Friday, April 30, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Taupes You Can't Have #4, Isadora Icy Khaki

Today's the end of the month, so you know what that means - it's time for another installment of TAUPES YOU CAN'T HAVE, NYAH!

Elvira and I, being the sadists that we are, thought the idea of featuring a taupe eye shadow that is discontinued (DCed) and or hard-to-find (HTF) at the end of each month would be an absolutely delicious evil we could propagate amongst our readers. Elvira and I have a large collection of DCed and HTF taupe eye shadows and we decided they deserved love and publicity. Now, the first month we featured MAC Innuendo and the second month we showed you Shu Uemura ME Silver 945. The third month was Cargo Yukon. So what is in store this month?

This month, I bring you an old-school and extremely hard-to-find taupe, one that was considered a member of the Holy Taupes of MakeupAlley years ago - guys, this taupe is so old-school that even Elvira doesn't own it. Yeah, Elvira doesn't have it! Unbelievable, no? The name of this mystical, magical taupe? Isadora Gleaming Wet & Dry Eye Shadow in Icy Khaki! Now, don't let the name fool you - this eyeshadow is definitely not a khaki color. Instead, this is one of the most gorgeous and complex taupes in my staggeringly large collection of taupes.

(it's like a gorgeous taupey moon!)

Isadora is a Swedish makeup line that used to be carried in Walgreens in the United States back around 2005-2007. As you can see by that two year range, it didn't last very long in Walgreens. I think it's because the price point for the cosmetics was staggeringly high for drugstore; the Gleaming Wet & Dry Eye Shadow line retailed for about $10USD! However, Isadora makeup is excellent quality. I have two of the Gleaming shadows (the other I own is Frosty Seashell, a pretty champagne beige), and a very lovely eyeshadow quad (Shimmering Cacao, full of brown-taupes), all of which I purchased on clearance when Walgreens was getting rid of the line in 2007. I think I paid $5 each for the Gleaming shadows.

Icy Khaki has been compared on MakeupAlley to Shu ME945; the color, texture, and finish of this eyeshadow is incomparable to my other taupes. It is a heathered, silvery-brown taupe, with a shimmery finish. It is exactly what I wanted Cargo Yukon to be - a cool, silver taupe that isn't overly frosty or overly cool-toned. This shade is absolutely perfect. It brightens my eyes like no other, and can be used with warmer colors without creating clash. Paired with a purple in the crease, Icy Khaki creates one of the sexiest eyes known to man.

What truly sets Icy Khaki apart from other taupes is the wet/dry formula of this shadow. Sure, most eyeshadows can be used wet or dry, but I noticed that with some brands, wetting the shadows interferes with the color payoff and performance of the shadow once it dries. This is truly a wet/dry shadow, and using it wet just brings out the life and vibrancy of this shade. Dry, the shadow is pigmented but quiet, the heather-silver tones apparent. It is a lovely wash. Wet, the brown-taupe tones come to life, and the finish is more metallic. I love using this shadow dry across my lids, and then wet in the crease - easy, sophisticated, and taupe-effin'-tastic!

(dry swatch left, wet swatch right - gorgeous!)

(wet swatch top, dry swatch bottom, rawwwr!)

Now, I searched to find a place where you could buy this eyeshadow online, and I found it here - on this website, the shadow retails for $11. There are also two for swap on MakeupAlley. Do let me know if you end up caving on this shadow - I promise, you won't regret it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Poll

My name is Elvira. It is pronounced L-Veer-Ah. It is NOT pronounced L-Vie-Rah. It is a Latin name. and therefore the i is soft like e not like i. I know it can be confusing to read. But if I am actually SPEAKING to you and I PRONOUNCE my name to you, I assume that you are a) listening and b) have an iota of memory retention so that when you repeat back to me "Hello Elvira" you actually pronounce it L-Veer-Ah. Makes sense right? WRONG. I would say, unless you are from any other country but the US, you will say my name correctly after you meet me. Oh but No, not in the US. Allow me to explain. There was a band called The Oakridge Boys. They were quite popular in the 1980's and had a "hit song" called "Elvira". Yeah. One small problem. They sang/pronounced the name L-Vie-Rah. And it was one of those terribly "catchy" songs so a lot of people knew it and it would get stuck in their head. Let me say now that The Oakridge Boys and their damn song, "Elvira", were the bane of my existence for um...ALL MY DAMN LIFE! I STILL, 28 years later, meet people that start singing the song after I introduce myself to them. Jerks. You want an example? Yeah. I don't care if you just said "No." I'm gonna give you one anyway. 1st day of High School, 9th Grade, Algebra, Taught by Coach Cameron, 1st class of the day. Let me tell you about Coach Cameron. He was the Football Coach. He needed something else to do when he wasn't being a jock so he was assigned to teach Algebra. He looked like the missing link. He had a sloping forehead where his frontal lobe should be, hair on his back, shoulders and ears, and he grunted a lot. (OK maybe he had allergies, but I like to think he spoke in clicks and grunts like a caveman.) He started to call roll. When he got to my name he pronounced it, like any gringo would, "L-Vie-Rah". Before I could correct him, the entire class of 9th graders (30+ jerky, pimple faced, teenagers) Broke into the Oakridge Boys song "Elvira". I died a little bit that day. I had Coach Cameron all year and he NEVER ONCE got my name correct. No matter how many times I corrected him, he always said my name wrong. To this day I have such a mental block when it comes to Mathematics I can barely remember the quadratic formula or what it is supposed to do..... I really wish my name was Jane. Perhaps I would be a math whiz.
On To The Poll!

