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Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face

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A little while ago I had a giveaway for Perricone Cold Plasma Face cream. I did the giveaway on the condition that I could also test the product. Unfortunately I was unable to receive the sample before the giveaway so I wasn’t able to say if it worked or not at the time of the giveaway. Well now that I have received and used the sample of Perricone Cold Plasma for about a month I have some results to share with you.

According to Perricone MD., Cold Plasma Face is supposed to ”prevent and correct the ten most visible signs of aging relating to: firmness, elasticity, clarity, radiance, smoothness, texture, redness, blotchiness, wrinkles, and dryness.”
In an independent four-week clinical study on women between the ages of 20 and 65:
- 99% reported that their skin was soft and smooth.
- 94% said they liked the results and felt it provided for their skincare needs.
- 92% reported that their skin looked radiant and healthy.
- 91% felt that their skin was infused with moisture.

Here is what I experienced after 4 week of use.
- Skin was soft
- Skin was moisturized
- Skin tone was more even (less redness)
Here is what I did NOT experience after 4 week of use:
- Skin was not smooth
- Skin was not radiant
- Skin did not feel or look firmer

So I guess it basically moisturized my skin really really well and the added moisture helped even out the skin tone. I did not notice added clarity or smoothness…but I also didn’t notice new wrinkles which is great. (But how many does one get in the span of 4 weeks?) I never had a problem with lack of elasticity or firmness before using this product, but my skin never felt firmer or more elastic after using it either.

I will say that my skin certainly felt nourished. It was properly moisturized every day and evening and I felt that having just used my moisturizer alone I would not have achieved the same level of moisturization without it. Does that make sense?

Things I didn’t like about the feel, texture, scent, packaging, etc. of the product:
It smelled like fish…and not fresh fish, but fish after it has been out for a while. It REALLY smelled like fish. While I appreciate Perricone not adding in synthetic fragrances to cover up the fish smell of this face cream, I kind of wish he had. Bleh. It really was overpowering. After using it for 4 week at twice a day my jar is a little over 1/2 to 2/3 full. That’s a lot of product gone in a short span of time. I would think that with regular use one would need a new jar every 3 months or so.

Things I did like about the feel, texture, scent, packaging, etc. of the product:
The product, while packaged in a jar came with a handy spatula to help pick up the right amount of product without having to dip my fingers in the product and contaminate it. The crème itself was very lightweight. I hesitate to call it a cream. It’s almost like a light liquidy emulsion. It spread evenly on my face and absorbed quickly. It did not feel sticky on my face and didn’t interfere with my makeup application. It also did not make my skin, which is very oily, feel overly greasy. It was a very nice light feeling and I appreciated that since I was instructed to wear it in the day and evening.

Do you NEED this? Well if you are under 30 I say no. But if you are over 30 I still say no. I honestly have not seen the “miraculous” results these women in an independent survey saw. It’s a nice serum/pre-moisturizer treatment but it did not do the things it is said to be capable of doing. AND for $150 an ounce I t better well do everything AND MORE….like the dishes & laundry.


  1. I used mine once a day and it lasted for at least 5 months. I didn't repurchase but I've thought about it. Right now they are offering a decent sample size for free but with $4.50 postage. If you wanted to try it, I'd go to the website for that deal. The sample appears to be enough for at least 2 weeks twice a day.

  2. The only product from Perricone I saw a visible difference with was the first formulation of the FAce Activator with DMAE, but I never re-purchased because it too smelled fishy and was too expensive. I'll stick with Reviva Labs products--much cheaper and gives results.

  3. Love your honesty Elvira:)
    And if it smells like fish & worked I don't think I'd put it on my face.

  4. The last thing I'd want to put on my face is anything called Cold Plasma! Bleh! Bad marketing!


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