Friday, December 10, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Taupes You Can't Have #11, NARS Bohemian Gold

Oh man, I’m really overdue for the latest Taupes You Can’t Have post! =( This should have been posted ten days ago, but my life has been really ridiculous lately. I apologize. I owe this blog a ridiculous number of posts as expect to see me post a lot more this month!

Anyway, on to what really matters:

Elvira and I have been going strong with our monthly posts that feature a taupe eye shadow that is discontinued (DCed) and/or hard-to-find (HTF). I may be late, but I found a discontinued taupe to taunt you with for month #11. I know that we are evil, and I know that these posts bring out the worst in all of us. However, we consider it a public service to report and honor taupes that have gone the way of the velociraptor. You know the history: Elvira and I have a large collection of DCed and HTF taupe eye shadows that needed attention, and quite frankly, it's fun to parade them around from time to time. In January, I started with MAC Innuendo, and in February Elvira showed you Shu Uemura ME Silver 945. March was the horrid Cargo Yukon (sorry Elvira!), and April was my review of Isadora Icy Khaki. May was Elvira’s much loved Club Monaco Quartz. June was my beloved Paul and Joe #23 Boulevard. In July, Elvira brought you Tarte The Real McCoy, and in August I opined about Cargo Fiji. In September Elvira showed you a taupe from a MAC palette that was released over 5 years ago called Hard To Please, and in October she brought us the old drugstore beauty Jordana Taupe.

For November, I bring you a taupe that I’ve shown on Pink Sith in passing: the deliciously rosey, golden taupe featured in the sadly discontinued NARS Bohemian Gold eyeshadow duo. Bohemian Gold, which retailed for $32USD, was discontinued at the beginning of this year, and I managed to snag one before it disappeared into the NARS Vintage Vaults, never to be seen again but to be hopelessly pined over.

Anyway, the taupe in this duo (on the left-hand side) is one of those “is it or isn’t it?” taupes. I bet that on Elvira’s Casper ass (and I say that with all the love in the world), it probably would have pulled a more golden brown - or maybe as a tanned pink. On my more olive skin, it is a beautiful taupe with hints of gold and pink shimmer and shine. It pairs wonderfully with the pinky-melon shade that accompanies it (A word about that pinky-melon shade - I know a lot of women found it hard to use it, but it makes a wonderful blush or a great lid shade when paired with a matte warm brown). My preference is to wear the pink-melon shade on my lips, and the taupe to warm up my crease.

Gosh, I can’t believe there’s only one more taupe left in our year of TYCH! Just as I began the year, I get to end the year. I’m excited to find one last taupe for you all! So...should 2011’s project be Blushes You Can’t Have? I think so! Elvira will just have to roll with it =)


  1. aww yea blushes you cant have would be sweettt. I think Elvira would be fine in that (:P). She probably has enough Dc'd chanel jc's for the whole year!

  2. Yeah, Elvira definitely has a lot of JCs to write about.

    On the flipside, I went three years where I collected LE MAC blushes so I think I can compete with her =)

  3. i hope i can contribute to one blush, even though im not an author to this blog ;)

  4. Hi Joey,
    I recently spotted this in the "Vintage" section of the site. Should I be purchasing this? I do like that melon shade.

  5. Panties - Which blush were you thinking of? =)

    Lexi - GET IT. It'd be lovely on you...I think this is one of the NARS duos that's better if you're tan like we are =)

  6. I totally snagged this over the summer! QVC's OCRF Super Saturday had this in the NARS set!


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