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Taupes You Can't Have #12 Chanel Shadowlights Eyeshadow in Vega

Joeybunny and I have been going strong with our monthly posts that feature a taupe eye shadow that is discontinued (DCed) and/or hard-to-find (HTF).   I know that we are naughty, and I know that these posts bring out the greeneyedmonster in all of us. However,  I believe that we have accomplished a lovely service to the public by honoring taupe eyeshaodw of days gone by.  You know the story: Joeybunny and I have a large collection of DCed and HTF taupe eye shadows that needed attention, and quite frankly, it's fun to parade them around from time to time. In January, Joey started with MAC Innuendo, and in February I showed you Shu Uemura ME Silver 945. March was Cargo Yukon and April was Joeybunny's review of Isadora Icy Khaki. May was my much loved Club Monaco Quartz. June was Paul and Joe #23 Boulevard. In July, I brought you Tarte The Real McCoy, and in August Joeybunny counteracted her hatred for Cargo Yukon with a review of Cargo Fiji. In September I brought you a taupe from a MAC palette that was released over 5 years ago called Hard To Please.  October was the old drugstore beauty Jordana Taupe, and in November Joey brought you the rosey, golden taupe from NARS Bohemian Gold eyeshadow duo. I now am ending the series with one of my favorite taupes and one that I featured a few years ago (before this whole sadistic thing started) but it is worthy of a re-run for month #12.

Chanel Shadowlights eyeshadow in Vega

Chanel had a line of eye shadow singles called Shadowlights. They came in small square compacts and in many pretty shades. Vega was the premiere taupe shade in this collection. Chanel discontinued this line in 2006 I believe. Anyway. Since then, taupe addicts, like myself, have been wheeling and dealing to get their grubby paws on Vega. I finally got my grubby paws on one via evilbay. I stalked evilbay for 1 year. After 3 lost auctions I finally won! Take that 8***e, j***j and e***n!! I beat you all! MUWAHAHA. 

Chanel Shadowlights eyeshadow in Vega has a soft silky texture and seems almost too powdery some times. I always use an eye shadow base but there are some shadows that don’t last all day even with a base. This Chanel Shadowlights did last all day. I’m happy to say and it still looked great at 7pm!

The taupe color is neither warm nor cool. It’s a good neutral brownish taupe with some shimmer and some micro glitter that is not over the top (OTT) for wearing in the day. It has no red undertones and sort of reminds me of a discontinued MAC pigment called Coco. The best thing about the color is that it is perfect alone on the eye. I use it alone as a wash and line under my eye with it. I even used it wet to line under my eye and it looked wonderful. It's a great every day color. In fact I wore this every day for an entire week and I didn't get tired of it. It's a great color to grab and go!

So is this the be all end all Holy Grail taupe eye shadow? I don’t really know if there is one. It’s like asking to choose a favorite child. You love all your taupes for different reasons. I love Chanel Vega just as much as I love Chanel Safari. Sure they look different, but they come from the same mother so what’s not to love? Regardless, if you love this shade I'm sure there is a good dupe of it out there and you aren't going to "die" if you don't have it...however...if you are taupe hoor like me, you will not be alive until you own it.

Here we are with a swatch of Vega next to a swatch of Safari

Here is my eye of the day using Chanel Vega. I applied to base of lid to above crease and blended with an old Skinmarket shadow that was applied to highlight. I used the Koji Line queen to line. On my lashes I have the usual Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara layered over it.

Friday, December 24, 2010


One of the best gifts I have received this year have been your readership.  I know Joeybunny and I have been caught up in life lately, but things are turning around for the better and we will be back in 2011 full force!!  Thank you for your patience, your dedication and your comments.  We love you!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas. And to those that don't celebrate Christmas may your holidays be happy and to all of you, may 2011 be a zillion times better than 2010.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beauty Blog Network Weekend Beauty Read

Phyrra is giving away 5 colors from the Aromaleigh Wonderstruck Collection!

Beauty and Fashion Tech looks at the Best Makeup Brushes in both affordable and professional brushes.

