Friday, December 17, 2010

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My review for La Mer The Eye Balm Intense is up on Beauty Debutante and I really would love you all to read it.  Not because I want to draw traffic to Beauty Debutante (but that would be nice) but because this is the first...FIRST eye cream that actually did what it claimed it would do after using it.

I promise you that even though I was sent a tiny sample jar (and I mean tiny!) it did not sway my opinion at all. I actually expected it to be quite honest. I mean La Mer is expensive stuff and while I have never tried the face cream myself, I just find that people have a love it or hate it attitude with the brand.  

This eye cream is expensive. I won't lie. I was quite shocked at the sticker price. ($145 USD) but I tell you what. It made such a remarkable change in the appearance of my eyes (you'll see in the article I wrote) That I am saving up for a full sized jar.  Plus, as a helpful Facebook friend pointed out, since the jar could reasonably last almost a year that comes down to only 40 cents a day! Hee Hee.

But Seriously.  Check out the review.  Feel free to comment here or there but don't blame me if you suddenly want to buy this after reading my article.  Oh and Annie from Blogdorf Goodman also reviewed this and had the same results!

Click HERE to read MY review on Beauty Debutante for La Mer The Eye Balm Intense


  1. I'm a recent convert to a few of La Mer's items. The prices are painful but after your review I'm swayed toward yet another of their products. Oh, how I wish I were one of those that found Olay just as good... Thanks for another great review!

  2. I load up on samples from ebay lol. and they ARE tiny like .07oz tiny. Excellent stuff, very very excellent.


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