Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ManGlaze Hot Mess and Matte Is Murder

You know I'm late to hop on the bandwagon for matte nail polishes, but I think it was because I hadn't found a matte nail polish that worked so well for me. ManGlaze polish is that miracle matte polish. Sure the color choices are limited, but what they do have is perfection. Today I bring you 2 more polishes from the collection. I told you about my first purchase from then a few weeks ago. I picked up Fuggen Ugly (A stunning steel grey matte) and Mayonnaise (A white matte with depth). While it took me a while to get a handle on applying Mayonnaise, I did eventually get it and I now adore the shade. In fact, while I type this post I am wearing Mayonnaise with a ManGlaze top coat called Hot Mess. Mot mess is a glitter infused matte top coat. It adds that little bit of OTT shine to a matte manicure without being OTT. (Over The Top for you acronym challenged folks out there) See how incredibly stunning mayonnaise is with Hot Mess over top? I have been wearing this manicure for 4 days straight. 4 baths for Darthypie and the minimum of housework (none) and I have no chips or cracks and just minor tip wear. Mayonnaise and Hot Mess FTW! (For The Win not Fuck The World, which is what a lot of people think that means.)

But then I get to the cornerstone of the ManGlaze line of polishes. The one that inspired many a rocker to clip their cuticles and decide between acetone free and acetone based polish remover. Yes. I'm talking about:

Matte Is Murder

The black matte polish applies like a dream. This is two coats in the picture. The color isn't just black it's black with micro shimmer that looks to have some teal, green, purple and perhaps silver? It is so awesome that even Mr. Sith said he would consider using it! To get Mr. Sith even remotely interested in my nail polish is a miracle. He commented that it looked like the Stealth Bomber paint and that was "cool" although he could pass on the "sparkles" as he put it.

Those "sparkles" were the Hot Mess accent nails I did on my ring finger and thumb. I thought I would zhuzh up the manicure for our date.

Do you need this? Well DUH! Yes. Matte is the perfect finish for fall. As we drag our suede boots out of storage matte polish will really tie your whole look together. Not that I own anything made of suede, but if I did, I would be wearing it in the fall. So add to your shopping cart when you visit Manglaze.com the following items:
Hot Mess
Matte Is Murder
Fuggen Ugly
Mayonnaise! After wearing Mayonnaise with Hot Mess I have decided that this is a HOT manicure for any time of the year!


  1. I don't normally pay attention to nail polish reviews, but the Matte is Murder photo made me stop to read this post. Holy shit that is gorgeous! I'm actually tempted to buy a bottle. Is it long-lasting though? How long before it starts chipping?

  2. Hey Lauren: I on;y wore Matte I murder for 3 days but no chipping. Mayonnaise I have been wearing for 4 days with no chips, but I have found that individual results may vary. However. I think any polish you can wear for 4 days with no chips is fantastic!

  3. They look pretty cool! I like the look of matte murder. Does it feel the way it looks? It reminds me of unglazed pottery and chalk.

    It would be hot if I could get my bf interested in this nail polish! Somehow, I doubt it. So cool that Mr. Sith likes it though!

  4. Hi Kuri: Oh goodness no. The feel is smooth. Unglazed pottery gives me the creepy crawlies!

  5. ah, nice. yeah, it was giving me the creeps too.

  6. My darling A also loves the look on the ManGlazes, but he wants Matte is Murder or Mayonaise with a blue/green flakie top coat. I love my boyfriend.

  7. Ive never had a matte finish polish but these looked very cool. My favorite is the top nail, mayonaise

  8. hahaha
    fuck the world = lol xx
    i didnt know people thought that was what it meant hehe


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