1. Blush Of The Day? - Chanel JC in Poesie. It has long since been discontinued. It's a lovely pink that is neutral and glowy. It honestly makes me look "lit from within". I love this blush.

2. Do you have any well known Product (nail polish, blush, other), Song, Movie, etc. with your name in it? - Well you know about that damn song. There is also Elvira Mistress of the Dark, that's another painful chapter of my life.

3. What beauty product is your weakness? What product never fails to make you swoon and never fails to end up in your collection? - Well, aside from taupe eye shadow, I will have to say it is perfume. I will buy a perfume so quickly. I love the different scents and the way they change my mood.

4. What is your middle name? (If you would rather not share that personal information just make something up...but make it amazing, like Velveeta or something) - My Middle name is my maiden name. Before I got married it was Kris.

5. Do you use mascara on your lower lashes? - No. I used to long ago but now it just makes me look tired and raccoon like.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kenzoki Perfumed Beneficial Water in Sensual Rice MMM

I was recently given a sample of the Perfumed Beneficial Waters spray from Kenzoki to test for the blog. Perfumed Beneficial Waters by Kenzoki are the more perfumed and more hydrating versions of the last Beneficial Water line. They aren't exactly Perfume, but they aren't a spray moisturizer. They a little bit in between.

According to Kenzoki:
"A new, more fragrant formula and enhanced plant extract transforms KENZO's Beneficial Waters collection into PERFUMED BENEFICIAL WATERS: SPLASH, FIZZ, SHH, MMM. The scent of each of the KENZOKI ranges is captured in these moisturizing mists. Its main ingredient, plant water, is rich in nutritive elements that are readily absorbed by the skin."
The four scents they offer are:
"Energizing Bamboo Splash - A crisp green bamboo leaf fragrance moisturizes the skin while stimulating body and mind. Bamboo tear milk helps tone and energize.

Blissful Ginger Fizz - An exhilarating concentrate with a spicy ginger flower scent to moisturize and invigorate the skin and rouse the senses. Ginger extract reinforces the anti-radical activity of anti-oxidizing agents.

Sensual Rice MMM - Voluptuous droplets scented with the sensual fragrance of rice steam soften the skin and stir the senses. Rice extract contains nourishing properties.

Relaxing Lotus SHH - A velvety veil with a soft powdery white lotus fragrance to soothe the body and lift the spirit. The lotus complex contains relaxing, soothing properties."

I chose Sensual Rice MMM. I chose it A) Because it is the PINK one and B) Because the Sensual Marshmallow Mask sample I got when I placed my most recent refill order for the Sensual Barefeet Fantasy Massage Balm (which also smells like the water) is ah-freakin-mazing. I also received a sample of the Shh de Lotus Relaxant which I sent to Joeybunny for review/testing. The moment I sniffed the lotus one I knew Joey would like it. We sometimes have polar opposite tastes as far as fragrance goes.

According to Kenzoki the Sensual Rice MMM perfumes, hydrates, softens with the scent of steamed rice and rice plant water. Well I'm not sure about hydrating as the main and primary ingredient in this product is alcohol, but since my skin isn't THAT sensitive, I didn't notice any drying from spraying this all over. And yes. I sprayed it all over me. I used it as a body spray after my shower & lotion. It's not overpowering so I can use a good 10 to 12 spritzes (excessive, I know) without knocking someone down with my scent.

The glass (and RECYCLABLE!) bottles were designed by Alban Le Henry. He created new glass bottles, each tinted in the color of its range. The caps can also be unscrewed so that the glass can be recycled after use. The packaging is simple and pure, featuring each Kenzoki plant. That's very green to have a product that you can unscrew the top, rinse it out and put it in the recycling bin when you finish. Just think about all those plastic containers of Product you have tossed into the trash because you couldn't open them to rinse them, or because they were made out of an non-recyclable kind of plastic. OK. Maybe it was just me filling up the landfills with beauty product...but now you all can breath a sigh of relief that I won't be doing that as much any more!

