Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Poll

Oh goodness. It's 11:26 PM and I'm JUST getting around to doing the Thursday poll. I normally have this done the day before. I'm late with the poll because Mr. Sith and I went out to a lovely dinner and then watched a movie. You see today (Well, yesterday by the time you all read this) is (was) our 9th wedding anniversary! 9 wonderful years with Mr. Sith. He is truly my best friend and the love of my life. I'm not gushing on about this because I'm fishing for Kudos on the anniversary, but more so to explain what I'm going to talk about today. You see we made a decision to go by the traditional anniversary gift guide for the first 10 years of our marriage. The gifts are something some idiot made up a long time ago and I have been creative with staying within those guidelines. Mr. Sith...well he has had a harder time with the guidelines of the gifts each year. Some years he couldn't even come up with a gift idea so I let him off the hook...because he does find great cards and always has a beautiful dinner planned for us and a super alternate gift (usually makeup or perfume), but other years...Well. At some point, for some reason, he got it in his head that HE should make the gift. He felt that it would mean more if he MADE something. Let's just say, that wasn't the best idea ever. While he certainly tried hard to get a nice gift for the Wood anniversary, he just wasn't able to come up with anything in time. He lacked the woodworking tools to make anything, so I received a tearful apology and some beautiful flowers. The Copper Anniversary was kinda funny. He made me something, a box covered in copper flashing, but it looked a little rough and I just think he was rushed to finish it. But you know what? It doesn't matter to me. I love the fact that he tries so very hard to be original with a gift, and while he over thinks most of the gifts to the point of not being able to think of anything, I think it's awesome that he cares so much. This year was the pottery anniversary. I suggested we each get each other unique coffee mugs as a gift. (This was clever of me since I managed to stop him from buying a potters wheel and making me an ashtray or something.) While it's nice to give each other gifts for our anniversary, just spending time with him each day is a gift for me. I know I'm getting all sappy, so I'll just shut up. I may not get the best anniversary gifts but the fact that we are together and love each other is really the best gift I could ever ask for.
On To The Poll!

1. Blush Of The Day - Chanel Joues Contraste in Pink Explosion. I love this pretty neutral pink blush. It's sparkly in the pan but upon application it's not at all. It is also really well pigmented so a little goes a long way. A must have for those that love pink blush!

2. What was (one of) the worst or funniest gift you ever received? - One year for my birthday I received a Member's Only Jacket. Oh but the thing is, it was 1992. Yeah. About 10 years too late. Terribly retro and not in a good way.

3. Latest Beauty Acquisition? - A coveted Burberry Beauty item Rosewood Lipstick #4! I'll have a post about it next week. It is TO DIE FOR!

4. What was (one of) the best gifts you ever received? - An emerald pendant necklace that Mr. Sith gave me for my wedding gift. It is so beautiful. I just lover emeralds and hope to have a ring one day to go with it.

5. Current body wash you love? - I love the one from Soap and Glory (Clean On Me), but since they are pulling most if not all of their stock from US Target stores I have no place to purchase it. I'm hoping your current faves will give me an idea of what to try next!


  1. 1. Blush Of The Day - Mac Marine Life, I wanted a nice flush, thought of Nars Exhibit A but decided for something softer.

    2. What was (one of) the worst or funniest gift you ever received? - a dress 4 sizes bigger than mine, luckily with the receipt :)

    3. Latest Beauty Acquisition? - Chanel Pink Explosion JC and Enigma quad. Love.

    (a friend is CP'ing this Rosewood lipstick for me, can't wait to get it!)

    4. What was (one of) the best gifts you ever received? - tricked my dad into getting me a Serge Lutens fragrance for my last birthday (well, into giving my his CC to buy it, rather), I'm quite happy about that, I've been wearing it daily.

    5. Current body wash you love? - a Bioderma moisturizing foam, I love foam formulations for body washes.

  2. 1. Too Faced Blush Duo in Pink Provocateur. This really has become my go to blush because it's so flattering on me and it's foolproof. The deep shade contours and the shimmery shade highlights.

    2. Probably a New Kids on the Block watch from my aunt.

    3. Skincare products from mark.
    mark For Goodness Face Antioxidant Skin Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30
    mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer
    mark Primed for Perfection Face Primer
    mark Calm Yourself Hydrating Mask
    mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstick in Whiney

    4. my camera that I use for blogging :)
    It's a pink Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Elph.

    5. Bath n' Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla

  3. 1. Blush of the Day-the one from the Stila Pretty in Paris palette--don't know the name

    2. Since I'm too old to remember much, I'll say my b'day last year from the boyfriend--two pairs of slippers. 'Cuz one pair is not enough?

    3.Laura Mercier Kooba palette--total splurge, review coming next week.

    4. My ex-husband got me a charm bracelet and gave me a new charm every year--one year it was a turtle to commemorate our trip to Hawaii, another year a high heeled shoe, etc.

    5. Believe it or not, Olay Total Effects--I have the exfoliating one--smells great and does a nice gentle exfoliation.

  4. Gah! I want Rosewood!!! Hatchu.

    1. Blush Of The Day - Nars Douceur - it's easy and goes with almost everything :D

    2. What was (one of) the worst or funniest gift you ever received? - The worst was my first christmas with DH - he got me a purse. It was plastic and it had a kitty on it. I was 29. Yeah.

    3. Latest Beauty Acquisition? - I finally caved for a full size of Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Cream. It's the best I've ever used and my sample is almost finished.

    4. What was (one of) the best gifts you ever received? -my flatware from my sister (wedding gift).

    5. Current body wash you love? - Milagros makes this handmade body butter for the shower - I get it in St. Pete whenever I go (twice a year) to see my inlaws. They can infuse it with any fragrance they have and they have a TON to choose fave is Beach House but I'm using Cherry Oh right now.

  5. 1. Blush of the Day: blush from the chante tigers palette. lovee it

    2. What was the worst or funniest gift you ever received? My best friend gave me a vodoo doll once. HA

    3. Latest beauty acquisition?- Chante tigers palette and future skin :)

    4. What was the best gifts you ever received?- i got john mayer tickets from the BF for our 4 year "anniversary".

    5. Current body wash you love?- just reordered lush dream wash and ocean scrub which I remember loving last time i used them

  6. I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary! :)


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