Friday, September 10, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Stila Backstage Palette

I am generally not a fan of Stila eyeshadows. While the colors are quite lovely, I always found them to be too soft for my tastes. I had a few palettes that literally crumbled despite my best efforts to treat them gently. That’s so annoying - it's money down the drain!

Despite this, there have been a few times where Stila has released a palette that just wowed me so much with its color combinations that I just HAD to buy it. This happened last year with the much-coveted Stila Charmed palette, which I loved because of its rich jewel-toned colors and because (strangely enough) the eyeshadows were less soft than normal Stila shadows.

Once again, I have been struck by the Stila bug, because their new Fall palette, the Stila Backstage Palette, has captured my heart!

(with flash)

(without flash)

The Stila Backstage Palette takes the best of the Fall fashion trends and puts it together in one pretty and insanely inexpensive palette. You get six huge eyeshadows for $28, which breaks down to about $4.67 per shade - not bad at all! Also, these shadows can be used wet or dry for endless textures and looks.

The colors do err on the more dramatic side, but the lovely thing is that the pigmentation can be manipulated with these shadows. Does this mean they’re sheer? No, not at all. I only ever buy highly pigmented shades, and this palette does deliver that. Their soft texture, however, allows them to be blended effortlessly - so one of the deeper colors can be blended down to a whisper if necessary. Anyway, let me describe the eyeshadows (colors are listed from L to R, from top to bottom rows):

(with flash)

(without flash)

Chiffon: Easily the most shimmery shadow in this palette, Chiffon is a very pretty pink-peach color. It is good for an allover wash of shadow, and on my NC40 skin tone it makes a pretty highlight shade if applied lightly.

Flamingo: A satin-finish pink-purple shade that leans more pink than purple, I can see this being a bit scary for some people. However, experiment with it! Layer Chiffon over it to tone the color down, or try it on the lower lashline to pump up a neutral eye.

Pacific: I think it’s nice that the scariest color is the sheerest, since it allows someone who may be afraid of blue to start off slowly with the color, to maybe use it as an accent shade or a lower lashline color. This is a slightly purpled blue, that has an almost imperceptible micro-shimmer. It layers well for maximum color impact, which I like.

Luster: This color is so unique! I love it. In the pan it looks like a shimmery brown-olive color, but when this color is swatched or applied to the eye, there is this plummy undertone and shimmer that is just outerworldly to see. The layering of cool tones over a warm base makes this the workhorse shadow of the palette. It goes with every other color. Truly, it is a beautiful eyeshadow.

Poetic: This is such a pretty mauve color. Mauve shadows seem to be big this fall - there’s a similar color in the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III palette. Poetic is softly shimmery.

Coal: This is a misnamed, but still quite lovely, eyeshadow. When I think of coal, I think a black base and maybe some grey reflects. This is a black-based color with teal reflects. Gorgeous for sure as a liner or for a dramatic, smoked crease. This is actually my favorite color in the palette!

So, there we go - the Stila Backstage Palette delivers everything it promises. You have a highly diverse range of the colors that are big for Fall, with lovely textures and pigmentation, all for an amazing price! What’s not to love?


  1. Ohh, those colors look like a fun mix of bold and neutral shades. :D

  2. Wuguimei, this palette is very fun!

    Shopping Addict, I am especially in love with Poetic, Flamingo, and Coal

    Phyrra, Coal is AMAZEBALLS!

    Melissa, GEDDIT!

  3. I don't own any Stila products. Does that make me weird? I really like the colors in this palette. Especially the Poetic eyeshadow, it looks right up my alley. So should I pop my Stila cherry with this palette?


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