I have to say that I have tried to write this review for over a week now and each time I was stumped. I was having a hard time describing the scent. The following words come to mind when I sniff this on me.
Note there is no mention of rice in this list...yet that is the name of the scent. Humm. I suppose after the drydown the fresh basmati scent can almost be detected. Not like Thai Jasmine rice, but a sort of sweet rice milk type of dry down. Regardless of my lack of vocabulary and my inability to identify notes in fragrances this scent is unique. And I'm in love!

This will be my go to scent for the hot humid summers where I live. Perfume can almost strangle you on a hot day. This leaves such a light fresh scent on you that really is not cloying at all. In other words, if you want silage or if you want to announce you are entering a room with your perfume, this is NOT the scent for you.

However, this IS a scent for you if you like any of the notes I listed above. It's also great for when you will be working in close quarters with people that might me "sensitive" (not allergic) to perfumes This is a "you have to be kissing my neck to smell it" scent. This is also a great scent if you happen to have someone kissing your neck!

Do you need this? Well scent is rather personal so I'm not going to say one way or another. It is certainly NOT a true perfume. It's lighter than an eau de toilette but seems to last longer on my skin. Each person is different. Kenzoki Perfumed Beneficial Waters (3.0 oz) are priced at $45 USD and will be available at the end of this month at

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector

image from

Ladies and gentlemen. I have serious news for you. You may have heard horse hooves recently. The ground may have felt colder than usual. You might have seen some porcine looking birds. 2012 has come early. The world is about to end. Why? I FINALLY found a Clinique product I like!

I know. I was taken aback as well. I'll give you a minute or so to recover.

Yes. I finally found a Clinique product that works for me, I like and does not break me out. This miracle product is....Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector.

(cue dramatic music)

Yes. Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector is a creamy gel based product that instantly masks my large pores and helps keep a matte finish on my skin. It fills in large pores and fine lines but allows my skin to breathe enough that I don't break out, nor do I produce excess oils to compensate for the masking effect.

The product itself does not have any scent but it is tinted. I purchased the "Invisible Light" color and it blends seamlessly into my skin. I believe that most people can wear the Invisible Light color without a problem, but those with dark skin tones would benefit from the "Invisible Deep" color more.

Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector comes in a squeeze tube..which is fine with me. It's much more hygienic than Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch and I think there is less waste than the Dr. Brandt Pores No More that uses a pump. You can control the amount you use for your face and thankfully a little goes a long way.

The product smooths on and feels very silicone-y. It is perfect under makeup (does not pill up) or alone on bare skin (doesn't look mask-y or have a white tinge to it.) I have not experienced any breakouts from this product, which again adds to the mystery of my silicone sensitivity. Why do some silicone products break me out and others don't? I don't think, short of obtaining a medical and chemistry degree I will ever really know, but I'm just glad that this product didn't case acne for me. Those with silicone sensitivities may want to ask for a sample from your local Clinique counter before purchasing.

What is best of all about this product Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector is a mere $17.50 for 0.5oz. That's NOTHING compared to Dr. Brandt's Pores No More, 1 oz ($45) or Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, 0.5 oz ($32). You can feel good about using this product every day without breaking the bank. I still don't like the pink & green, tired look of Clinique packaging colors, but honestly I'm being picky. It's not a big deal.

Do you need this? Well if you have large pores that you wan to mask, then the answer is a resounding and absolute YES! I still feel a bit odd loving a Clinique product as much as I do...but I won't let it get the best of me. Watch out for the porcine birds!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - New Paul and Joe Beaute eyeshadows

I think that by now, you are all familiar with my sick and twisted addiction to Paul and Joe Beaute. I can’t help myself, really. The fact that I work nearby Bergdorf Goodman combined with the excellent service I receive at the counter, plus the general knowledge that any product I buy from the line is going to be awesome, all add up to my bank account suffering tremendously every time a new product comes out. Well, my bank account took a major gut punch this past week when the new Paul and Joe eyeshadows came out during the BG Gift Card Event.

Paul and Joe used to sell these really cute eyeshadow singles for $20 - they were housed in the signature adorable Paul and Joe packaging, and came in a range of colors (check out Sabrina’s post over at The Beauty Look Book for more information). However, I have to say that I personally found pigmentation to be less than spectacular with the eyeshadows. Most of the colors were shimmery but sheer-ish, and I have to use the ones I own wet to get them to show a truer color on my tanned skin. However, the size of the shadows was decent for the price, and the color range was great (lovely neutrals!), so I really could not complain about them too much.