The Pink Sith Blog has Joeybunny reviewing Calvin Klein's new fragrance called Beauty Even her biased nose enjoys this feminine scent.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic checks out the polishes from Julep Nail Parlor and you can enter to win!

Jeweled Thumb reveals the contents of her mystery package and does a brief initial review of her thoughts on Haus of Gloi.

Friday, December 17, 2010

La Mer The Eye Balm Intense on

image from

My review for La Mer The Eye Balm Intense is up on Beauty Debutante and I really would love you all to read it.  Not because I want to draw traffic to Beauty Debutante (but that would be nice) but because this is the first...FIRST eye cream that actually did what it claimed it would do after using it.

I promise you that even though I was sent a tiny sample jar (and I mean tiny!) it did not sway my opinion at all. I actually expected it to be quite honest. I mean La Mer is expensive stuff and while I have never tried the face cream myself, I just find that people have a love it or hate it attitude with the brand.  

This eye cream is expensive. I won't lie. I was quite shocked at the sticker price. ($145 USD) but I tell you what. It made such a remarkable change in the appearance of my eyes (you'll see in the article I wrote) That I am saving up for a full sized jar.  Plus, as a helpful Facebook friend pointed out, since the jar could reasonably last almost a year that comes down to only 40 cents a day! Hee Hee.

But Seriously.  Check out the review.  Feel free to comment here or there but don't blame me if you suddenly want to buy this after reading my article.  Oh and Annie from Blogdorf Goodman also reviewed this and had the same results!

Click HERE to read MY review on Beauty Debutante for La Mer The Eye Balm Intense

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Poll (by Joeybunny!)

Two nights ago I received an order from Sugarpill Cosmetics. I’m sure many of you have heard of Sugarpill, and for those of you that haven’t, I’ll be doing a review in the next couple of days of what I ordered. I realized something about myself, though, after I played with my Sugarpill goodies - despite being a beauty blogger, I am slow to hop on beauty bandwagons.

Seriously, I was probably the last person on Earth to try Sugarpill, just like I was the last person on Makeup Alley to try Fyrinnae (and we all know how absolutely in love with Fyrinnae I am now). I don’t know what it is about me, but I tend to stick to what I know and love - or hate, for that matter (a good example of this is Chanel: you couldn’t really pay me to buy their eyeshadows, no matter how many raves they may receive). It’s not that I am not into trying new things, really - I just cannot afford (both financially and emotionally) to be disappointed by makeup! I think my resolution for 2011 will be to try items from brands I haven’t tried yet.

Anyway, on to the poll!

  1. What was the last item or items you received in the mail? Well, like I said above, I got my Sugarpill order two nights ago. I ordered two of the Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows, Weekender (which I am splitting with a friend) and Lumi. A review on both of these should be up sometime next week.
  2. What makeup lines have you not tried yet? Let’s see, the ones that I haven’t yet tried but want to try are: Julie Hewitt, Jouer, Shiro Cosmetics, Kanebo Sensai, and La Prarie.
  3. What makeup lines have disappointed you lately? Well other than MAC (ugh, so pissed that the new Cham Pale paint pots are sparkly!), I have been sadly underwhelmed by YSL lately. This is especially painful since YSL used to be one of my favorite makeup lines! I am very hopeful, however, for the Spring eyeshadow quint - the colors look right up my alley!
  4. Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? Well, besides work I should be spending the better part of my weekend with my boyfriend. I know he bought us tickets to see Tron: Legacy in 3D IMAX for Saturday night. Oh, and Sunday I’m having dinner with my best friend. Also, the boyfriend and I have to find time to watch some “Seinfeld”!
  5. How are you surviving in this cold weather? I personally love winter, so I’ve been happily slathering myself in a crapton of lotion. I find that I have to wear 2-3 different facial moisturizers now, and I have to exfoliate my body more often, but otherwise, I’m ok!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Calvin Klein Beauty perfume

Perfume has always been one of my quintessential holiday gifts. I always loved Christmas because my mother, who is a perfume addict, always bought me some lovely new scents. As I became older, buying my friends and boyfriends perfumes and colognes became commonplace.

