Monday, October 18, 2010

Guerlain Holiday 2010 Kiss Kiss Strass lipstick In Rose De La Reine #363

I am all a buzz with Guerlain's 2010 Holiday collection.  OK. That's me being cheeky about the bee theme for the collection. The little bees on some of the packaging and the honeycomb finish on the eyeshadow quad is enchanting, so why did Guerlain come out with such an average lipstick color for this collection?  Sure there are other colors that are a bit more stunning, but this one had so much potential just because of the name.  Rose de la Reine.  Rose Queen!  
Now don't get me wrong. I ADORE Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipsticks. I adore the lipstick cases which were designed by French jewelry and furniture designer Hervé Van der Straeten.  They seriously have turned Guerlain image around from an aging spinster to a chic glam socialite. I can't deny that, but I guess it's the color...or lack there of...for this specific lipstick.  Now that being said I understand why Guerlain chose to go with a cheer lipstick with pretty shine and sparkle.  It's not about the lips this holiday season.  No. In this collection it's all about the eyes.  The Guerlain Les Ors 2010 holiday collection focuses on the stunning beauty of warm gold, dusty purple and smokey eggplant that is the eyeshadow quad.  Why would anyone want a lipstick that only competes with that?  Ah ha.  So the geniuses at Guerlain developed two Kiss Kiss Strass lipsticks that are sheer with visible, but not chunky glitter to add that subtle touch of color and shine.  See?  It's not so crazy after all.  


Now the Guerlain Rose de la Reine lipstick looked almost clear on me, but the warm pink base has blue and warm pink glitter to enhance the color and give it a bit more depth.  The result is a glossy and shiny lip that gives just a hint of color.  Perfect for a dark purple or any other smokey eye.The formula is smooth as silk and glossy.  The glitter isn't gritty and the finish is shiny but slightly on the sticky side...not sticky like lipgloss but sticky enough to make it last though a cup of tea, providing you don't eat any madeleines.

Do you NEED this?  Well. I'll say that it is nice in the tube but because of the severe lack of pigmentation in my lips the color looks like just a clear gloss on me.  If your lips are darker perhaps it will look better on you. As for the formula and finish of any and all Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass lipsticks, you really can't go wrong. The price of $31 each may be a bit on the high side but honestly the luxe packaging, formula and feel of the lipstick make it worth it to me.  Maybe not in Rose de la Reine, but perhaps in the other Holiday 2010 release of Rouge imperial. You can see swatches of the collection (Minus the Rouge G lipstick on


  1. I am very very mad at Guerlain for having discontinued the KissKiss Baby range, which had my HG in it (Rosewood Nude), so I don't even want to look at this one :(

  2. I would love it without the sparkle bits in it.

  3. If your lips are darker, seems like the color would be even less visible. I have this problem with all but the most heavily pigmented lip products.


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