When I found out the eyeshadows were being discontinued and replaced with more pigmented shadows and a palette system, I was thrilled! I pre-ordered three shades and an empty palette, and waited patiently for almost two months for my eyeshadows. Luckily, they arrived in time for Bergdorf Goodman’s Gift Card Event, so I also purchased Eye Gloss #1 (a shimmery gold) and Lip Gloss #8 (a pale, NARS Turkish Delight-ish color). Just a FYI: the Lip Glosses are also being discontinued, and will be replaced with new colors in June.

(eyeshadows #06, #16, #15; Eye Gloss #1; Lip Gloss #8)

I will tell you my complaints about the new shadows/palette system first. These eyeshadows are small and expensive. They are significantly smaller than the old eyeshadows (the old shadows were the size of a quarter, the new shadows are the size of a nickel), but are only $2 less ($20 vs. $18).

Also, you are forced to buy a palette even if you just want one eyeshadow, because to use the single itself is somewhat unwieldy due to its small size (and the clear plastic camellia cover is cute but isn’t the most protective shield for the eyeshadow).

Also, the palette is somewhat pricey at $12. Think about this: if a palette fits 3 eyeshadows, a filled palette is $66USD before tax. That’s more expensive than a Chanel quad, a Dolce and Gabbana quad, or a Dior quint! However, I think it is fair to hold Paul and Joe to the same luxe, high-end standard as those other lines due to its exclusivity, so maybe the price isn’t entirely outlandish. I only winced a little when I handed over my credit card.

What I believe makes the new Paul and Joe eyeshadows worth their price is the level of pigmentation. These shadows are insanely pigmented - maybe that’s why they’re so small, because one doesn’t need much of the shadow to cover the lids.

(top row: Eye Gloss and Lip Gloss swatches; bottom row: eyeshadows #06, #16, #15 - WAY more pigmented in real life)

Also, the range of shades and textures are beautiful. Shades 01-09 have a satiny shimmer finish. Shades 10-17 have a silk finish, and are glowy. Shades 18-25 have a suede matte finish. I picked one shade from the Satin finish, #06 Pussycat (a bright shimmery pink), and two shades from the Silk finish, #15 Belladonna (a deep, sultry purple) and #16 Chateau (a gorgeous mauve-taupe). Housed together in the palette, these shades look sophisticated and lovely, and I am glad to own such a beautiful piece of makeup! Also, these shadows wear extremely well, holding up in the heat and humidity of my job. If you’re in the market for a luxurious splurge, I definitely recommend these shadows. They certainly are not cheap, but the product is excellent, and oh-so-pretty!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - ELF/American Laser Center Beauty Boost Event

On Wednesday evening I had the lovely opportunity to attend a press event for bloggers held by ELF Cosmetics and American Laser Center. This was the first press event I ever remember being invited to, so I was super thrilled to go and enjoy a nice glass of red wine and meet some new people (hello to Rosa over at - you were awesome!).

The event was called Summer Beauty Boost, and it was all about how to create a new summertime ‘you’ with makeup, skincare, diet, exercise, hair, and fashion. American Laser Center was offering free samplings of microdermabrasion or Velashape (a revolutionary way to get rid of cellulite), food and wine (I didn’t eat, but you know I had a nice glass of wine!), and gift bags valued at over $500.

**I have to make a note about the gift bags - if you’re going to plan an event where you know over 25 people will show up, why would you only bring 25 gift bags? I didn’t get one, sadly, because all of the bloggers rushed the swag room after the event finished. However, it was a small loss, because I did get free microdermabrasion which rocked (and the wine was really good!).

Anyway, the gift bag that was given out is actually available on - it’s called The Beauty Boost Kit, and retails for $20. This kit includes some great products from ELF’s mineral line, cute gold bangles, a $500 gift certificate for a Velashape procedure at an American Laser Center location, and a Neocutis Journee Bio-Restorative Day Cream (Neocutis is a skincare line only available via a physician, so this is a great way to try it). 100% of the proceeds from this kit benefit Bottomless Closet, an organization that helps women make the most of themselves, rebuilds their self-confidence, and teaches them how to enter the work force. How awesome is that? I’m really impressed with ELF because of this.