This season, there is a myriad of options available at your local department store. Now, I don’t generally do department store fragrances nowadays - my nose is probably the snobbiest thing about me, ha! However, I was given the chance to review a few Calvin Klein fragrances, and I was pleasantly surprised by them.

The first fragrance I tried is Calvin Klein Beauty, advertised as “capturing the ultimate power of femininity, sophistication, and inner beauty.” Taglines like this always make me laugh, but I would have to agree - Beauty is incredibly feminine. It’s actually much more feminine than I’m used to (as we all know that I am Joey, she who loves stank man scents), but I actually quite enjoyed it.

I think the important thing for me when it comes to more feminine scents is the combination of base notes. Let me explain something - I don’t typically like floral scents. Florals are just too feminine for me - they smell too pretty. When I complain about a scent being ‘feminine’, that’s usually my way of saying it’s too flowery.

Calvin Klein Beauty is a floral, yes, but there’s a deeper, more complex base to the scent that renders it wearable for me. My body chemistry always picks up on woods and musks, and this scent has a cedarwood base that reads heavily on my skin. The main component of this perfume is a neo-lily - whatever that means. The lily mingles nicely with the ambrette seed topnote and the jasmine middle note. The combination of these notes translates into an initial burst of sexy floral that on me is heady and pretty. My ladyboss, a fellow lover of heavier masculine scents, adored this on me. The drydown was interesting: I thought it was almost milky, possibly a result of the lily and cedarwood combining. However, it wasn’t a spoiled milk sort of a scent - it was warm and cozy, and comforting.

A note about the bottle: Calvin Klein was serious about emphasizing femininity with Beauty, so the actual bottle was designed with this in mind. The silver ring that surrounds the perfume apparently symbolizing the ongoing strength of women, and the color of the actual perfume (gold) reflects how luminous women are. A bit sappy, but well-thought out.

Calvin Klein Beauty retails for $85 for the 3.4oz, $65 for the 1.7oz, and $50 for the 1oz bottle. Check it out!

PS - How lovely is Diane Kruger in that ad?!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guerlain Spring 2011

So what if it is 0 degrees out and snow is collapsing the Minnesota Vikings Super Dome.  This is the time to start thinking about spring...well spring makeup that is.  Guerlain has released images and descriptions of their Spring 2011 collection and for those that love orange and hot pink, you are in for a real treat!
"Guerlain celebrates the season of renewal by creating a charming, playful and cheerful limited-edition collection, Sur Me Levres or “on my lips”.  With tangy tones and vivid shades of pink, Guerlain invites you to see life in vibrant colour.  Radiant fuchsia shades are coupled with an ultra-black case to bring out the collection’s radiant and luminous nature. The Sur Me Levres collection glorifies beauty by offering women infinitely adjustable tones and tailor-made radiance."

But before we get too far into the color story I have to share with you my most anticipated product from the spring collection.  I am seriously shaking with anticipation to get this.
What is it that has me so in a tizzy?

Meteorites Compact. Not the regular $175 compact.  No. This is different.  This is the Meteorites Pressed Illuminating and Mattifying Powder!  A skin-coloured Météorites powder? Has this legendary product lost its perfecting colours? Not at all! The famous pearls have reinvented themselves into a compact powder in a variation of nude shades.  According to Guerlain:
"The corrective colours for which Météorites is known are now found within, providing an unprecedented matte finish and radiance. The secret of these fabulous matted pearls lies in the composition and reconstruction of pure, absolute light. When light passes through a prism, the white light separates into a spectrum of colours. Inversely, all of these colours together recreate ideal light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. An expert in colours, Guerlain decided to use this technology to add dazzling radiance with unrivalled purity to women’s faces.  In one brushstroke, women mix the colours into a beautiful harmony and adorn their skin with a veil of perfection."
 A mattifying powder with the multicolored pearl particles of regular meteorites?  WIN!!  The Compact is available in three harmonies (shades) (I know I'll need the lightest one)
•    Harmony 01- TEINT ROSÉ
•    Harmony 02- TEINT BEIGE
•    Harmony 03- TEINT DORÉ
They still contain multicolored pearl particles of yellow, orange, green, red, violet and white to recreate the ideal radiant complexion.  The powder leaves the complexion perfectly matte, yet luminous and naturally glowing.  This compact retails for $56.00 and is Available January 2011.  I WANT!!!


