Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vera Wang Anniversary Fragrance

Vera Wang has launched a new limited edition fragrance called Vera Wang Anniversary.  The new fragrance for women celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Vera Wang fashion house, and is described as “bright and lush” "a sensuous woody floral for the modern elegant woman". 

I personally did not get a "woody floral" from this fragrance. I got FLORAL!  Not a smack you in the face, walk into a florist shop, floral, but more so, Ah we must be walking by some gardenia bushes because it REALLY REALLY smells like gardenias, floral.  But you know what? I REALLY REALLY like the scent of gardenias!

According to the manufacturer the notes are:
Top:  Sicilian bergamot, red apple leaves, mandarin oil, cool dew drops
Middle:  White gardenia, rose absolute, orange flowers
Base:  Silky musks, orris, amber crystals, cedarwood

Do you know what cool dew drops smell like?  I do, but I have yet to find any fragrance that can truly capture that scent.  Do you love the scent of cedarwood and amber? Well avoid this perfume because you can't smell it in the dry down.  All I smell is at first spray Gardenia with a faint rose and overwhelming bergamot and orange flowers.  Then in the dry down it's a strong but not overpowering gardenia.  The gardenia mellows out after a minute or two and you get the creamy scent of gardenia and softer orange flower note..but I stress the word soft.

The Vera Wang Anniversary perfume bottle pays homage to the classic Vera Wang bottle, Anniversary comes in a hefty and stout lavender glass bottle with a clear glass cap and shiny platinum collar. It won't be knocked over like some taller slim bottles and honestly, I adore the purple hue to the glass and petal like cut outs near the top.  The spray gives a nice fine mist that does not deposit too little or too much fragrance on the skin.  It's juuuuuuuust right. 

I have read other reviews for this scent and I get a distinct "Old Lady Vibe" from the reviewers.  I read comments like "Mother Of The Bride" "Grown Up" "Old Fashioned" "Woman Of a Certain Age" and "Adult".  I think it is the strong gardenia scent to this fragrance that must evoke these characterizations.  The gardenia scent always seems to evoke that "Old Lady" term from a lot of reviewers.  I don't find gardenia to be old lady at all.  Maybe that's because most of the old ladies around me when I was growing up, wore scents like Halston, Estee Lauder Youth Dew, Caron Bellodgia and the vintage German Cologne Kölnisch Wasser 4711 (YUK)  Perhaps if all the geriatrics in your life wore Gardenia and Rose and Jasmine then you might smell the same geriatric scent as other reviewers.  Either way I find this gardenia scent to be crisper (the addition of the bergamot and the orange flower helps this) than most and not as heady as others I have sniffed.  Sadly this scent lasts maybe a few hours on me. It fades quickly.  I wish it lasted longer. I suppose I could decant some into a purse spray if I wished to refresh during the day.

Now all that being said, I really liked this perfume.  I am a HUGE fan of florals. I love flowery perfumes. I love Rose, Jasmine, Lilac, Gardenia. I like smelling like a florist.  So those that prefer stronger scents of amber and patchouli and other deep dark musky scents should steer clear of Vera Wang Anniversary. But those that love light fresh florals without being too green or too water based should find Vera Wang Anniversary, delightful.

The Eau de Parfum in the 1.7fl oz/50mL bottle sells for $72 and the 3.4fl oz/100mL is $92.  You can also get a Shimmer Rollerball: .34 fl oz/10mL $25


  1. I love this scent too, and it lasts longer on me. But then, I AM an old lady!

  2. I had to laugh at the 4711 reference. Yes, my grandmother used that, and my late mother-in-law used it too !! In the last years of her life, we had to regularly hunt for the vintage perfume. I think I still have a bottle left. Kept it for the memories :-)

  3. I adore the scent of gardenia! I need to try this perfume! I wonder if they'll bring it to japan or I should just have my mom buy it for me. They don't seem to bring as many releases to japan but a floral is always a safe offering for the market here, so I have hope.

  4. I just read your post today, right before leaving the house, so I made sure to stop at the perfume counter at Macy's to check it out. Oh, it's really nice, and I think I may have to treat myself ...

    At least at Macy's, the salesperson told me they will be getting in gift sets that includes a somewhat smaller bottle of perfume, but also a tube of body lotion in the scent. It will cost what the single small bottle of perfume usually does. Just an fyi for anyone interested.

  5. Bridget, thanks for the info. I may wait for the gift set then.


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