It would be difficult for me to give you a rundown of the entire two hours due to how much information was thrown at us, so I’ll just share my highlights!:

  1. Achelle Dunaway, the creative director of ELF Cosmetics, is gorgeous (tall and blonde, so jealous!) and a total sweetheart! She felt badly about my missing out on a gift bag and promised to send me some items. Even if she doesn’t get around to it, she was still awesome and shared some great tips for getting summer ready (and I have to say, ELF’s mineral bronzer looks incredibly natural on!).
  2. I might be officially obsessed with microdermabrasion. I had my forehead and nose done and HOLY HELL - the feel and look of the skin is totally different from the rest of my face! The staff at the W.58th St. American Laser Center were professional and very kind, and I look forward to returning for an appointment as soon as I can afford it.
  3. I might be madly in love with Derek Warburton, of - not only was he absolutely hilarious, but he is a philanthropist who works tirelessly with Bottomless Closet to make every woman “Derek fabulous” (oh, and he’s been on Real Housewives of New York!). Derek shared with us some fashion trends/tips for the summer, and here they are:
    1. Color-rific: color is in for the summer, but in small doses.
    2. Sporty Spice: yoga clothes and gym clothes can translate to other areas.
    3. Ellie May, June, July: country-inspired clothing is in.
    4. Keep It Clean: All hail the white t-shirt/white button-down!
    5. Sheer Madness: Slips aren’t just for the bedroom anymore.
    6. Get in Formation: Camo prints are in!
    7. Studs: Punk will never die, and studded accessories are hot.
    8. Swirly Twirly: Every girl needs a flirty skirt this summer.
    9. Bejeweled: Chunky, glitzy jewelry dresses up any outfit.
    10. What’s Your Platform?: The higher the heel, the hotter you are.

So that’s my rundown of the Beauty Boost event! Thanks to ELF Cosmetics and American Laser Center for having me - it was a huge treat and I look forward to the next event!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Poll

Last week I went a little political on you all. It was tax day in the US and I naturally went from taxes to government to political movements in the country. I may have offended some of you all. That was not my intent. Actually I try very hard to keep my political views off of this blog, but sometimes I slip. I just want to let you know that 1) Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and some stink more than others. and 2) Just because we may not agree on political lines I think we can agree that we share a common love for makeup and beauty items. It doesn't matter what political party you belong to, lipstick is lipstick and out love for it should never keep us apart just because we may not see eye to eye in the voting booth. I mean, come on. We all have to agree that Hillary Clinton's makeup during her campaign for President looked amazing, and Sarah Palin's lipstick was always perfect. I think we can all agree, regardless of their political views, that Congresswoman (R-Minnesota), Michelle Bachman's makeup looks pretty nice, and Senator (D-California), Dianne Feinstein
could use a little eye shadow and lipstick from time to time. Regardless. I hope that I didn't lose any of you in my last Thursday rant just because of my political views. if you are going to stop reading the blog I want it to be because I suck at writing and my opinions on makeup are screwy...not because who I did or didn't vote for.
Now. On To The Poll!

1. Lip Of The Day?
- Currently wearing Urban Decay lipstick In Rush. I plan to write a review shortly...but let's just say that it's a My Lips But Better color and cool toned.

2. Last movie you saw in a theater?
- Oh goodness it's been so long. Sadly I think the last movie I saw was Avatar. I didn't like it one bit. It seems to be the story of Pocahontas only with blue people. But the 3-D graphics were cool. Yikes. Marley just reminded me that I did indeed see Sherlock Holmes in the theater and I loved it. I mean Robert Downey Jr. AND Jude Law? Yum!

3. Latest beauty item you purchased?
- I have no idea why, but I picked up 2 Dolce & Gabbana lipsticks from Saks during the Friends and Family Sale. I blame Sabrina over at The Beauty Look Book for my D&G should check out her blog if you haven't already. Ia lso blame a lot of my purchases (Not just D&G) on a lovely woman over at the Autumn Masquerade Blog. I'm so glad she is back!

4. What's the weather like today?
- (Nice safe non political topic). Today will be a sunny 73 degrees with a slight chance of showers in the evening.

5. If you could give one Celebrity a makeover who would it be and what would you do?
- Oh this is tough b/c there are so many train wrecks out there and I'm so very perfect (Sarcasm) I would chose Lindsay Lohan. I would scrub off the self tanner, cut her hair & extensions, Ditch the harsh black liner and put her in some soft beiges with green & copper for the eyes. Dye her hair a soft red and curl her hair and put her in a pretty peach lipstick (Not Frosty!). Oh and feed her a cheeseburger...or seven.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Being a hair model at the Ouidad Salon!

If you remember my flat iron review from a week or so ago, you’ll recall that I mentioned that flat-ironing was such a big deal for me because my hair is my trademark of sorts, and that if I ever cut it people would freak out, cities would crumble, and the world would explode.

Well everyone, it’s time to pay a visit to the closest bomb shelter available, because I cut my hair. I CUT MY HAIR!!!!!!

(By the way, I can’t be held responsible for causing the end of the world, ok?)