Next up in the Guerlain Spring 2011 collection is the Rouge G lipstick.  This time presented in a high polished black lacquer case with the ever so clever mirror 4 new LIMITED EDITION shades are introduced.  The Rouge G formula is the same as ever, moisturizing and incredibly shiny...not to mention that crushed ruby powder in the formula.  The new shades are:
Rose Desir 71 (a light pink rose)
Fushia Delice 70 (a HOT pink ) I WANT THIS ONE!
Orange Euphorique 45 (a stunning orange)
Rouge Sensuel 24 (a warm almost orange based bright red)
I'm not sure of the sheerness of these shades but if they are anything like the regular Rouge G series the Rouge G Serie Noire will be highly pigmented and long lasting!  The Rouge G Lipsticks will be $46 each.

On to Blush. I think some women just have a weakness for blush.  Especially blush that varies in color and can possibly offer more than one look from a single compact!  Well the Blush G - Serie Noir is a limited edition shade that is a mix of 4 complementary natural shades with a subtle pink base.  Packaged in a shiny lacquered black case within a suede pouch lined in fuchsia satin, the Blush G reveals colored stripes in an energized orange, intense fuchsia, delicate pink and pearly pink embossed with a G.  You can see from the promo shot that a simple swipe across the compact and bring a deep orange based pink color but focusing on specific sections you can create a lovely layered look unique to your own choosing.  Described as a fresh blush to illuminate the complexion I can imagine that there will be some lovely soft pearl powder infused in the blush to create that lit from within look.  According to Guerlain:
"These healthy glow boosters harmonize perfectly to revive the complexion and give it energy and vitality. Blush G instantly lights up the face for a chic and sophisticated look.
The black and fuchsia blush applicator makes application easy to embellish all complexions:
•For an instant burst of radiance, apply the four tones to the cheekbones to reveal a deceptively natural healthy glow. Your cheeks are beautifully warmed and rejuvenated.
•To revive a pale complexion, choose the two lower shades to pinch your cheekbones with slightly pearly pink.
•To enhance an olive matte or tanned complexion, use the two upper shades, which are more saturated and graphic, to structure the face.
•For a complexion-reviving effect, opt for all-over application of the four tones, making circular movements with the Météorites Powder Brush. "
 I'm excited to swatch this baby!  The Blush G - Serie Noir will retail for $65

Last but certainly not least is eyeshadow.  The limited edition Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow in Rue de Rivoli is the same concept as the other 6 shade eye compacts that Guerlain already sells.  Lovers of bold pinks and pretty purples will adore this compact.  I predict this will be one of the first items to sell out in the collection.  The compact has 6 different shades and 3 different textures (usually a matte, satin and sheer).  This allows you to adapt your eye look to a wide range of moods and styles for any occasion. The central fuchsia shade is surrounded by nudes, a delicate gold and pearly ivory. Oh and do you see the rich deep purple liner on the right side?  Oh my. that is to die for!  Considering you get 6 shades for $84 that works out to $14 per shadow and to be honest, those shadows are loverly!  This is also one I might "have to" get it once it comes out.

So what do you all think?
Will you be purchasing anything from the new collection?
Can you even begin to think of Spring when December isn't even over yet?
I know that the 30 degree temps this morning coupled with the windchill made it seem like 20 degrees sure has me thinking of budding trees, robins singing and Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Rose Desir and Fushia Delice!

Guerlain’s Spring Colour collection is available beginning January 2011 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Review by Joeybunny- Wet n' Wild Night Elf Palette

I have a bizarre affinity towards drugstore makeup even though I much prefer to buy higher-end cosmetics. I don’t know why. I think it’s something like being surround by a ton of cheap, brightly wrapped candy: everything looks fun, everything is cheap, and once in a while something is seriously delicious.

