Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guerlain Spring 2011

So what if it is 0 degrees out and snow is collapsing the Minnesota Vikings Super Dome.  This is the time to start thinking about spring...well spring makeup that is.  Guerlain has released images and descriptions of their Spring 2011 collection and for those that love orange and hot pink, you are in for a real treat!
"Guerlain celebrates the season of renewal by creating a charming, playful and cheerful limited-edition collection, Sur Me Levres or “on my lips”.  With tangy tones and vivid shades of pink, Guerlain invites you to see life in vibrant colour.  Radiant fuchsia shades are coupled with an ultra-black case to bring out the collection’s radiant and luminous nature. The Sur Me Levres collection glorifies beauty by offering women infinitely adjustable tones and tailor-made radiance."

But before we get too far into the color story I have to share with you my most anticipated product from the spring collection.  I am seriously shaking with anticipation to get this.
What is it that has me so in a tizzy?

Meteorites Compact. Not the regular $175 compact.  No. This is different.  This is the Meteorites Pressed Illuminating and Mattifying Powder!  A skin-coloured Météorites powder? Has this legendary product lost its perfecting colours? Not at all! The famous pearls have reinvented themselves into a compact powder in a variation of nude shades.  According to Guerlain:
"The corrective colours for which Météorites is known are now found within, providing an unprecedented matte finish and radiance. The secret of these fabulous matted pearls lies in the composition and reconstruction of pure, absolute light. When light passes through a prism, the white light separates into a spectrum of colours. Inversely, all of these colours together recreate ideal light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. An expert in colours, Guerlain decided to use this technology to add dazzling radiance with unrivalled purity to women’s faces.  In one brushstroke, women mix the colours into a beautiful harmony and adorn their skin with a veil of perfection."
 A mattifying powder with the multicolored pearl particles of regular meteorites?  WIN!!  The Compact is available in three harmonies (shades) (I know I'll need the lightest one)
•    Harmony 01- TEINT ROSÉ
•    Harmony 02- TEINT BEIGE
•    Harmony 03- TEINT DORÉ
They still contain multicolored pearl particles of yellow, orange, green, red, violet and white to recreate the ideal radiant complexion.  The powder leaves the complexion perfectly matte, yet luminous and naturally glowing.  This compact retails for $56.00 and is Available January 2011.  I WANT!!!


Next up in the Guerlain Spring 2011 collection is the Rouge G lipstick.  This time presented in a high polished black lacquer case with the ever so clever mirror 4 new LIMITED EDITION shades are introduced.  The Rouge G formula is the same as ever, moisturizing and incredibly shiny...not to mention that crushed ruby powder in the formula.  The new shades are:
Rose Desir 71 (a light pink rose)
Fushia Delice 70 (a HOT pink ) I WANT THIS ONE!
Orange Euphorique 45 (a stunning orange)
Rouge Sensuel 24 (a warm almost orange based bright red)
I'm not sure of the sheerness of these shades but if they are anything like the regular Rouge G series the Rouge G Serie Noire will be highly pigmented and long lasting!  The Rouge G Lipsticks will be $46 each.

On to Blush. I think some women just have a weakness for blush.  Especially blush that varies in color and can possibly offer more than one look from a single compact!  Well the Blush G - Serie Noir is a limited edition shade that is a mix of 4 complementary natural shades with a subtle pink base.  Packaged in a shiny lacquered black case within a suede pouch lined in fuchsia satin, the Blush G reveals colored stripes in an energized orange, intense fuchsia, delicate pink and pearly pink embossed with a G.  You can see from the promo shot that a simple swipe across the compact and bring a deep orange based pink color but focusing on specific sections you can create a lovely layered look unique to your own choosing.  Described as a fresh blush to illuminate the complexion I can imagine that there will be some lovely soft pearl powder infused in the blush to create that lit from within look.  According to Guerlain:
"These healthy glow boosters harmonize perfectly to revive the complexion and give it energy and vitality. Blush G instantly lights up the face for a chic and sophisticated look.
The black and fuchsia blush applicator makes application easy to embellish all complexions:
•For an instant burst of radiance, apply the four tones to the cheekbones to reveal a deceptively natural healthy glow. Your cheeks are beautifully warmed and rejuvenated.
•To revive a pale complexion, choose the two lower shades to pinch your cheekbones with slightly pearly pink.
•To enhance an olive matte or tanned complexion, use the two upper shades, which are more saturated and graphic, to structure the face.
•For a complexion-reviving effect, opt for all-over application of the four tones, making circular movements with the Météorites Powder Brush. "
 I'm excited to swatch this baby!  The Blush G - Serie Noir will retail for $65

Last but certainly not least is eyeshadow.  The limited edition Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow in Rue de Rivoli is the same concept as the other 6 shade eye compacts that Guerlain already sells.  Lovers of bold pinks and pretty purples will adore this compact.  I predict this will be one of the first items to sell out in the collection.  The compact has 6 different shades and 3 different textures (usually a matte, satin and sheer).  This allows you to adapt your eye look to a wide range of moods and styles for any occasion. The central fuchsia shade is surrounded by nudes, a delicate gold and pearly ivory. Oh and do you see the rich deep purple liner on the right side?  Oh my. that is to die for!  Considering you get 6 shades for $84 that works out to $14 per shadow and to be honest, those shadows are loverly!  This is also one I might "have to" get it once it comes out.

So what do you all think?
Will you be purchasing anything from the new collection?
Can you even begin to think of Spring when December isn't even over yet?
I know that the 30 degree temps this morning coupled with the windchill made it seem like 20 degrees sure has me thinking of budding trees, robins singing and Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Rose Desir and Fushia Delice!

Guerlain’s Spring Colour collection is available beginning January 2011 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman. 


  1. I'm going to need (yes NEED) the blush (if it's pigmented) and the lipsticks! I love Guerlain lipsticks, I want them all!
    (But here Spring collections won't arrive before the end of February at the soonest, I'm afraid)

  2. I've never tried any Guerlain makeups b4, I used their skincare products, which are amazing! Def want to try some their makeups in 2011 for the love of their elegant and gorgeous package!

    Thx for the review!!

  3. Always a pleasure to read your blog. I'm currently into fuschia myself, and got some new lipsticks from the Mauve collection by Shu. By your description, I am v. tempted by Guerlain. I adore their bronzer line,also am v. curious about the meteorite, but never had the chance to own one. Wow.Is it worth it? I think I should go for the meteorite instead...

  4. i don't know how i feel about that eyeshadow palette...

  5. have you ever considered using the Ageless Beauty Index APP from the Apple store? It lets you know what the ingredients your make-up are. The lot of the products you list could be doing you more harm in the long run then you realize : X


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