Friday, September 3, 2010

Nubar Iced Licorice Nail Polish

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Nubar nail polishes are fast becoming my favorite brand of polishes. I really like the fact that they don't release a new collection every 10 seconds, that the color selection is full of unique and classic shades and the quality of the polishes are excellent too. Heck I even like the bottle design and top of the polish. I'm not a fan of their customer service...their twitter page SUCKS. Seriously Nubar, take a note from Charlotte at Lipglossiping about Social Media HERE. You can afford to step up your game in this arena! This lack of attention to their twitter followers and Facebook fans speaks volumes for their customer service. I personally have never had a problem with a purchase from Nubar, but it would be nice if they used twitter and facebook to interact with their fans more. Just sayin'

Anyway. I have yet another fab shade to bring you from Nubar today. This one is called Iced Licorice. Now when I think of Licorice I think of that nasty black anise flavored stuff. This polish on the other hand is neither nasty nor black. It's a pretty lilac (Purple! OMG I got ANOTHER purple polish? Shocker!) with gold. It's a combination of warm and cool tones and it changes depending on the way the light hits it. The color is deceiving because it looks much cooler toned in the bottle than it does once applied. It really warms up on the nails and the gold aspect to the polish gives it a much warmer tone depending on how you look at it.

In this picture I only used two coats. Most Nubar polishes are fairly opaque and require one to two coats for the perfect amount of color saturation. The finish is smooth despite all the gold flecks, however removing the polish is like taking off a glitter, so you need to use some patience with the cotton pad or the foil method (explained HERE). The brush is decent, slightly on the thin side but smooth. The polish itself lasts for days with no chipping and minimal tip wear.

Do you NEED this? Well I will have to say that this color isn't for everyone as it can change a lot depending on the light. Heck even times when I wear it, I think I don't LOVE it, but I still reach for this color again and again so how can I say no? Iced Licorice Glitter Polish retails for $7.49 from


  1. I have this lacquer. And I love the brand and agree with you. As much as I like seeing a new release and looking for something different....I feel overwhelmed with the 50 thousand new releases that have come out right now. Some are coming so fast by the same company that I can't even keep straight which new color came from which relase - blah!

  2. Love Iced Licorice! HATE the name! Could it please be a bit more unappetizing? : P

  3. I have just started getting Nubar polishes and am now hooked - love them. I agree with everything you said.


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