That’s the way I feel about the revamp of Wet n’ Wild Cosmetics. When the eyeshadows - singles and palettes alike - were redone, I could not believe how awesome they were. Mind you, I owned all of the original eyeshadow palettes (remember Sand Castle and Paradise Cove?!), but gah - the new shadows are really great for the price. Either here or on my personal blog I need to do reviews of the Greed and Lust palettes.

Anyway, Wet n’ Wild released Holiday-themed versions of their eyeshadow palettes, and they - but especially the Night Elf palette - have taken the blogging community by a veritable storm. There are four of these Holiday palettes: Golden Goddess, Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Sprite, and the aforementioned Night Elf. Each has a different color theme, and each comes with an eyeliner pencil (which I should find and test out, haha!). Night Elf is the palette that just won my heart (and everyone else’s heart too). How could it not? LOOK AT IT, EVERYONE!

Luckily, my darling Amy over at The Beauty Chick managed to snag me one, since I have yet to see these palettes in Manhattan.

Let’s discuss the colors, shall we? There’s a freakin’ red. A RED. Who the hell ever, EVER does red in a drugstore makeup palette?!? Oh, and it’s an incredible red, glazed over with a faint strawberry shimmer. Just look at the MAC Club dupe - a perfect blue-red-brown duochrome. And for the sweet love of everything holy, the golden taupe that’s in there is just resplendent. Finally, I cannot leave out the other three colors: a pretty shimmery ivory, a bright and happy silver, and a very pigmented black with rainbow glitter that actually sticks to the lid when applied.

In order to show how pigmented and perfect these puppies are (alliteration, how I adore thee), I did my swatches sin primer. Impressive, no? Yeah, those are the swatches of a $4.99USD eyeshadow palette. What a bargain!

Clearly, I recommend this palette if these are colors that appeal to you. I realize that not everyone can pull off reds, and that I’m a odd bunny for loving reds on my eyes, but whatever - look, it costs $5 and experimenting is always fun. Why not go for it? If anything, the other three palettes are (from what I can tell) much more wearable. Pick one up and give it a shot!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Taupes You Can't Have #11, NARS Bohemian Gold

Oh man, I’m really overdue for the latest Taupes You Can’t Have post! =( This should have been posted ten days ago, but my life has been really ridiculous lately. I apologize. I owe this blog a ridiculous number of posts as expect to see me post a lot more this month!

Anyway, on to what really matters:

Elvira and I have been going strong with our monthly posts that feature a taupe eye shadow that is discontinued (DCed) and/or hard-to-find (HTF). I may be late, but I found a discontinued taupe to taunt you with for month #11. I know that we are evil, and I know that these posts bring out the worst in all of us. However, we consider it a public service to report and honor taupes that have gone the way of the velociraptor. You know the history: Elvira and I have a large collection of DCed and HTF taupe eye shadows that needed attention, and quite frankly, it's fun to parade them around from time to time. In January, I started with MAC Innuendo, and in February Elvira showed you Shu Uemura ME Silver 945. March was the horrid Cargo Yukon (sorry Elvira!), and April was my review of Isadora Icy Khaki. May was Elvira’s much loved Club Monaco Quartz. June was my beloved Paul and Joe #23 Boulevard. In July, Elvira brought you Tarte The Real McCoy, and in August I opined about Cargo Fiji. In September Elvira showed you a taupe from a MAC palette that was released over 5 years ago called Hard To Please, and in October she brought us the old drugstore beauty Jordana Taupe.

For November, I bring you a taupe that I’ve shown on Pink Sith in passing: the deliciously rosey, golden taupe featured in the sadly discontinued NARS Bohemian Gold eyeshadow duo. Bohemian Gold, which retailed for $32USD, was discontinued at the beginning of this year, and I managed to snag one before it disappeared into the NARS Vintage Vaults, never to be seen again but to be hopelessly pined over.

