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Guerlain Holiday 2010 Le 2 de Guerlain Volume Two Brush Mascara High-Shine Volume 13 Or 2 Nuit

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Guerlain Holiday 2010 Le 2 de Guerlain Volume Two Brush Mascara High-Shine Volume 13 Or 2 Nuit. That is a mouthful to say Mascara, don't you think?  But I guess when you are working with Guerlain, you aren't JUST getting Mascara.  The Guerlain 2010 Holiday collection has a GOLD theme and true to form Guerlain has come out with some stunning products for the collection.  The Mascara is once of these products.  Now I must admit that when I first received the mascara I was skeptical.  It costs $36 and After having 2 eye infections in one year I had given up on high end mascara. It was such a shame and waste to throw away my beloved Shu Uemura mascara twice in one year because of pink eye.  So when I was trying out the Le 2 de Guerlain Volume Two Brush Mascara High-Shine Volume 13 Or 2 Nuit I had reservations.  If I fall in love with it, I'll be falling in love with yet another high end mascara and what if I get another eye infection or just don't want to shell out the cash for the mascara?  But like a good little blogger I gave it a test.

The mascara itself has a black mascara and a warm gold lacquer to put over lashes to give it that extra shimmer and shine.  Honestly I found the gold lacquer to be quite pretty, but a little gimmicky, but holiday collections are supposed to have that sort of extra flair in the products so I had no problem with the addition of a gold overlay to the mascara.  The packaging, as you can see above, is sleek and elegant.  The 2 brushes for the mascara are stored at either end of the tube and the end with the black mascara has the Guerlain Holiday Bee on it.

Now all things being equal, Mascara acts different on different people.  What may work for me, may not work for you.  What I loathe, you may love.  It's so subjective.  I like the idea of this Le 2 de Guerlain Volume Two Brush Mascara High-Shine Volume 13 Or 2 Nuit mascara.  It has 2 "brushes". I put the word brushes in quotes because one of the "brushes" is really a semi doe foot applicator. 

The mascara brush is your standard mascara brush. It has a goodly amount of space between the bristles and a fairly full set of bristles.  I like that a lot.  The mascara is black. Not a smokey black but a nice rich black.  Since my lashes are blond, most black  mascaras are black enough on me, but I think this one is one of the darkest blacks I may own.  The mascara formula is supposed to be volumizing. (I know Volumizing isn't a word.  I'm still using it!) I will say that this is the LEAST clumping volumizing mascara I have ever used.  That's a great thing.  Most mascaras that claim to deliver volume end up looking like clump city upon application. Perhaps it's the formula or the brush or both, but this volumizing mascara applied clean and neat and gave wonderful definition.  Not only that but the mascara actually made my lashes look longer than normal.  When I used this mascara and wore my glasses, my lashes were always hitting the lenses!  The mascara never felt dry or brittle on my lashes.  It took a little longer to set than some other mascaras I have worn, but the end result was no flaking, no smudging and soft flexible lashes.  The mascara wore well, Over 12 hours of wear with little to no wearing off at the tips of my lashes.  I normally wear contacts and never had a problem wearing this mascara while I wore contacts at the same time. No flakies getting into my eye or anything like that.  The end result of just the mascara (without the gold application) you can see below.  Nice definition. Medium volume, Rich pigment and no clumps!!

Do my lashes have increased volume?  Well not entirely, but this was only one coat. I'm sure if I applied multiple coats it would look thicker, but that's just not really my thing.  I like the look I have above.

I do have a few things I didn't like about the Guerlain Holiday 2010 Le 2 de Guerlain Volume Two Brush Mascara.  I found the gold lacquer hard to photograph on me. Perhaps it was the lighting or the application (Usually it is user error, so blame me) but honestly, I couldn't get it to show up.  I recommend you take a look at a picture of Amy's Daughter over at Cafe Makeup.  She is sporting the mascara wonderfully.  You can see a picture and read her review HERE.  I found the gold lacquer to make the lashes stick together and it made my lashes look clumpy.  I wasn't a fan.  However, I can see this being pretty for when one goes clubbing or when one has a candlelit dinner and your significant other is gazing into your eyes from across the table.  It will make for a very pretty look.  The other thing I was less than impressed with was that the mascara did not allow me to hold a curl in my lashes.  Remember when I said my lashes were touching my lenses in my glasses?  Well I think it was partially because the curl had relaxed so much that my lashes were stick straight as you can see in this picture.

But in the interest if full disclosure, many mascaras cause me to lose the curl in my lashes, so I can't say this is the ONLY mascara that does that.

Do you NEED this?  Well, if you are going for a gold holiday look this is THE mascara to purchase.  It is a great formula and the added gold will really brighten up a holiday look.  Do you NEED this mascara for daily wear? As I said above, everyone is so different when it comes to mascara I can't say it will work for you or not.  It worked for me in most aspects and I find myself reaching for it over my cheap-o Drugstore mascaras, so much so that I plan to purchase the regular version of this mascara without the gold addition.  The regular version also has two brushes and the 2nd brush is a very tiny brush that is PERFECT for getting those little lashes in the corner of your eyes.  I have used the regular version in the past and had excellent results with it.  So that's saying a lot.  Guerlain has broken my ban on high end mascara!!


  1. Hello, the owner Monsieur Jean-Paul Guerlain is a big freaking racist, he talk about "nigers who never work in their life, because they are nigers" (!) (so shame!!!)

    Please boycot the products.

  2. M. Guerlain is NOT associated w/ the Guerlain cosmetic brand. It is owned by LVMH corp. Please do not confuse the two.

  3. this is such an interesting product. gold mascara might be somethiing i need for my brother's wedding in december, though i am not sure if it's such a great idea to wear gold on my blak lashes. lol

    i'd keep an eye out for this, nevertheless. i like seeing different creations. thanks for the review.

  4. LE DUO by guerlain is my very favorite mascara as of 2009. it does not clump, dry out, run out, turn rocks...I passed on the black/gold holiday edition mascara.. but but but.. DID get the eye shadow quad....very nice...

  5. Euh yes, but Mister JP Guerlain is an employee of LVMH corp again (!) et he makes still products and perfums for the brand of "Guerlain" (owner is LVMH corp).

    Now, if you want still buy this brand, it's your choice. It doesn't mean I don't love your blog, but jut, we aren't the same values, that's all.

  6. the result is just alright. however, i love the case so much..the black looks just perfect!!

  7. i wanna give it try. i know it is more expensive i just love their design


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