Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Poll

Halloween is this Sunday. I love Halloween. I love the costumes I love the pumpkins, I love the candy.  This Halloween Darthypie will be going as Wolverine, I'm not sure what Mr. Sith is dressing up as.  I think he's dressing up as Zach Galifianakis' character from the movie The Hangover.  He has the most awesome shirt that we picked up in Las Vegas this summer. See?

Yeah.  So this year I think I'm not going to dress up. I honestly haven't had time to think of a costume and just don't feel like it.  I hate that I'm all bah humbug about it this year.  Last year I dressed up and all the little kids that came to the door to get candy were scared (I was a zombie).  So this year I would rather not scare the kiddos and just be me.  Since Halloween is on a Sunday a lot of people have said that they are taking their kids out on Saturday to Trick or Treat.  I say that's got to be the stupidest thing I ever heard.  Sorry that Halloween falls on an inconvenient day to beg for candy but I am NOT answering the door on Saturday. Nope. It's Sunday or nothing.  Do people celebrate the 4th of July on a Saturday because it's inconvenient for them to watch fireworks on a Wednesday?  No!  Do people celebrate Christmas on a Saturday because it's easier to open presents on a weekend?  NO! (Please note, I am not equating a holy holiday with Halloween, it's just an example.)  So to those weekend warriors, please deal with it. Halloween is SUNDAY. If your kids ring my doorbell I'm gonna give them raisins and toothbrushes instead of candy bars like the other kids are gonna get on Sunday.  Oh and who the hell ever thought it was a good idea to give out toothbrushes for Halloween?  Probably the same fascists that wanted to change Sesame Street's The Cookie Monster to The Veggie Monster to show kids healthy eating options.  Screw them!  CANDY FOR EVERYONE!!!
On To The Poll!

1.  Blush Of The Day? - Today it is Chanel JC in Pink Explosion.  Such a pretty color.  It's so PINK and not a speck of glitter on my face, although I see it in the product. It must be hiding in my brush.

2.  Do you celebrate Halloween?  Do you dress up or at least hand out candy? - Well yes.  I have to. I have a kid.  I think it's a law or something.

3.  Recent Beauty Acquisition? - I bought a new jar of MUFE HD powder.  This is my third one. I love this stuff.  It's a great setting powder.

4.  What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes you ever wore? - I think my favorite would be when I went as Satan's Cheerleader.  

5.  Current Lemmings? - I am totally lemming more lipstick. I have 5 different lipstick in my virtual shopping cart with Sephora, but I don't think I'm gonna pull the trigger...however you never know, stranger things have happened.


  1. Hahah DH and I love the Hangover. And you rock as satan's cheerleader... and I'm back to my stalker status.

  2. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Well, Chanel JC in Pink Explosion!! Great minds think alive

    2. Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you dress up or at least hand out candy? No. There have been Halloween celebrations going on here the past years but they were introduced by retailers for commercial purposes, it's no tradition of our country, so I don't celebrate.

    3. Recent Beauty Acquisition? - 6 nailpolishes and 2 Rouge G Guerlain lipsticks.

    4. What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes you ever wore? I was one of the 7 dwarfs for a carnival when I was a kid, does that count?

    5. Current Lemmings? - Chanel Holiday. Not available here yet.

  3. 1. Blush Of The Day? Nothing
    I don't wear blush every day... *waits for the stones to hit her*

    2. Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you dress up or at least hand out candy?
    Nope, it's not a big thing around here. But I've just moved house so who knows, maybe this year the kiddies will come a-knocking!

    3. Recent Beauty Acquisition?
    The new Sleek e/s palettes (Good Girl and Bad Girl).

    4. What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes you ever wore?
    Hmmmm... It has to be a witch costume I wore in primary school that had Eddie from Iron Maiden on the front! \m/

  4. I was Cheetara from the Thundercats for Halloween when I was about 9 or 10. I loved that costume. Would be even better now that I'm an adult...

  5. I don't have any makeup on (yet), but I've got three lipsticks in my Sephora cart (as well as other stuff, like that NARS holiday duo) and I can't decide what to get... (It will probably end up being all of them, though :)


  6. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Laura Mercier Nectar ♥

    2. Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you dress up or at least hand out candy? - Um, well I'm a little old to be going trick-or-treating and I haven't really lived in a place that people would come asking for candy for the past few years. I did dress up last year only because my (now-)ex announced literally 20 minutes prior that we were going to a friend's birthday party (I cobbled some stuff together and went as Doe Deere's Fafi though most people assumed I was a Harujuku doll...?). I'm considering it this year but I'd rather put effort into having a Halloween tea party... which is probably still not happening. =/

    3. Recent Beauty Acquisition? - Where do I start? On Tuesday I got an amazing late birthday package with a bunch of stuff in it including the Visee Blooming Eyes PK-1 palette, I got a swap a few weeks ago with tonnnnns of amazing stuff in it from Japan, I bought the Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Little Bouquet from a blogsale, I got the Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eye Palette, and I'm waiting for a new Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (a backup, for the one about to finally be used up after 4 years of straight usage :D) and I just ordered the Shu Uemura Holiday '10 Abracadabra Bowwow! Magic Queen palette and I can't wait to get it! Tons of stuff! Most of which I haven't had the chance to properly appreciate yet!