Anyway, the taupe in this duo (on the left-hand side) is one of those “is it or isn’t it?” taupes. I bet that on Elvira’s Casper ass (and I say that with all the love in the world), it probably would have pulled a more golden brown - or maybe as a tanned pink. On my more olive skin, it is a beautiful taupe with hints of gold and pink shimmer and shine. It pairs wonderfully with the pinky-melon shade that accompanies it (A word about that pinky-melon shade - I know a lot of women found it hard to use it, but it makes a wonderful blush or a great lid shade when paired with a matte warm brown). My preference is to wear the pink-melon shade on my lips, and the taupe to warm up my crease.

Gosh, I can’t believe there’s only one more taupe left in our year of TYCH! Just as I began the year, I get to end the year. I’m excited to find one last taupe for you all! So...should 2011’s project be Blushes You Can’t Have? I think so! Elvira will just have to roll with it =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask

Image from
I'm not sure when my obsession with masks started. I think it was the Go-Go's Beauty And The Beat Album, I received one Christmas as a gift from my brother.  He also gave me a Men At Work album and I since have been fascinated with Wombats so there you go.  

Image from

The Album Art consisted of all the women in the Go-Go's band sitting around in white towels with white towel turbans sporting bright pink lipstick and white facial masks.  I think it was the cool contrast between the lipstick and the mask, but I insisted in buying some Noxema and slathering it on my face whilst I wore lipstick.  And thus started my downfall into skincare.  By The Way, Noxema is awful stuff and NOT a mask, which I found out too late.  I think my goal, after seeing the album art for Beauty And The Beat was to rinse of that mask and have that pure glowing dimples perfect face of Belinda Carlisle (the lead singer). You know what?  That never ever happened.  No facial mask has yet to give me dimples or make me a lead singer in a famous rock band.  I'm pissed.  What some of those masks HAVE been able to do is give me clearer skin. I guess that's what I'll have to settle for since I can't be a dimpled rock star.

Liz Earle has such a it won't give me dimples either, but it makes my skin look pretty good.  It's called the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask.  I had an opportunity to try it out recently and it was pretty nice.

The mask itself contains Green Clay to draw out impurities and Manuka Honey and Propolis to soothe the skin.  It hosts some other natural ingredients as well to tone and balance the skin...all of which leave this army green colored mask smelling very "herbal" that's the best way I can describe it.  The texture is very runny. Almost a liquid.  I found that applying the mask with my fingertips left it looking streaky and the coverage uneven.  I used an old flat foundation brush to apply and this worked a lot better for me.

The directions on the mask say that you can apply it all over your face or in targeted areas (like nose, chin and forehead)  I applied the mask allover my face, because I can use all the help I can get.  The directions read to use the mask for about 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse off using the sponge they provide.  I'll tell ya what. That sponge is super. It takes the mask off easily and rinses clean fast.  It was super easy to get the mask off of the corners of my nose and on my chin...sadly, no dimples for which to scrub the mask out of, but I suppose if you are lucky enough to have dimples this sponge would do a good job at removing residual mask leavings from said dimples.  The mask didn't dry tight on my face like  a lot of clay masks do and it didn't crack after 10 minutes of wear either. I hate that feeling.  Once rinsed off my face didn't feel tight or dry or have any residue left on it.  

My skin looks pretty much the same after using the mask. I'm sad to say that I did not turn into Belinda Carlisle, nor did my congested forehead clear up either.  The mask does not promise to turn me into Belinda Carlisle, but it does promise to draw out impurities and while it may do that on a low level, the deep cleansing I need must require laser resurfacing or something.  My skin was not super red after rinsing off the mask and I did not experience any reactions from using the mask.  The Liz Earle website stresses that those with sensitive skin do not use this mask. And while I consider my self to have sensitive skin, I did not have any problems with this mask at all. However, your results may vary so it is best to follow the manufacturer's recommendation as to appropriate skin types for use of this product.

Do you NEED this?  Honestly?  No.  I love Liz Earle Products and as much as I want to say YES! I can't say you NEED it.  It's nice to have and it's a fun little treat for your skin, but I didn't experience any significant change in my skin after using it for a few weeks.  Perhaps long term use may be the key to having this work.  I'm not upset with the performance of this mask. It's on par with some others that I have and still use. I plan to still use this mask until it's gone. Should you be looking for a clay mask that does not dry out your skin and does not leave your face feeling rough and raw, this might be a good one to try.  A generous sized 2.5 tube retails for $24 USD and comes with 2 sponges.  Replacement sponges can also be purchased separately.

