Friday, September 17, 2010

Rant by Joeybunny - Makeup Storage: Why is it SO hard to get right?!

This is an open post, sort of. I hate my makeup storage. The following pictures are of my current storage, which consists of:

A cabinet full of makeup palettes and a Hello Kitty traincase inside said cabinet which holds a bumblefuck of assorted eyeshadows

(yes, the picture is dark and hard to see - but almost all of these palettes are black anyway, haha)

A traincase which holds an even larger bumblefuck of assorted eyeshadows

A dresser drawer filled with lipglosses, eyeliners, and brushes in makeup bags

A dresser countertop with Sterelite drawers of foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, and lipsticks

This, my friends, is an organization nightmare. I can’t find anything. My makeup is so jumbled up that I forget what I have! The only things that are well-organized are my eyeshadow palettes...and that’s only because of that cabinet. Thank goodness my old roommate left it behind for me to snag!

So, does anyone have any ideas for me? Please share how you house your makeup, and if you have any cheap suggestions for me, let me know!


Also, I know someone's going to ask this: If I did full stash pics, I'd kill everyone. My storage is deceiving in the sense that you can't tell how much makeup I actually own. I own a lot. So no, you won't be getting real stash pics any time soon.

Oh - feel free to ask about anything you may be able to point out in these horrific pictures!


  1. You know, I have been thinking about buying a tool storage cabinet. The one that has many shallow drawers. Then, maybe inside, put little dividers to keep the shadows in place. I have also seen makeup aficionados use sectioned pencil holders for gloss, silverware holders for powder, and beading containers for the pots of shadow. I have even considered putting all of my lipsticks in a palette.

    I feel your pain. Oh, Ikea may have some cabinet options so that you can consolidate everything. Maybe a purge will help you organize too.

  2. Well, #1, I do not feel so bad now about the Fishing Tackle Box, Train Case and various MU bags mine is in. #2, Have you considered buying trays to organize it all and place them into the cabinet?? I'd have to be there in person, dear bunny girl to really get ideas.

  3. I've known you for how many years and I've never seen your stash...yet you're intimately familiar with mine. So weird. I think you need one of those rolly carts - I love those things.

  4. I have a wooden tool chest that is available at Lowe's during the holidays (look for it in November, I know they skipped it in '07/08, I hope it's back this year) and it's awesome. It holds all my 450+ Bare Escentuals shadows in the drawers. It would look great on top of your cabinet.

    They are $70 - much more reasonable than the actual metal ones.
    2 large drawers 22X9X1 3/4 inches. 4 small drawers (half the width of large ones) 10 1/2X9X1 3/4 inches. Metal corner protectors, handles on both sides.
    There are my pics

    this is the old style

  5. I have a Helmer from Ikea. also have 3 for my nail polish. it works wonderfully. i have organizers in each drawer. and i keep my pallets, and other face stuff on top within easy reach

  6. I'm not sure if you've seen my organizers for holding makeup that are on either side of my vanity but I really love them. It's not ideal but it's WAY better than what I Was doing.

  7. you may want to look at the fellisimo website. They sell really pretty storage (which are ment for colored pencils) but would work for eyeliners and lip liners too.

  8. You need a Helmer (or the 3 drawer Target version the "Melmer") in your life STAT. I have 2 of each and they are great for storage. From the looks of things you need at least 2 Helmers or 4 Melmers. Good luck!

  9. I’m your new follower. Really like your blog! Maybe you could check out mine sometime:

  10. I have things a little easier, since I only really use loose-powder shadows and since I'm OCD enough to repot everything. That portion is a ginormous pain; but I know how much I have (which is an embarrassing amount. Aherm.) I have all my jars stacked in plastic containers, which I store on their sides. The jars stay upright, I can see the colors in all the jars, and my inner Organizational Nit is relatively content.

    All my lip stuff and tubes (like mascara) go into a three-"drawer" organizer on my counter. I found the plastic containers, and the three-"drawer" organizer, all at Storables (the first in the office-supplies section, the second in the bathroom-organization section.)

    It's far from perfect; but it works for me.

  11. Check out Ikea, they litterally have a lipstick/lipgloss storage container that may or may not have saved my life. They have tons of little things to help and they'll ship to your door.

  12. i'm a fan of watching those make up guru's who show how they store their stuff.
    I'd take those shadows out of the traincase and use it for only storing stuff u never use at all or extra like cotton swabs, mascara wands, whatever.
    *For pigments: find those stackable containers or stack them onto each other.
    *For eyeshadows: depot them and stick them in palettes. could just put the shadows + pigments on special nailpolish rack (I saw it on Juicystar07's youtube channel)

    And for your lipsticks/glosses get one of those organizers on Ebay. They're $15 or so if I'm not mistaken.

  13. this is a fantastic post! I love seeing how other people organize their goodies.

    i bought a metal tool cabinet with wheels and lock some time ago and i store everything, incluing tall bottles in it. works well for me but some peopele find it too manly.

    here is the link to it, if you are interested.

  14. I keep my meager makeup collection (except for my 6 larger palettes.. those stand up in a plastic mail organizer from Staples)) in the Canvas Jewelry Organizer from Lillian Vernon. It hangs on the outside of the linen closet door, across from the bathroom. Eyes & face stuff is on one side and lip stuff is on the other. I love that I can just look at everything and decide what I want to wear that day.

    This organizer might not be good for big stuff, but it's great for small & regular sized things. I'm sure there are other kinds of hanging ones with bigger pockets too.

  15. May I suggest Alex 9 drawer from Ikea?

    Fits tons more than a Helmer. I have 2 of these + 5 drawer Alex that fits under my desk. I have not looked back since!! Fantastic for nail polish (as you know that gets heavy) but even filling up a drawer (over 100+ polishes) the Alex glides in and out - very easily and cos they are screwed in - will never fall out.

    Expensive but so worth it. I too have felt extreme frustration due to size of my stash. Alex (+ a few other bits and bobs) have saved my life.

    Hope you find something that suits you!!

  16. I have a Helmer from Ikea. also have 3 for my nail polish. it works wonderfully. i have organizers in each drawer. and i keep my pallets, and other face stuff on top within easy reach


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