Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Perle in Stellar Pink #104

I think it's a sickness.  That's the only logical explanation I have for purchasing so many pink lipsticks in my lifetime.  I have a pathological predilection to pinpointing the perfect pink pucker with a pretty pigmented paint.  alliteration aside I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs and pink lipstick!

My latest conquest was the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rouge Volupté Perle in Stellar Pink #104.  I have never purchased any of the regular YSL RV lipsticks, having not found a suitable color match for me, but something about the Perle formula drew me in like a a toddler to something shiny.  I had to have it!

First off, look at the case. It's fantastic. I'm a packaging hoor and nothing says hoor like GOLD YSL emblems all over the place...of wait. That came out wrong.  What I meant is, that the packaging is stunning and nothing a package hoor like myself likes more is something unique.  The YSL RV lipstick cases have a unique YSL emblem that shows you, and the world watching, just exactly what you are putting on your lips.  I don't think I like the plain white background for the Perle formula (The RV formula has a colored background similar to the color lipstick in the tube) because if I end up owning more than one lipstick (and you totally know that's gonna happen) I might pick up the wrong color if I'm not careful.  But that's just a little thing. Nothing to freak out about.

Oh the formula.  The formula is one of those you'll love it or hate it.  I know a few people that hate the regular RV formula ::coughjoeybunnycough:: but I happen to like the slickness of the formula for the perle. It's not as opaque as the regular RV formula so a little natural lip shines though.  In addition I find the lipstick to be very moisturizing and emollient.  Some people may prefer a more waxy feel to their lipstcik but I like that more slick/lubricious feeling.  The one draw back to the formula is that it is scented with the signature YSL scent.  What is that, Mango?  Either way the lipstick is not as heavily scented as the Golden Gloss. I practically gag from the scent when I wear the one golden gloss I own, but this YSL RV Perle isn't as heavy in the scent department, so I can stand it.  It tastes how it smells, like the golden glosses, so I try not to lick my lips too much.  The wear time is average with these...a few hours. It won't last though the morning muffin but might if you only partake in tea.

The color.  Well...I have some strange undertones and when Colors are called pink or nude many turn orange on me.   This was no exception.  I'm not talking Nuclear Orange like a bag of cheetoes, no, more of a warm orangy pink.  Nothing too offensive.  As you can see in the swatch the #104 in Stellar Pink looks much warmer on me than it would on most people.  However, I did find that this color was an excellent "My Lips But Better" (MLBB) color! It looked so natural but polished at the same time. It provided a nice hint of color without being garish.  I think others may find this color showing up as more pink on them than it shows up on me.  What can I say, I'm a mutant.

Do you NEED this?  I Say yes. it's pretty, it's pink, its great packaging it's YSL, it's $34. OK. it's a little on the pricey side, but hey you already got that Burberry lipstick I made you want so this will be an easy purchase for you...and if you don't like the #104 Stellar Pink YSL RV Perle has 5 other colors to choose from.  What are you waiting for? 


  1. This is lovely on you - I love soft rose ylbb colors. :D

  2. Yes Elvira you were successful in making me purchase the Burberry Rosewood lipstick. However, I may win this battle. I tried YSL lipstick in the past and it made my lips peel and itch like a MOFO the next day. That doesn't mean I'm giving up - I'll give it just one more chance.

  3. why oh why are you giving me more new lemmings? I just love the YSLV RV...

  4. so you finally caved and bought an rv huh? :P Looks gorgeous. I havent tried any of the perles yet

  5. This is gorgeous color! Love your blog :)

  6. I didn't get the Burberry lipstick, but that YSL pink is lovely!

  7. You can really see the sparkle in this color. Gorgeous!

  8. this is a lovely shade on you!

    god i love YSL lipstick packaging!


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