Ingredients:  Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, Kaolin, Mel (honey), Montmorillonite, Glycerin, Glyceryl stearate, Propolis wax, Hectorite, Alcohol denat., Pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil, Decyl glucoside, Ethylhexylglycerin, Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool, Xanthan gum, Lactic acid, Polyaminopropyl biguanide, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic acid, Dehydroacetic acid.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Poll

I have learned a valuable lesson.  If decide something is a holy grail, stop buying new stuff and just keep using said holy grail.  I know. Ground breaking concept isn't it?  About a month ago I was finally finishing up my bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.  My skin was finally clearing up, thanks to a new night creams and face wash I was using and I thought to myself that I need a new foundation.  Sure I was still oily as ever, but I thought a foundation that was more sheer would look better since I don't have as many imperfections to cover up any more.  I was smart this time. (K. sort of smart) I didn't actually purchase any foundations....well except for that L'Oreal True Match foundation (which broke me out). I actually went to Sephora and Nordstrom to get samples of the foundations I wanted to try.  The first hurdle was getting a color match. I'm so impossibly pale and neutral that most foundations are too dark, pink or yellow on me.  Then there was finding the right formula. I still needed something for my oily skin and I needed something that wouldn't break me out either.  So what did I try?  I tried Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear, Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation, Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup, Tarte Smooth Operator and Make Up For Ever HD.  Rather than boring you with the details of how each performed let me just say that NONE of them worked for me because of one reason or another.  I decided to try a tip from a fellow EL DW user and apply the foundation using a damp sponge.  Ah ha!  Success.  A sheerer application and still the long wear and oil control I needed.  But my idiocy doesn't stop there, Primers.  Yes. I am a primer junkie. I keep thinking that I am going to find something better to make my face look airbrushed and perfect. I try all sorts of primers and you know what? The Dr. Brandt primer that I recommended and said was my HOLY GRAIL back in 2008 is still my holy grail. I have no idea why I stopped using it. I started using it again this past week and I am kicking myself for ever straying.  So the lesson I learned is, you never know how good you have it until it's gone.  Does this mean I am no longer doing foundation reviews and primer reviews?  Um...DUH!  No.  I think you all know me well enough to say for certain there will be more foundation reviews and primer reviews for many years to come.
On a more personal note. I know my posts have been a bit irregular. I have some personal things going on in my life right now and I am not able to devote as much time to the blog as I would like to.  This does not mean I am "quitting". but it does mean that I may not post every day, Monday through Friday for a while. This is only temporary. Don't worry. No one is dying or going to jail or anything like that.  Just life gets in the way of makeup sometimes.
On To The Poll

1.  Blush Of The Day? - Chanel JC in Caprice.  A neutral dusty pink that shows rather warm on my skin, but is very sheer an sadly discontinued.

2.  Do you have any Holy Grail beauty products?  If so, what are they?  - Well for sure the Dr. Brandt Pores No More, but also the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. I adore it!

3.  Have you ever watched the movie Monty Python and The Holy Grail? If so, can you recite any lines from it?  - Yes and Yes. The dialogue from the entire movie is burned into my brain. I had to throw out other things to make room for it so my Nephew's birth date, the 5 years of french I took and most of my Junior High experience have been erased.  But I'm OK with that.

4.  What Holy Grail are you on the search for now? - I think I'm still searching for a holy grail oil controller whether it be a primer or moisturizer and a holy grail cuticle treatment would be nice too.

5.  Did you see the movie Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade?  If so, did you think the Holy Grail would be the one that Indiana picked? -  Yes and No.  Sure it made sense once Indy explained it and showed everyone which one it was, but honestly I thought it would be more... um...festooned.  Plus I think that movie was kinda jumping the shark adding in Sean Connery, but that's just me.  It certainly was better than The Crystal Skull or Temple Of Doom.
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