    4. What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes you ever wore? - When I was in first grade or so, my mom sewed me a penguin costume. BEST COSTUME EVER. I miss being able to wear it. ;_;

    5. Current Lemmings? - Oh tons of stuff, sadly none of which is really on Sephora because they *are* having their FF right now. Well, I kind of want the new tokidoki Mozzarella eyeshadow palette but like I need more eyeshadow haha... I'm really attracted to Chanel Holiday and I'm totally lemming more glossimers and Rouge Allures. And the other BB Holiday palettes. Also lemming Zoya's Fire & Ice nail polishes as well as the new glittery OPI ones. In more boring news, I desperately need to replace my Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion and get rematched for MUFE F&B (ideally before the end of the Sephora FF). I'm currently mixing Shu 964 and F&B 34. Love the consistency and finish, don't love how I'm still pretty much having to wear a scarf every day. Also need a pair of short, black leather boots, warm gloves and a raincoat. A cute, sturdy umbrella would be nice too.

  7. 1. Blush Of The Day? - It will probably be Jane Blushing Cheeks Blush in Blushing Earth Sheer.

    2. Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you dress up or at least hand out candy? - I usually dress up, but this year I'm just not feeling it.

    3. Recent Beauty Acquisition? - Recently I've been into drugstore makeup from U.S. and UK brands. I got some sleek palettes, Barry M and Bourjois bronzers, Almay Nearly Naked Foundation and powder, and Revlon Age Defying concealer. I find I'm more satisfied with these products than I've been with High end.

    4. What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes you ever wore? - It's a toss up between Mrs. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction and Ace Frehley from KISS.

    5. What are you currently lemming? Nars Cape Vert Multiple and some Nars blushes. I also have a full cart at Sephora's website that I might pull the trigger of. I keep avoiding it.

  8. 1. Hard Candy blush in Honeymoon

    2. Yes! I celebrate Halloween. My husband and I planned our wedding to be on halloween. We ended up getting married on vacation at the beach with his parents, but still had the big wedding we planned on Halloween as well. So not only do we dress up, we usually do something silly and romantic. If we're home, we'll pass out candy, but we often go out to parties.

    3. MUFE Aqua Cream in 21 Turquoise, Too Faced Shadow Insurance & Urban Decay Half-Baked eye Shadow.

    4. I love my Jone the Succubus costume, from a web comic.

    5. I'm kinda lemming more MUFE Aqua Creams.

  9. 1. Blush of the day: Tarte cheek stain in natural beauty. Which is usually the blush for every day.

    2. I do. I scare people every year in my boyfriend's dad's haunted house.

    3. I just recently got some Eyeko Fat Balms that I am enjoying.

    4. It was fun being a mutant zombie girl from mars one year but now I tend to make cardboard costumes. Like this:

    5. Current lemmings:I want the new Happ & Stahns perfume from Anthropologie, and the new Hypnotic Poison flanker, and the Katy Perry perfume (haha, don't make fun of me). I also want a Kindle.

  10. you are teh awesome, that is all.

  11. The Hangover ftw! And your Satan cheerleader costume is amazing XD we don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia, so when kids came to the door tonight I was so unimpressed :|

    1. Blush Of The Day? - I had a study day at home today, but it was Maybelline Mineral Power blush in True Peach the last time I wore makeup.

    2. Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you dress up or at least hand out candy? - I dont dress up because it's not widely celebrated in Australia. If it is celebrated it's usually just an excuse to have a party and get sloshed :P Mum keeps candy on hand though just in case kids come round.

    3. Recent Beauty Acquisition? - Some Spell Cosmetics shadows from their liquidation sale, and some RAOK stuff from a fellow blogger :3

    4. What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes you ever wore? - I've never worn one.

    5. Current lemmings? - There's not really anything makeup related that I'm dying for right now, though I'd like a light pink lipliner. I'm on the hunt for a new mp3 player since I dropped mine in coffee on Friday (>=|) and an ebook reader that's not a Kindle.


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