On Monday, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a hair model for the Ouidad Salon in Manhattan. If you have curly hair, and you’re not familiar with Ouidad, then immediately get familiar with her. Ouidad pretty much revolutionized how curly-headed women cut and style their hair with her Carve and Slice technique and awesome products such as the Climate Control Heat and Humidity hair gel. I had not had my hair professionally cut in about seven years or so because I had never been able to find a stylist who could cut curly hair without making me look like Rosanne Rosannadanna.

So, when I was presented with the opportunity to volunteer as a hair model for Monday’s training session, I jumped at it. Hello, free haircut and deep conditioning! Oh, and the opportunity to say hello to Ouidad herself? HELL YES! I more than gladly woke up early to take myself down to the salon.

(this was me at the train station - notice the HUGE THICK ponytail!)

The Ouidad salon is spacious, friendly, and they play great music (always a plus when you know you’ll be there for a while). Ouidad herself was as pretty and friendly as I imagined her to be, and her staff was very warm. I felt immediately reassured I wasn’t going to get a hack job done on my hair. My stylist Renee was visiting from Napa, California - she specifically chose me because she thought my hair would be “a challenge” to cut and style. That’s a very polite way to put it, I think - Renee worked on me for about four hours (granted, this four hours included a very long deep conditioning for my frazzled hair, plus some wait time while Renee worked on someone else).

(this is the challenge Renee took up - I HAVE SO MUCH HURR)

My haircut started with a consultation with Renee. She was so warm and happy that I immediately trusted her, and I told her I wanted my dead ends cut off: at least three inches worth. She played with my hair to study my curl pattern, and then took me for a wash and condition.

(the washing station!)

The Carve and Slice cut followed - this is what Ouidad is famous for: this way of cutting the hair eliminates bulk without taking away length, and allows the curls to fall flat down in harmony instead of poofing out from the head. Once Renee was done, then she proceeded to cut about 4-5” from my hair (yes, it’s more than I had asked for, but my hair was more damaged than I initially thought and when I saw how terrible it looked, I said I was all for the chop!). The famous Ouidad Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner followed, and I sat under the dryers until Renee was ready to style me.

(post cut Bunny!)

(getting deep conditioned!)

Add Video

(right before being styled, after Deep Treatment was washed out)

She parted my hair exactly how I wanted, and gave me lots of volume with an expert placement of duck clips (I love big hair!). Back under the dryers I went so that my hair would dry, and then Renee finished with a diffusor and some more product.

(almost done...)


(me and Renee, my awesome stylist!)

(me in the elevator, taking pictures for Elvira and my Twitter followers)

The result? A head of hair that Ouidad herself called “a knockout!” I was stunned by my hair transformation. I went from my butt-length wild leonine mane to a gorgeous, sleek but curly, manageable head of hair that now lands right below my shoulder blades. I could not stop thanking Renee, or Ouidad, for the incredible opportunity to have such an incredible experience for free!

If you’re interested in the salon I highly recommend checking out the website - there’s a form to fill out to volunteer to be a hair model! Try it, you have nothing to lose but a ton of bulk and poof! Also, if you’re interested to know what products were used on my hair, ask in the comments - it was quite a list, so I was hesitant to type it out, but I’m more than happy to tell whoever asks.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie

As big as my obsession with purple nail polish is, I have a slightly smaller yet unhealthy obsession with silver nail polish. I eventually want to find a silver nail polish that will look like a mirror on my nail. I want a freakin disco ball on my nails. You hear me? I'm insane. I know I can achieve that look by getting MINX nails but since there are not too many places near me that do Minx nails I'll have to settle for plain old nail polish.

In my ravenous desire for disco ball nails, the recent acquisition of Zoya Trixie nail polish has sated me for the time being. Granted I don't have mirrors on my nails but hot damn the shiny silver of Trixie is amazing. Zoya Trixie is a beautiful silver chrome polish with very fine micro shimmer in silver mixed in. Two coats and you are good to go. This opaque polish shows minimal to no brush strokes, covers well and lasts for days!

Zoya nail polish is big 3 free. That means it is free of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene. Three toxic chemicals that used to be common in nail polishes. Most companies have changed their formulations to be big 3 free so it's not as much of an issue. While I'm not entirely convinced that you are better off without these chemicals in your nail polish, those that do have a concern can breathe a sigh of relief when using Zoya.

Do you NEED Zoya Trixie? Well DUH. It's like the totally coolest silver polish out there! It also looks hot as a pedicure in the summer against tanned tootsies. Tan = Something that never happens to my skin. I am melanin challenged, but I still think Trixie looks nice against pale skin as well. Zoya nail polish retails for $7.

Sorry for the craptacular focusing in this picture, but I wanted to show you show incredibly shiny Zoya Trixie is in sunlight.

P.S. Thanks for ignoring my wretched cuticles. Have a nice day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

MAC Greasepaint Stick in Dirty

I'm torn. I'm supposed to love it because it's taupe. I'm supposed to love it because it's TAUPE! But I just kinda don't.

