as I do so hate putting my fingers into the jar, but I just used an old spatula from a used up product for this one.  The product is fragranced but nothing that is overpowering. It’s not a spicy ginger scent but it’s definitely a botanical scent.  For $60 you get 1.7 oz.  Since this jar hasn’t lost much product in the time I have been using it I bet I could get a good 9 months to a year out of it.  Those of you with dry skin may not find this rich enough for the colder, dryer months, but those with oily to combo skin could use this year round without the risk of feeling overly slicked up!  I tend to “retire” products I test after using them during the trial period, or use them up and not repurchase.  KenzoKi has consistently created products that I not only finish, but I repurchase with my own money time after time.

Do you NEED this?  Yes. To the Nightshift Cream and a resounding, fist clenched falling to my knees and looking up to the sky shouting “Nooooooooo” in slo-motion No for the Fresh Jelly and Gumdrops.  You get the idea!


  1. I tried a lot of products from the range a couple of years ago, as I had received them in a PR action (in sample sizes, mind you). I really really liked their moisturizing /refreshing sprays as the scents were very soft and fresh. There was also an eye cream in the yellow range that was meant to be kept in the fridge and it was a delight to apply! Other than that, the products felt luxurious and nice but didn't give impressive results in terms of skin appearance.

  2. This was a really helpfull review, thank you. Burning bridges .. I know everything about it, just burned one today .. Bad review about a dutch webshop ^^


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