I'm talking about MAC's Greasepaint Stick in Dirty.

Greasepaint Sticks from MAC are a hybrid of paint pot, eye liner and eye shadow. It has remarkable staying power and is crease resistant like a paint pot. It is lovely used alone to line the eyes like a soft kohl liner and it sets quickly for no smudging. It can be smudged out before it sets to act as a shadow or applied over shadow as a crease color and smudged out too.

So what's not to like?

I'm not sure. It's nice and all.. but I feel like it's almost redundant as a base for shadow as I end up covering it up. The fine point runs down after the first use so use as a liner for my top lids is almost impossible. Using it as a shadow is OK, but honestly, it doesn't smudge as nicely as I would like and I have other dark taupes in powder shadow form that I personally prefer.

Yet another annoying thing...It's limited edition and almost sold out everywhere. Honestly I tried to get this posted as soon as I could, but I had to work with this sucker for a while before I decided if I really liked this item from MAC. I am getting sick and tired of the multiple limited edition releases from MAC. I know this is a tired old argument, but I just have to say that PERHAPS, maybe, if MAC concentrated as much energy into 6 key releases a year as they do into the... what is it? 30 to 40 releases a year? MAC could come out with some STUNNING and revolutionary items. I mean what the heck? MAC released an eyeshadow identical to Satin Taupe...I love Satin Taupe but do we really need two? And another thing, the limited release of items creates a buying frenzy that causes people to hoard product and re-sell it on evilbay for sometimes 5 times the retail cost! I mean what The FUC....I'm sorry. I got carried away. You all know the argument and any business major from any community college could point out the fact that this kind of marketing makes MAC tons of money and it's not about artistic development. It's only, and has always been, about money.

So do you NEED this? (If you can still find it.) I'm going to give an unpopular opinion here and say. NO. I know a lot of people LOVE Dirty Greasepaint Stick and they think it's the bee's knees, but I honestly don't think it's all that special. It's $17.50 and I just don't find it $17.50 special. It's OK to disagree with me. It's OK for you to extol the virtues of Dirty Greasepaint Stick in the comments section. I'm OK with that. I just don't think it's a MUST have.

EOTD using MAC Greasepaint Stick in Dirty smudged along lover lid and lower lash line. MAC Sweet Sienna pigment patted and blended on top of Greasepaint Stick up to crease. MAC Naked pigment blended from crease to mid upper eye. MAC Vanilla pigment used to highlight. MAC Blacktrack gel liner used to line upper lid, tightline upper lid and line waterline. MAC Zoom Lash mascara.

PS! Thank you to my kind readers for pointing out that the Greasepaint Stick actually DOES come with a sharpener. (Under the bottom end of the liner) I had no idea. And THANK YOU for the tip about putting it in the freezer for a spell before attempting to sharpen it. That really works well.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bond No. 9's new Summer Fragrance - Andy Warhol Montauk

Photo By Thomas Iannaccone. Image from

Due to premier at Saks Fifth Avenue Stores on Memorial Day, Bond No. 9 will release its new fragrance called Andy Warhol Montauk. This will be the fifth fragrance in its Andy Warhol series.

Described as a unisex scent with a blend of woods and citrus, the fragrance has a heart of hyacinth, lily of the valley and honeysuckle; top notes of wild bergamot, white laurel and blueberry, and a drydown of amber, driftwood, silver maple and red oak.

The Montauk bottle comes in two versions with the front and back of the bottle featuring four vibrant purple and yellow-hued versions of Warhol’s “Sunsets” series, a collection of 632 screen prints interpreting abstract sunsets in various colors.

Friday, April 16, 2010

And The Winner Is....

Congratulations to:


She has won the Hana Elite 1" 100% Ceramic Flat Iron from!

Thank you to all who entered the drawing. I plan to have another giveaway coming up in the near future!!

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

image from

Oh goodness gracious, where do I start? I professed my love for Urban Decay Primer Potion HERE, then I broke up with Too Faced Shadow Insurance AND UDPP for ArtDeco eye primer HERE. Then, without telling you all, I grew tired of ArtDeco and went crawling back to TFSI. Thank goodness we were able to get back together. But then I noticed something. I kept putting concealer on my eye lids after I put on the TFSI. It's allergy season here and my eyes are red and irritated...and I rub them and therefore I wake up with puffy eyes and red lids every morning. I hear that UDPP has a new primer out called Eden. It's the same good stuff as UDPP but with a yellow concealer base that mattifies the lid and covers any darkness, redness and general ickiness. Sephora was offering a deluxe sample size for 100 Beauty Insider Points so I jumped at the chance to get it with my last order.

You can expect the same long lasting performance from UDPP Eden as you would from regular UDPP. When you wear UDPP Eden you can expect your shadows to NOT crease, LAST for hours and your colors will be more VIBRANT.
BUT you can ALSO expect your red lids or dark purple lids to be masked and neutralized.

Before - Red Icky
After - Matte Yellow-y
Some cautions: Use the smallest amount you can possibly think of. Too much UDPP Eden and you will have a jaundiced look to your eyelids. Those with dark to very dark skin may find this looks rather clownish on your eyes and might prefer to stick with original UDPP. Using very cool eyeshadow colors or very sheer colors over UDPP Eden may slightly change the actual color of the shadow. Oh and don't forget the terribly awful UDPP packaging. I hate this design. It's misleading and a total pain in the butt to get all the product out. After you think you have run out, you can cut this sucker in half and scoop out a ton of product. Look on google for about a zillion and one tutorials on how to do this.

So Do you NEED this? Wellllll. I gave it a thumbs up to my friend Aly but now, having worn it for a while longer, I'm going to say MAYBE. You need this only if you have very red or purple lids that need correction, are light to medium skin tone with neutral or warm tones AND do not have any other eye primer. Otherwise just stick with your regular eye primer and dot some concealer lightly over your eyes as you have been doing all along.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Poll

Today is Tax Day in America. The day when the Internal Revenue Service (A.K.A. "The Man") sticks it to hard working regular folk like you and me. According to some statistic I heard on the radio at 5AM (So I doubt I'm remembering it accurately) approximately 50% of Americans are getting a tax refund. Guess where I fall? Yep. I OWE this year. I didn't withhold enough taxes from my paycheck this year so I ended up owing "The Man" my monies. Boo Hiss! Ah but all you readers that don't live in the US are laughing right now because you all pay TONS in taxes and have no sympathy for us. And I'm cool with that. Seriously, Americans have no idea how good they got it because most Europeans have to pay so much more in income tax, fuel tax, food tax, clothing, and cosmetics it would make your head spin. There is a big rally this year in Washington, DC held by the Teabaggers. There is usually some sort of protest every year on taxes. There are a lot of Americans that HATE paying taxes...yet they expect free stuff from their Federal and State's quite a conundrum. But what I find amusing is the whole teabagger movement. First of all the term "Teabagging" is funny because it's a rather vulgar (or satisfying...depending on how you are wired) sexual act. Want to know the details?. Go to and look it up. I think a lot of these people involved in the teabagging movement have no idea...or if they do know, are too stubborn or uncreative to come up with a new name. Secondly, the Boston Tea Party, which these teabaggers are getting their name from, was not opposed to taxes per se, but "taxation without representation." What the colonists opposed was the fact that after the French and Indian Wars, the same colonists who fought on behalf of England were slapped with a whole slew of new taxes to pay for the wars. At the same time, the colonists had no representation in the English Parliament. So the colonists were fighting England's wars and paying her bills, but not allowed to vote to determine how her government worked. See? Taxation without representation. Now modern day teabaggers have representation and a vote in all levels of the government, from local elections on up to President, plus their taxes are not high when compared with most nations. So the solution? Protest, if you must, but know your history, know sexual slang that might lead to a lot of fodder for comedians, and VOTE.
OK. I'm stepping off my soap box and getting on to the poll.

1. Lip Of The Day? - Kevyn Aucoin lip liner in Bare with Victoria Secret Very Sexy Makeup Lipstick in Heidi. Heidi is a sheer shimmery peach that goes on almost clear and has a ton of glitter to it. When applied over a nude liner it doesn't look so porn-star-ish.

2. What is the sales tax (if you have one) where you live? (If you live in the US here is a link to tell you HERE) - Mine is 5% which is pretty low. It used to be 4% but it has crept up slowly since I moved here eek almost 14 years ago.

3. What are you lemmming right now, but you just can't afford it or you are saving up for it? - I think I'm lemming Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose but I also want to sniff Bond No. 9 Sacks For Her En Rose and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose before I make up my mind...then I'm gonna save up to buy one for my birthday in July.

4. What was the most taxing class you had in school (High School, College, Grad School)? - Oh gosh. The hardest class I ever had was my College Statistics class. I had to have it for my major. I got a D the first time I took it and took it a second time and got a C. The C erased the D but still screwed up my GPA. I hated Statistics and I have successfully managed to block anything I learned, so that I remember nothing. Just great....not.

5. What beauty products do you have no problem spending a lot of money on? - I have no problem spending a lot of money on face moisturizer if it works and foundation if it works as well....that's why I love samples b/c there is nothing I hate more than spending a boat load of money on a product only to find it doesn't so what it claims to do.
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